Wheeling Wv Trick Or Treat 2023

Are you ready for a spooky fun time in Wheeling, WV? Trick or treat night is a big deal here! Every year, kids and families dress up in cool costumes to go door-to-door asking for candy. It’s like a big, friendly, costume party all over the town!

In 2023, Wheeling is all set to host another amazing trick or treat event. Planning which costume to wear is part of the fun. Will you be a superhero, a princess, or maybe a spooky ghost? The choices are endless!

Remember to mark your calendars, so you don’t miss out. Wheeling’s trick or treat night is not just about the candy. It’s a time when neighbors meet and have fun together. Everyone is excited to see each other’s costumes and share some laughs.

Safety is super important, so the city makes sure that everyone has a good time without any worries. Parents and older siblings often go with the younger kids to make sure they’re safe as they walk around the neighborhood.

Get your candy bags ready and practice your best “Trick or Treat!” shout. Wheeling, WV is waiting to celebrate a night of frights and delights with you!

History of Trick or Treating in Wheeling, WV

Long ago in Wheeling, people started celebrating Halloween with trick or treating. It’s a fun tradition that’s been around for many years! Everyone loves getting together and seeing the creative costumes people come up with.

Even before 2023, the city had some special rules to make sure everyone stays safe. For example, trick or treating is only at certain times. This way, cars know to look out for kids crossing the street.

Local businesses in Wheeling also join in. They give out candy to trick or treaters. It’s a way for the whole community to be a part of the excitement. Stores might even decorate and dress up too!

After trick or treating, some families have their own parties. They tell spooky stories, bob for apples, or have a contest for the best costume. It’s all about having a good time and making memories.

Year after year, kids in Wheeling keep trick or treating. Each Halloween is a chance to see friends, get creative, and yes, eat lots of candy! In 2023, the tradition continues, and it’s going to be as fun as ever!

Origins and Traditions

Long ago, the tradition of trick or treating started with people dressing up and going around to ask for treats. In Wheeling, WV, this tradition has lasted for many years. People here love keeping this fun custom alive.

Back in the day, kids in Wheeling might have carried lanterns made from turnips. Now, they use flashlights and glow sticks to see in the dark. Houses are lit up with decorations to welcome trick or treaters. Some people even play spooky music to set the mood.

If you walk down the streets of Wheeling during trick or treat, you’ll see lots of homes decorated with pumpkins and cobwebs. It’s a sign they have candy waiting for you. Neighbors smile and drop treats into your bag when you knock on their doors.

Every year, the Wheeling Police Department helps out. They drive around to make sure everyone is safe. They give out candy, too! It’s nice to know that people are looking out for each other during this fun night.

Trick or treating in Wheeling is more than just about getting candy. It’s about community and having a good time with friends and family. You might even see a costume contest or two, where kids show off their creative outfits. So get your costume ready, and join in the fun!

Changes Over the Years

Trick or treating is a big deal in Wheeling, WV. Every year, kids get ready for the exciting night. They pick out cool costumes and plan which streets to visit first.

Wheeling has its own way of doing things. In the past, kids said “trick or treat” for a piece of candy. Now, some might tell jokes or do a dance. It’s all in good fun, and it makes the night special.

Before the big night, the city of Wheeling sets a special time for trick or treating. This helps keep everyone safe. It also lets families plan parties and other fun stuff.

The town gets into the spirit, too. Places like the Wheeling Park put on events. Kids can play games and win prizes. It’s a fun warm-up before the main event.

Parents and kids in Wheeling look forward to trick or treat night all year. Many families team up to go out together. It’s a great way to see your friends and get to know your neighbors better.

Remember, Wheeling trick or treating is all about fun. So be polite, say “thank you,” and check your candy before you eat it. Have a great time out there!

Preparations for Trick or Treat in Wheeling, WV 2023

Getting ready for trick or treat in Wheeling, WV, is exciting. Stores fill up with costumes, and decorations pop up on houses. You’ll see pumpkins, ghosts, and witches everywhere!

Wheeling’s police remind everyone to stay safe. They tell kids to carry lights and stay on sidewalks. And they ask everyone to only visit houses with porch lights on.

