Wheeling Wv Stats

Wheeling, West Virginia is a city steeped in history and framed by the natural beauty of the Ohio Valley. It’s famous for its friendly people and rich cultural mix. Nestled along the Ohio River, Wheeling is the hub of the Wheeling Metropolitan Area.

But what about the numbers? When we look closer at this charming city, we see facts and figures that tell a deeper story. Wheeling’s statistics give us insight into who lives here, what they do, and how the city is changing.

As we dive into the stats about Wheeling, WV, we’ll discover information about the population, job market, and even the climate. These numbers aren’t just interesting—they’re important. They help us understand the community and what makes it tick.

Did you know that Wheeling is known as the birthplace of West Virginia? Or that it was once a thriving industrial hub? The story of Wheeling is in the data, from the past all the way to the present.

So, let’s get ready to explore Wheeling through its statistics. You’ll be surprised at what the numbers reveal about this vibrant Ohio Valley city.

Demographic Profile

When talking about the people of Wheeling, WV, we’re looking at a diverse bunch. Many folks here trace their roots back to European ancestors, and this mix of cultures makes Wheeling a colorful place to live. The community is a blend of different heritages, each adding its special touch to the city’s vibe.

Wheeling has around 27,000 people living in it. This number has gone down a bit over the years, but it’s not just about how many people are here. It’s also about who they are. Most people are adults, but about one-fifth of the population are kids under 18, making for a lively mix of young and old.

When it comes to what people do in Wheeling, a lot work in healthcare, education, or retail. These jobs are a big part of the city’s heartbeat. Many people help others, teach, or make sure we have what we need to buy. This shows that Wheeling is a place where folks care and contribute to their community.

There are also many families in Wheeling. They come in all sizes, with some having lots of kids and others with just a few. But there’s something cool about the families here. They often stay close, with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins all living near each other. It’s like a big family reunion all the time!

The income in Wheeling is different for everyone. Some people make more, and some make less. But on average, most bring in about $40,000 a year. It’s important to know this because it helps us understand what life is like for the people here.

And let’s not forget, Wheeling has some older folks too. They’ve been around and seen a lot, making them the wise ones in town. They have stories that can fill books and wisdom to share with the younger crowd.

Living in Wheeling means being part of a community that’s like a big pot of soup. Everyone adds a little something to make it special. That’s what’s neat about this place.

Population Size and Growth

Wheeling, WV, is a place where lots of people live together. It’s like a big family with about 27,000 members. Each person has their own story that adds to what Wheeling is all about.

Most of the folks here are grown-ups, but there are also many kids and teenagers. This mix of ages makes Wheeling lively and fun. It’s important to know that there are slightly more ladies than gentlemen.

Many people in Wheeling are proud to say their families have lived here for generations. But this city also welcomes new folks who bring fresh ideas and cultures. This mix makes Wheeling’s community really special.

Learning is a big deal here. Most adults finished high school, and lots have college degrees too. Schools in Wheeling work hard to make sure kids learn what they need for a bright future.

When it comes to what people do for work, there are all sorts. Some make things, some sell things, and some help others. This variety keeps the city buzzing with activity every day.

Wheeling has different shades of people, from different backgrounds. It is a melting pot where everyone brings something tasty to the table. It’s like a big, yummy stew with lots of different ingredients that tastes great because everyone adds a little bit of themselves.

If you want to know more about the people in Wheeling and see some of these stats for yourself, you can check out the U.S. Census Bureau’s website.

Age Distribution

People in Wheeling, WV, come from many different places, and that makes the city super cool. Some have ancestors from Italy, Ireland, or Germany. That means there are lots of different traditions and yummy foods in town.

When the leaves start to change colors in the fall, Wheeling has a little over 27,000 friends hanging out. This number gets bigger or smaller over time. Keeping track of this helps the city plan for stuff like schools and parks.

