Wheeling Wv Activities

Wheeling, WV, is a fun city with lots of cool stuff to do! It sits on the Ohio River and has a history that goes way back. If you like to explore and have adventures, Wheeling is a great place to visit.

There are parks where you can play and hills where you can hike. The Wheeling Heritage Trail is perfect for biking and walking along the river. It’s super pretty and a good place for a family trip.

Wheeling also has amazing places to learn and have fun at the same time. There’s a zoo and museums where you can see animals and learn about art. Don’t forget the Capitol Theatre, where you can watch cool shows and concerts!

Every season brings new things to do. In the summer, you can splash in the pools. When it’s cold, you can ice skate at the rink downtown. Wheeling knows how to have fun all year round!

And if you love to eat, Wheeling has yummy food to try. There are festivals with delicious treats and restaurants that serve up everything from pizza to ice cream. It’s a tasty way to finish a day full of activities!

Exploring the Attractions of Wheeling, WV

Let’s talk about some Wheeling, WV, activities you can’t miss! The Oglebay Park is one of those places. It’s huge and has gardens, a golf course, and even a resort. Kids love the playgrounds there too.

Have you ever been on a boat? In Wheeling, you can hop on a river cruise. It’s a boat that takes you on the Ohio River. You can see the city from the water and it’s really cool!

Some days you just want to go fast. That’s when you check out the go-kart track! You can race your friends and feel like a race car driver. It’s exciting and everyone cheers for each other.

Remember, learning can be awesome, especially at the science center. They have hands-on stuff that’s all about science. You can play and learn how things work at the same time!

Before you go home, make sure to see the Wheeling Suspension Bridge. It’s an old bridge that’s really important in Wheeling’s history. It’s neat to walk across and look at the river below.

Oglebay Resort & Conference Center

Let’s talk about the Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack! It’s a cool place where adults can play games and bet on horse races. They even have concerts and shows sometimes.

Next, we have the Oglebay Park. It’s huge and has a golf course, a petting zoo, and lots of gardens. In the winter, the park lights up with Christmas lights that are really awesome to see.

The Suspension Bridge in Wheeling is really old and important. You can walk across it and look at the river. It’s a fun way to see the city from up high.

For kids who like science, there’s the SMART Centre Market. They have science toys and sometimes do cool experiments. You can learn and play at the same time!

Lastly, at the Centre Market, you can shop for neat things. They have old stuff, handmade things, and food. It feels like a treasure hunt when you look around!

Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack

Wheeling has a zoo called the Good Zoo at Oglebay Park. It’s not super big, but you can see animals and even feed some of them. They have special programs that teach you about wildlife.

If you like being outside, check out Wheeling Heritage Trail. It goes by the river and you can walk, bike, or rollerblade. It’s nice for a day out with family or friends.

For history buffs, there’s the West Virginia Independence Hall. It’s an old building where you can learn about how West Virginia became a state. They have really old stuff from a long time ago.

Sometimes, Wheeling has festivals downtown. You can find food trucks, music, and games. These festivals happen a few times a year and they’re a blast!

Did you know you can see a show at Capitol Theatre? They have plays and concerts. It’s a fancy old theater and makes you feel like you’re in a movie.

Can you imagine a glass museum? Wheeling has one called the Oglebay Institute Glass Museum. They show you how glass is made and have pretty glass pieces that look like art.

Wheeling Park

For folks who love water, Wheeling has a cool place called Wheeling Park. It has a big pool with a waterslide that’s fun in the summer. They also have pedal boats to ride on the pond.

Ever tried mini-golf? Wheeling Park has a course that is great for families. Make sure to bring your putting skills!

Kids and parents might like the playgrounds at Wheeling Park too. They are a good place to run around and play tag or just swing and slide.

Basketball and tennis courts are there for sports fans. You can shoot hoops or play a match with friends.

In the winter, there’s an ice rink at Wheeling Park. You can lace up some skates and glide on the ice with your buddies.

Looking for a spooky adventure? Try the Dungeon of Horrors around Halloween at the old West Virginia Penitentiary. It’s scary, but in a fun way!

Want to catch a fish? Visit the Wheeling Creek. People like to fish there because it’s peaceful, and the fish are plenty.

Challenge your friends at Skate-A-Way in Wheeling. It’s a rink where you can roller skate to music and have a good time.