Kids and parents talk about safety, too. They make sure to look both ways before crossing streets. And they plan to stay in groups. Sticking together is safer and more fun!

Many folks in Wheeling also get ready by making treats. They buy candy in big bags to hand out. Some even make goody bags or little toys for kids with allergies.

Local businesses join the excitement. They decorate and welcome trick or treaters. Some places even hold costume contests with cool prizes.

Wheeling is all set for a fantastic trick or treat night in 2023. The costumes will be awesome, the candy will be sweet, and the smiles will be big. Happy trick or treating!

Safety Measures

Getting ready for trick or treat in Wheeling is exciting! One of the first things to do is decorate. People put pumpkins, ghosts, and spiders on their porches. This makes the neighborhood look spooky and fun.

Another thing families do is get treats ready. They buy lots of candy to give out. Some even make special goodie bags. It’s important to have enough for all the trick or treaters.

Kids also get their trick or treat bags ready. Some use a plastic pumpkin or a pillowcase. It should be big enough to hold lots of candy but not too heavy.

It’s good to have a plan. Families check the weather so they can dress right. If it’s cold, they wear warm costumes. If it’s hot, they go for something cooler. Being comfy makes trick or treating better.

Safety is super important. Parents make sure kids have flashlights or glow sticks. That way, they can see and be seen. It keeps everyone safe while having fun.

Before heading out, families often eat dinner together. This is so kids aren’t too hungry and eat all their candy at once. A good meal can help keep energy up for the night.

When the time comes, everyone is ready. They put on their costumes and head out. They knock on doors, collect treats, and see all the other costumes. It’s one of the best nights of the year in Wheeling!

For the latest information on trick or treat times, you can visit the city’s website. Just click here to find out what time to start on Halloween night!

Costume Ideas

One special thing to do before trick or treat in Wheeling is pick a costume. Kids think about what they want to be. They can be a superhero, a princess, or something scary. The costume shop in town has many choices.

Some kids and parents make their own costumes. They use things from home and get creative. This can be a fun project to do together.

It’s also good to plan the trick or treat route. Families talk about which streets to visit. They choose places that are close to home and safe.

Trick or treating can be more fun with friends. So, some kids plan to meet up. They go around the neighborhood together. It’s fun to see friends’ costumes too.

Parents remind kids to say “thank you” after getting candy. It’s important to be polite on Halloween. This makes the night nicer for everyone.

Lastly, families set a time to come home. This way, kids know when trick or treat ends. Then, they can come back and check their candy with their parents.

By doing these things, everyone in Wheeling can have a great trick or treat night!

Candy and Allergy Considerations

Another thing to remember is safety. Parents in Wheeling, WV, check if kids’ costumes are safe to walk in at night. They make sure the costumes aren’t too long or hard to see in.

Some costumes need light. Parents can add reflective tape or give kids small flashlights. This helps cars see them when they are crossing streets.

It’s also smart to check the weather. Sometimes it can get cold in Wheeling on Halloween night. If it’s chilly, wearing a coat or warm clothes under the costume helps.

Parents talk to their kids about not going inside strangers’ houses. Kids should stay on the porch to get candy. Staying outside is safer and follows the rules of trick or treating.

Before Halloween comes, families sometimes decorate their homes. They put up spooky decorations like pumpkins, ghosts, and spider webs. This makes Wheeling look ready for trick or treat!

And don’t forget the candy! Families make sure they have enough sweets to give out. It’s fun to see all the different treats. Some people even give out healthy snacks or little toys.

When it gets closer to trick or treat time, Wheeling shares the date and time. This year, you can check the city’s website to know when. Just click www.wheelingwv.gov for updates!

Getting ready for trick or treat is a big deal in Wheeling. Everyone does their part to make it a happy and safe time for kids. So, let’s get ready for a super fun Halloween!

Trick or Treat Events and Activities in Wheeling, WV 2023

Wheeling, WV is buzzing with excitement for trick or treat! There’s going to be lots of fun for kids. They dress up in cool costumes and go from house to house. They say “Trick or Treat” and get yummy candy.