More than half of the population is older than 18, but younger than 65. That’s like saying most people are past high school age but not quite ready to retire. This age group is really important because they do lots of work that keeps Wheeling running.

  • Some people are super speedy and fix cars.
  • Others wear suits and work with computers and numbers.
  • And don’t forget the teachers who help kids learn every day.

Kids under 18 make up a good chunk of the town, too. They go to school, play sports, and have a blast with friends. It’s important to make sure they have cool things to do after school and safe places to hang out.

Lastly, Wheeling isn’t just one neighborhood. It has different parts with names like Elm Grove and Warwood. Each spot has its own vibe, but they all fit together to make one awesome city.

Remember, all these people, young and old, from different places, with all sorts of jobs, are what make Wheeling, WV, the unique place it is today.

Diversity and Ethnic Composition

Now, let’s talk about the people in Wheeling, WV, by the numbers. It’s like looking at a big family photo and seeing who’s who.

About 48% of the people who live in Wheeling are guys and around 52% are ladies. It’s almost a tie! This helps to know for things like sports teams and health services.

Also, there are more grown-ups than kids around. About 16% of the folks are under 18. That’s not as many as in some other places, but they still fill up the schools and playgrounds.

Something cool is that about 18% of people who live in Wheeling are at the age where they might be thinking about retiring. They’ve worked hard and now have time to relax and enjoy hobbies.

And, we can’t forget that around 12% of the people living in Wheeling are veterans. These men and women have served the country, and now they’re a big part of this community.

Wheeling is also a spot where not everybody lives in big families. In fact, a lot of homes just have one person in them. About 35% of all homes are like this, with some folks enjoying their own space.

Lastly, a mix of backgrounds means learning about different cultures. Even though a lot of people in Wheeling are white, there are also African American, Asian, and Hispanic residents adding to the city’s story.

Economic Indicators

Wheeling, WV, has a few clues to how the town is doing, like numbers that tell us about jobs and money. These signs are called economic indicators.

For starters, people in Wheeling work in many places, from hospitals to schools, and that’s not all. Factories and businesses are part of the mix too. They make things and sell services, which is super important for everyone.

Now, not everyone in Wheeling has a job. The number of people without jobs is what grown-ups call the unemployment rate. It goes up and down, but it helps us know how easy or hard it is to find work.

Then there’s the money that folks make, or what adults call income. When families earn enough, they can buy the things they need, like food and clothes, and sometimes cool stuff, like toys and games.

Another big deal is the houses and buildings in town. When new ones are being built, it’s a sign that Wheeling is growing. It’s like the town is getting a fresh coat of paint and new friends are moving in.

Lastly, all these clues come together to give us a picture, like a snapshot of how Wheeling is doing. So, keeping an eye on these numbers is like checking the health of the town. It’s all about making sure Wheeling stays a great place to live.

Median Household Income

When we peek into Wheeling’s wallet, we see the money side of things. It shows us how the city is doing with jobs and businesses, which is super important. One big number is the median income, which is about $41,000. This means half of the folks here make more and half make less.

Another key point is the unemployment rate. In Wheeling, it’s usually a bit higher than the national average. Knowing this can tell us how easy or hard it is for people to find jobs. Lately, it’s been around 6%. Keep in mind, these numbers can go up and down.

Also, we look at how many new jobs are popping up. That’s a sign of whether businesses are growing or not. In Wheeling, there’s been some growth, especially in healthcare and education. This is good news for people wanting to work in those areas.

Oh, and let’s talk about the houses. The value of homes in Wheeling is another economic clue. On average, a house might be priced around $100,000, which can be more affordable compared to other places.

Finally, we see how many people own their homes versus renting. In Wheeling, about 60% of people own their home, which gives us a hint that many folks are setting down roots here.

Remember, these numbers are like a snapshot of what’s happening right now in Wheeling’s economy. It’s like a quick pic that tells a bigger story about how folks are living and working in the city.