Wheeling also has cool shops at the Highlands. It’s a big mall where you can buy clothes, toys, and eat yummy food.

Cultural Experiences in Wheeling, WV

Wheeling is home to the Capitol Theatre. Here, you can see live shows, like concerts and plays. Don’t forget to check out who’s coming to perform next!

Oglebay Park is another awesome spot with lots of stuff to do. In the winter, there’s a big light display called the Festival of Lights. It’s super pretty and makes the whole park shine.

Did you know Wheeling has a museum? It’s the Oglebay Institute’s Mansion Museum. They have old stuff that shows you how people lived a long time ago.

Plus, the Oglebay Institute’s Stifel Fine Arts Center has cool art classes. You can learn to paint or make things out of clay. It’s fun to create your own art.

There are also neat places to learn about animals. The Good Zoo at Oglebay lets you meet all kinds of critters, like red pandas and cheetahs!

Don’t miss the Wheeling Heritage Trail if you like bike rides. It’s a path that goes by the river and gives you a nice view while you ride or walk.

The Victoria Theater is another great place to catch a show. It’s one of the oldest theaters around. They have music and sometimes local plays too.

For music lovers, the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra is awesome. They play beautiful music and sometimes you can hear them for free at special concerts in the park.

The Capitol Theatre

Wheeling, WV, is full of cool stuff to see and do. If you like plays and music, the Capitol Theatre is a famous spot. They show plays, concerts, and even ballets.

Art fans have a special place called the Stifel Fine Arts Center. You can look at amazing art or join an art class. Sometimes they have art camps for kids too.

Have you heard of the Wheeling Symphony? They play music that can make you happy or even feel like you’re in a movie. They perform at the Capitol Theatre and other spots around town.

Wheeling has a history museum, too. It’s called the Wheeling Heritage Port. This place tells stories about old times in Wheeling with cool stuff to look at from the past.

Another neat place is the Oglebay Institute’s Mansion Museum. You can see rooms that look just how they did a long time ago. It’s like walking into history!

If you want to learn about glass, check out the Oglebay Glass Museum. It has really pretty glass pieces and tells about how people in Wheeling made glass a long time ago.

There’s also the Victoria Theater. It’s really old and has neat shows and movies. Sometimes they even have ghost tours because it is one of the oldest theaters around!

Don’t forget the annual festivals. The Heritage Music BluesFest is a big party with music in the summer. The Wheeling Italian Festival is where you can dance and eat awesome Italian food.

Wheeling Heritage Trail System

Exploring Wheeling, WV can be a blast, especially if you like festivals and fairs. In the fall, the Ohio County Fair happens with rides, games, and yummy food.

Families can have fun at the Children’s Museum of the Ohio Valley. It’s filled with hands-on stuff for kids to play and learn with. The museum changes the exhibits, so there’s always something new.

For movies outside, go to the Wheeling Park. They have a big screen in the summer. You can sit on the grass and watch with friends.

People who love books should visit the Ohio County Public Library. They have story times for little kids and fun events about reading.

Are you into sports? Watch the Wheeling Nailers play hockey at the WesBanco Arena. It’s exciting to see them score and win!

Each year, the Wheeling Vintage Raceboat Regatta brings cool old boats to race on the river. It’s fun to watch them zoom by.

Lastly, if you like spooky stuff, the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum has a Halloween event. You can dress up and see toys from a long time ago.

The Oglebay Institute’s Museums

Wheeling has a place called Capitol Theatre where you can see plays and concerts. It’s a big, pretty building with lots of history.

Art lovers can go to Oglebay Institute’s Stifel Fine Arts Center. They have art classes and galleries with beautiful paintings and sculptures.

Another cool spot is the Wheeling Artisan Center. It’s in an old market and now has lots of West Virginia crafts to look at and buy.

If you like history, you can visit the Victorian Old Town area. You’ll see old houses that look like they’re from a storybook.

Every summer, the waterfront comes alive with the Heritage Music BluesFest. People listen to music, dance, and have a good time by the river.

Wheeling also celebrates different cultures with events like the Upper Ohio Valley Italian Festival. There’s music, food, and parades!

The Oglebay Festival of Lights is amazing in the winter. The whole park shines with colorful lights that make the cold night feel magical.

