Wheeling West

Have you ever heard about a cool place called Wheeling? It’s a city that’s in the state of West Virginia. Wheeling is special because it has a big river called the Ohio River, and lots of history from a long time ago.

Long ago, people traveled west to find new homes and adventures. Wheeling was an important spot for these travelers because it was like a doorway to the west. Today, we can see old buildings and cool bridges that remind us of those times.

Cities like Weirton in West Virginia and Steubenville in Ohio are not far from Wheeling. They share the river and have their own stories. In Wheeling, you can also find yummy foods, fun places to play, and nice people.

So, if you want to learn about a neat place with lots of things to discover, keep reading about Wheeling. We’re going to explore what makes it such an awesome city!

The History of Wheeling, WV

Wheeling was once a busy place where wagons, trains, and boats would come and go. It was full of life and the sounds of people moving west. This was back in the 1800s which is more than 100 years ago!

Did you know that Wheeling became its own state’s capital twice? Yes, it happened during a time when the land was changing and states were still being made. That’s pretty cool for a city that now seems quiet compared to big cities today.

Even with changes over time, Wheeling still keeps parts of its past alive. They have a big wheel, called a Ferris wheel, in the city. It’s a fun ride that lets you see the whole city from the top. Plus, it’s a nod to the city’s name, Wheeling, which sounds like “wheeling around”.

People in Wheeling love their history. They have museums where you can see old things from the past. They also have stories about how the city helped people find their way west to start new lives.

Early Settlement and Founding

Wheeling, WV has been around for a really long time! It started way before there were cars or even trains. People in Wheeling used to travel by boat or on foot.

This city was once full of busy workers who made things like nails and glass. Can you imagine making a nail without a machine? Well, that’s what they did!

When folks wanted to move west, they would come through Wheeling. It was like a big rest stop before they continued their exciting journey.

Even today, when you’re in Wheeling, you can feel like you’re part of that old adventure. It’s like stepping into a history book, except it’s real life!

Industrial Growth and Economic Influence

Long ago, Wheeling was like a doorway to the west. It was a place where pioneers stopped before heading into new lands. They used the National Road, which was the first big road built by the U.S. government.

Wheeling is also famous for a huge bridge, the Wheeling Suspension Bridge. It was the biggest suspension bridge in the world when it was finished in 1849. People were amazed and it helped them cross the Ohio River.

The city was really important during the Civil War too. West Virginia decided to break away from Virginia and not join the Confederacy. Wheeling became the first capital of the new state of West Virginia because it was safe and strong.

Even now, when you go to Wheeling, you can see old buildings and streets that remember those times. The city keeps those memories alive for everyone to learn about and enjoy.

Modern Era Developments

Back in the day, people called Wheeling the “Gateway to the West.” That’s because it sat right on the edge of the frontier. It was where the adventure to the wild, wild west started for many families.

Wheeling grew fast because of the Ohio River. The river made it easy to move people and things. Boats would go up and down the river, bringing goods to sell and taking crops to other places.

Did you know that Wheeling was once home to a super big company? It was called Wheeling Steel and it made stuff out of steel for lots of uses. It was a big deal and made Wheeling an important place for making things.

Wheeling has a cool place called the Capitol Theatre. They opened it a long time ago, in 1928, and it’s where people went to see plays and concerts. It’s still there and it’s a fun spot to visit.

Cultural and Social Aspects of Wheeling, WV

Wheeling, WV is not just about old buildings and rivers. It’s also full of music and art. The city has its own symphony! That’s like a big team of musicians who play all kinds of instruments together. They do concerts that fill the air with music.

Every year, folks in Wheeling get together for a big party called the Heritage Music BluesFest. Singers and guitar players come from all over to play the blues, a type of music that can make you feel all sorts of emotions.

People in Wheeling love to celebrate holidays too. One of the biggest parties is on the Fourth of July. There are fireworks that light up the sky and everyone has a good time with their friends and family.