Employment Sectors

Wheeling also looks at the cost of living to see how far people’s paychecks go. It’s like comparing how much you spend on stuff like food, housing, and gas to other cities. Good news! Wheeling’s cost is usually lower than the U.S. average. This means your money might stretch a bit further here than in bigger cities.

Businesses that set up shop in Wheeling add to the city’s wealth. We keep an eye on how many new ones are opening. This is like watching for green shoots in a garden. It shows the city’s health. Right now, small businesses are sprouting up, helping the local economy.

Another piece of the money puzzle is taxes. In Wheeling, the sales tax rate is 6%. That’s the extra bit you pay when you buy something. It helps pay for city things, like fixing roads and parks. The property tax rate is also important. It affects people who own homes and how much they cough up each year.

Wheeling likes to build things too. Construction projects are a big deal. They mean jobs and new stuff for the city. We check out how many buildings are going up. If we see lots of cranes and hard hats, it’s a thumbs up for the economy.

Schools are part of the mix when we look at Wheeling’s cash flow. They train kids and teens for future jobs. When schools are doing well, it often means the city will too. We check out how they’re funded and if they have the cash to teach kids properly.

Last up, we track folks coming or going. If more people move to Wheeling, it usually means they like it here and it’s doing well. If they leave, we gotta ask why. Right now, Wheeling’s population is pretty steady, which can be a good sign.

These bits of info help paint the big picture of Wheeling’s economy. Like pieces of a puzzle, they come together to show us how the city is ticking along. It’s not just about now, but also about getting ready for what’s next.

Unemployment Rate

When we talk about jobs in Wheeling, we’re really asking if people can find work. The unemployment rate tells us this. It’s a number that says how many folks are looking for jobs but can’t find them. Right now, Wheeling’s unemployment rate is close to the national average. That’s not too shabby!

But hey, it’s not just about having a job. It’s also about how much money you make. That’s called the median income. In Wheeling, people earn a bit less than in some other places. But remember, living here can cost less too.

We also check how much stuff is made in Wheeling. This is called the manufacturing output. It’s like keeping score of how busy the factories are. More stuff made means the city’s working hard. Wheeling is making a good amount of products, and that’s cool for the local workers.

Lastly, we look at how many things we send to other places, like toys or food. That’s called exports. More exports mean more cash coming into Wheeling. We’re doing okay in this area, which is another piece in the economic puzzle.

Quality of Life

When you wake up in Wheeling, WV, you’re probably breathing cleaner air than in many other places. The air quality is pretty good here, which is awesome for staying healthy and enjoying the outdoors.

There are lots of fun things to do, too. Parks are everywhere, and there’s even a cool trail called the Wheeling Heritage Trail. It’s perfect for bike rides and walks with your dog.

Want to learn and have fun? The Oglebay Institute’s museums and the Capitol Theatre have a lot to teach us about art and history. Plus, they put on some great shows!

One of the best things about living in Wheeling is that you don’t have to worry too much about crime. The crime rates here are lower compared to a lot of other cities. That means you can feel a bit safer when you’re out and about.

Getting sick isn’t fun, but if you do, there are plenty of doctors and hospitals in Wheeling. The healthcare services are pretty good, so you can get help and feel better faster.

If you’re thinking about the future, schools in Wheeling are important. The schools here have some great teachers and programs, especially in science and tech stuff which is cool for jobs later on.

And don’t forget the community events! Festivals like the Heritage Music BluesFest bring people together for music and food. It’s a good time with neighbors and friends.

Education System

People in Wheeling get to enjoy four seasons, from sunny summers to snowy winters. The weather here makes it fun for different outdoor activities all year round, like going to parks or playing sports. So there’s always something to do outside, no matter the season.

For folks living in Wheeling, it’s pretty easy to get around. The city has a bus system called the Ohio Valley Regional Transportation Authority, or OVRTA. You can take a bus to school, work, or even to go shopping. It’s handy when you don’t want to drive.