Outdoor Adventures Around Wheeling, WV

Close to Wheeling, you can find the Wheeling Heritage Trail. It’s a long path where you can walk, bike, or even rollerblade.

Just outside the city, there’s Wheeling Park. It has a golf course, ice skating rink, and even a place to have picnics.

Oglebay Park is a huge place with lots of things to do outside. You can go to the Good Zoo, play mini-golf, or swim in the summer.

For people who like water, there’s the Wheeling Creek. You can go fishing or paddle a canoe on a sunny day.

Grand Vue Park isn’t too far away either. They have a giant zip line and an adventure course that’s really exciting.

If you like seeing animals and nature, the Barkcamp State Park is a cool place to visit. They have trails and places to camp overnight.

You can check out the Schrader Environmental Education Center too. They teach you about plants and animals and how to take care of the earth.

To find out more about these places, ask your parents to help you look them up online. Remember to be safe and have fun outside!

Wheeling Heritage Trails

Do you like to hike? Near Wheeling, there’s a place called Wheeling Heritage Trail. It’s perfect for walking or biking and you get to see the river and lots of trees!

Ready for a fun day at the park? Oglebay Park has a zoo with animals like lions and monkeys. It’s fun for families and anyone who loves animals.

In the summer, you can splash around at the Wheeling Park Pool. They have a big slide and places to relax in the water. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Love looking at the sky? Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum has a cool model train display. But wait, there’s more! They let you check out the stars with their telescope sometimes.

Who enjoys fishing? At Pike Island Lock and Dam, you can catch fish like catfish and bass. Bring your fishing pole and some bait, and have a chill day by the water.

For kids who like basketball or skateboarding, the J.B. Chambers Recreation Park is the spot. They’ve got courts and ramps for a super fun time!

Wheeling has some snowy fun too! In the winter, you can go sledding down the hills at Oglebay or Wheeling Park. Remember to bundle up and get ready for some exciting rides downhill.

Fishing and Boating on the Ohio River

Do you want to play a game of disc golf? There’s a cool course at Grand Vue Park in Wheeling. You can throw frisbees into baskets and it’s a blast!

If you like animals and nature, there’s something special for you. Good Zoo at Oglebay lets you meet all kinds of creatures and even feed some!

Ever been on a boat ride? In Wheeling, you can hop on a riverboat and glide on the Ohio River. It’s a relaxing way to see the city from the water.

Get your climbing shoes ready! There’s a rock climbing wall at Grand Vue Park. It’s safe and fun, and you feel like you’re on top of the world when you reach the top!

Is camping your thing? At Bear Rock Lakes Wildlife Management Area, you can pitch a tent and sleep under the stars. They have pretty lakes there too.

Have you ever seen a waterfall? Oglebay has beautiful waterfalls in the gardens. You can watch them and listen to the water, it’s very peaceful.

If you want to learn about history and have fun, visit Fort Henry. They have reenactments where people dress up from old times and show you how they lived.

Feel like exploring a cave? Near Wheeling, you can visit the Mystery Hole. It’s a strange place where water flows uphill and balls roll the wrong way!

Golfing at Speidel Golf Club

Grab your bike and head to the Wheeling Heritage Trail. It’s a long path where you can ride and see nature. Don’t forget your helmet!

Love to fish? Wheeling Park has a pond where you can catch fish. Make sure you bring your fishing pole and some bait!

Winter is fun at Oglebay. You can go snowboarding or skiing down the hill. Remember to dress warm and wear gloves!

In the summer, splash at the Wheeling Park pool. They have slides and diving boards. It’s cool to swim with friends on hot days.

Take a walk at the nature trails in Oglebay. There are signs to show you where to go. You might see birds and deer if you’re quiet.

Bring a picnic to Wheeling Park. They have tables and grills. Eating outside with your family can be really fun.

Kids love playgrounds, and Wheeling has many. Check out the one at Wheeling Park with swings and slides. It’s a great place to play tag and make new friends.

If you’re into skateboarding or rollerblading, visit the skate park in Wheeling. Always wear your helmet and pads to stay safe.


There are lots of things to do in Wheeling, WV. You can play outside, look at beautiful trees, and enjoy the parks.

Wheeling is a fun city no matter the season. Whether it’s warm or cold, you’ll find something cool to do.

So next time you’re bored, think about these activities. Wheeling is a great place to explore and have adventures!