There’s also a place called Oglebay Park. It’s huge and has a bunch of cool stuff like gardens, golf, and even a zoo. Plus, during winter, it has a big light show that’s super pretty.

When it comes to food, Wheeling has some yummy treats. One favorite is a thing called a pepperoni roll. It’s bread with pepperoni baked inside and it was made for coal miners a long time ago. Now, everyone loves to eat them.

Lastly, don’t forget about the fish! Every year, there’s a big fishing tournament on the Ohio River. People try to catch the biggest fish they can. It’s a fun time for families to hang out near the water.

Architectural Landmarks

Long ago, Wheeling had something called the National Road. This road was very important because it was one of the first roads people traveled to head west. Nowadays, you can still see parts of this old road in Wheeling.

People in Wheeling love their history. There’s a place called Wheeling Heritage where you can learn all about the city’s past. They show you how people lived and worked back then.

Have you heard of jamboree music? It’s a kind of country music, and Wheeling is famous for it. There’s a radio show called “Wheeling Jamboree” that’s been playing this music for a very long time.

Every year, folks in Wheeling get together for a big celebration called Wheeling Heritage Port Sternwheel Festival. There are big boats with paddles, music, food, and fireworks. It’s a blast and shows how much they care about their river and boats.

Wheeling also loves sports. A lot of people come together to cheer for the Wheeling Nailers, their hockey team. When the team plays, the whole city seems to come alive with excitement.

Don’t forget about the food in Wheeling. They have a yummy thing called a “pepperoni roll” that everyone loves. It’s like a snack that you can eat on the go and it was made for the workers a long time ago.

Annual Events and Festivals

Many people in Wheeling like to get together and have fun. They have events where everyone can play games and enjoy food from different places. It’s cool to learn about new foods and see friends at the same time.

Art is also a big deal in Wheeling. They have something called “Artworks Around Town”. It’s a spot where artists show their paintings and things they make. Kids like to look at all the colorful art and sometimes they even get to make their own.

In the summer, the city has outdoor movies and concerts. You grab a blanket, sit on the grass, and watch a movie with stars above you. Or you can listen to bands play while you dance outside. It’s so much fun and even your dog can come.

On special days, Wheeling has parades. People march with bands, wear costumes, and drive cool cars. Kids love to catch candy and wave to the people walking by. It’s like the whole town is having a party on the street.

Don’t forget about the libraries in Wheeling. They don’t just have books; they also have fun programs where you can learn new things. Sometimes there are even friendly dogs that you can read to. It helps kids feel happy about reading.

There’s also a place called Oglebay Park. It’s a big park where families go to play and relax. They have a cool light show during winter where the whole place shines like a bunch of sparkly stars.

Education and Community Life

Wheeling has a lot of history. Long ago, it was an important place for making things and it helped the country grow. Now, we can visit museums to see what life was like back then and learn about the people who used to live here.

Music is big in Wheeling too. They have a thing called the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra. Here, musicians come together to play beautiful music that fills the air. It’s nice to listen to and makes you feel relaxed and happy.

Folks in Wheeling care about sports as well. On weekends, you might see people wearing their favorite team’s jersey. They cheer for high school football games or play sports in the park. It’s a way to show town pride and have a good time.

There’s a place called the Capitol Theatre in Wheeling. It’s a really old building where you can see plays and shows. When the curtain goes up, the stories come to life and everyone watches and claps. It’s like magic happening right before your eyes.

Every year, Wheeling has something called Heritage Port Sternwheel Festival. It’s when big boats with paddle wheels come to the river. People get to check them out, listen to music, and eat yummy snacks. It feels like going back in time to when these boats were everywhere.

Economic and Business Climate in Wheeling, WV

Wheeling, West Virginia, might seem quiet, but there’s a lot going on. People here work hard to make their city better. In Wheeling, you’ll find small shops and big companies working side by side. It makes the town feel busy and alive.