Wheeling also cares about keeping people healthy. There are hospitals and clinics where you can go see a doctor if you’re sick or hurt. The biggest hospital around is Wheeling Hospital, and it has lots of doctors who can help with different problems.

When it’s time to learn, kids in Wheeling go to schools in the Ohio County School District. They have good teachers and programs to help students do their best. Plus, there are also a few colleges nearby for when you finish high school.

Living in Wheeling isn’t super expensive. The cost of things like food and housing doesn’t hit your wallet too hard. This means people can live pretty comfortably without spending too much money. Some folks even say it’s cheaper to live here than in many other cities.

On the weekends, you can have fun at places like the Wheeling Island Casino or the Oglebay Park. There’s also the Capitol Theatre where you can watch plays and concerts. And if you love history, the Wheeling Suspension Bridge and the Heritage Trail are cool places to visit.

Healthcare Facilities

Wheeling has a good community feel. Neighbors know each other and people help out when someone needs it. This makes living here feel safe and friendly. Plus, there are groups and clubs for all kinds of hobbies and interests, so it’s easy to make friends.

The city also has plenty of events throughout the year. There’s the Heritage Music BluesFest that brings in music fans and the Wheeling Arts & Culture Fest for art lovers. These events make the city lively and fun for families and friends.

For those who like to stay active, Wheeling has gyms and wellness centers. You can work out, swim, or join a fitness class. Families enjoy the YMCA, which offers programs for kids and adults. Staying healthy is a big part of life here.

One thing people love about Wheeling is the small-town vibe. It’s not too crowded, and you won’t get stuck in big traffic jams very often. This means you can spend less time driving and more time doing what you love.

To learn more about Wheeling’s bus system or to check the schedule, you can visit the Ohio Valley Regional Transportation Authority website at www.ovrta.org.

If you’re thinking about moving to Wheeling or just want to know more about the city, you can check out the Wheeling Convention & Visitors Bureau website at www.visitwheelingwv.com. They have lots of info about what’s happening around town.

Crime Rates

Living costs in Wheeling are more affordable compared to many other places. You’ll find that your money goes further, whether it’s buying a house or going shopping. This is great for families who want to save up or have more to spend on fun stuff.

Wheeling also takes care of its environment. There are parks and green spaces where you can relax or have a picnic. Oglebay Park is a favorite spot with beautiful gardens and trails to explore. It’s like having a bit of the countryside right in the city.

Schools in Wheeling get thumbs up too. They have good programs and teachers who really want to help students learn. Whether you’re into sports or science, there’s something for every student. This is important for families thinking about where to live.

Public services in Wheeling are reliable. The police and fire departments are quick to respond when needed. Knowing that you have dependable services makes living here feel more secure.

Lastly, Wheeling is close to other cool cities, which means you can go on day trips or quick getaways without any hassle. It’s nice to have that option when you want a change of scenery.


Wheeling, WV is a place with a lot to offer. It’s not too big and not too small, making it just right for a lot of people. The stats show that it can be a great place to live, especially if you’re looking for a friendly community.

People here look out for each other. It’s common to see neighbors helping neighbors. That kind of close-knit community is something special you don’t find everywhere.

When it comes to fun, Wheeling has got it covered. There are events throughout the year that bring everyone together. Whether it’s a festival or a parade, there’s always something happening.

Jobs in Wheeling have been growing too. There are more places to work, which is good news for people looking for jobs. This helps the city stay strong and keeps the community working together.

If you’re thinking about moving, Wheeling might just be the place for you. It’s got affordable living, a caring community, and lots of things to do. Plus, good schools and safe neighborhoods make it a smart choice for families.

To wrap it up, Wheeling’s stats are more than just numbers. They tell the story of a city that’s welcoming, affordable, and full of opportunities for everyone. It’s a place that people are proud to call home.