Businesses in Wheeling make different things like yummy treats and parts to fix cars. When you buy stuff made in Wheeling, you’re helping the people who live there. It’s like giving a high five to the whole town.

People are also starting new companies in Wheeling. They have fresh ideas to share with everyone. When someone starts a new business, it helps the town by creating jobs and it can make Wheeling a more fun place to live.

Even though Wheeling is growing, it remembers where it came from. Some businesses have been there for a really long time. They’re like old friends to the people of Wheeling. These businesses tell a story about the city’s past and show it has a strong heart.

Wheeling is like a busy bee hive with all its hard workers. The town cares about keeping things clean and safe, too. That way, everyone who lives there or visits can enjoy it. When towns work together like Wheeling does, it makes life better for everyone.

Current Business Landscape

Wheeling, West Virginia is a cool place for business nowadays. Lots of people have jobs in hospitals and schools. This means they help take care of us when we’re sick or teach us new things.

The city is also known for making yummy treats. There are places that bake bread and sweets. This means not only do we get tasty food, but folks have jobs making and selling them too.

And guess what? Wheeling is good at making things out of metal. People work in factories to shape metal for cars and machines. It’s like being an artist but with metal instead of paint.

Wheeling is also a place where people help each other. There are groups that give food to those who need it and places where you can borrow books for free. It’s all about making sure everyone has what they need to be happy and smart.

Lastly, Wheeling has some fun shops. You can buy toys, clothes, and even stuff for pets. When people shop, it’s good for the city because it helps keep businesses going strong.

Employment Trends

Now, let’s talk about how money moves around in Wheeling. It’s important because it helps us understand why Wheeling is getting better for business.

Wheeling used to make a lot of glass and nails. Now, it’s more about health and education. Yet, the city hasn’t forgotten its roots. There are still factories, but they’re more modern and do different things than before.

Business folks are also thinking of new ideas. They’re starting up companies that use computers to solve problems. That’s pretty smart, and it’s making the business world in Wheeling exciting.

The city is making its downtown nicer too. When downtown looks good, more people want to visit. They come to shop or eat at restaurants. This means more money for Wheeling.

Businesses in Wheeling also sell things to people in other places. When they sell things like snacks or machine parts, it brings money into the city. That’s really good for everyone living in Wheeling.

And don’t forget, Wheeling is by the river and has highways and railroads. This makes it easy to move stuff around the country. It’s like Wheeling is at a crossroads, and that’s great for business!

Future Economic Projections

Wheeling, WV is working hard to make sure people have jobs. Lots of hospitals and schools here are hiring. This means more families have money to buy things they need and want.

Many people in Wheeling also work in small shops or have their own businesses. They might fix cars, cut hair, or bake yummy cakes. It’s cool to see so many different kinds of jobs!

Some grown-ups go to college or learn new skills. This is so they can get even better jobs. It’s like planting seeds in a garden. The more you learn, the more you can grow.

And guess what? Wheeling has some really fun places to visit, like the zoo and the park. When people come to play, they also spend money at hotels and stores. That helps the city too.

It’s not always perfect, though. Sometimes businesses have it tough. But the people in Wheeling try to help each other out. They want everyone to do well.

So, that’s how the money works in Wheeling, WV. It’s important because when the money is good, the city is a happier place for everyone!


Now, we’ve talked a lot about how Wheeling, WV is making things better. People are working and learning new things. There’s also fun stuff to do, like going to the zoo.

It’s like Wheeling is on a big adventure heading west. Not in a covered wagon like a long time ago, but in new ways. The city is growing and changing, just like kids do.

Even when it gets hard, folks in Wheeling stick together. They’re like a team. And just like any team, they want to win. Winning for them means a city that’s happy and healthy.

That’s the end of our talk about money in Wheeling. Remember, when the city works as one big team, good things happen. Thanks for learning with me. Bye for now!