Local places like schools and churches sometimes have their own Halloween events, too. They might have games and treats for families. Check the Wheeling Park District for the Halloween Boo Bash!

Some neighborhoods in Wheeling have costume parades. Kids get to show off their outfits and win prizes. Everyone claps and cheers for the best costumes. It’s a big part of the Halloween fun!

There are also pumpkin patches and corn mazes nearby. Families can pick pumpkins and get lost in a maze. These are great places for photos and making memories.

Businesses in downtown Wheeling join in as well. They open their doors to trick or treaters. It’s a safe way for kids to gather treats. The downtown trick or treat is a favorite for many!

Wheeling also has a haunted house attraction for the brave ones. It’s spooky, but it’s all in good fun. Just remember, it might be too scary for little kids.

Remember to check the Wheeling News-Register. They post times and places for trick or treating. They give good tips for Halloween night, too!

It’s going to be a great Halloween in Wheeling. Every kid has something fun to do. Let’s make this trick or treat season the best one yet!

Community-Organized Events

Wheeling, WV has lots of cool spots for trick or treating. Neighborhoods like Woodsdale and Edgwood are known for their big candy hauls. Kids and their families have a blast going from house to house.

Local businesses sometimes join in the fun. They hand out candy right outside their shops. This is a neat way for kids to trick or treat and stay in one place.

Wheeling Park is another place to check out. They might have special events with games and treats. You can dress up and enjoy a fun day at the park!

Did you know that some people trick or treat in malls? The Ohio Valley Mall sometimes has this. It’s indoors and good for rainy days. Kids can walk around the mall and get candy from stores.

Groups in Wheeling also put together Halloween parades. Kids can march in their costumes. It’s super fun to see all the different costumes and wave to the crowds.

Lastly, you can always find haunted houses around Halloween. These are spooky fun, but maybe a bit scary for little kids. If you like a good scare, these are perfect!

Remember, Halloween is about having fun and being safe. So, make sure you stay with your group, and let’s enjoy trick or treating in Wheeling, WV!

Neighborhood Trick or Treating Zones

If you live in Wheeling, WV, or are visiting, you’re in for some Halloween fun! Oglebay Park often has something special going on. They might have hayrides and pumpkins. Keep an eye on their website for event times.

The Centre Market area is also a great place for Halloween treats. The old buildings are cool to see, and some people say it’s like stepping back in time. Shops and cafes there may have treats for kids in costume!

Church groups and community centers sometimes host ‘trunk or treat’ events. People decorate their car trunks and fill them with candy. It’s a safe way to get lots of candy and see some cool car decorations.

Don’t forget about the libraries. Sometimes they have Halloween story times or crafts for kids. It’s a chill way to get into the Halloween spirit, and you might leave with a book or two as well!

For a list of all the trick or treat times and places in Wheeling, WV, you can visit www.wheelingwv.gov. The city updates the site with all the latest info. So, click on that link to make sure you don’t miss out on any fun.

After-Party Options for Families

Get ready for some spooky fun at the Wheeling Zoo this Halloween! They host a cool event where you can trick or treat with animals watching. It’s fun and a bit wild!

Local businesses in downtown Wheeling love to join in the Halloween excitement too. Kids can walk around in their costumes and get candy from shops. It’s a safe place to be out when it gets dark.

Make sure you wear a costume to get in on the fun. Lots of people in Wheeling dress up, even the grown-ups. You’ll see some pretty neat costumes along the way!

Sometimes, neighborhoods set up a special night for trick or treating. Parents can feel good because everyone looks out for each other’s kids. It’s like a big family party outside!

Even if you don’t want to go out, you can still have fun. People decorate their houses to scare and amuse. Take a walk and see all the cool decorations around.

Remember to say “trick or treat” and “thank you!” People in Wheeling are super friendly and enjoy seeing happy trick-or-treaters on Halloween night.


Wheeling, WV, is a great place to celebrate Halloween. Remember to check the trick or treat times before you go out. Each neighborhood might have different hours for trick or treating.

Don’t forget your bag for candy! Some houses give out loads of treats, so bring something big to carry it all. And walk with your friends or family so you can all have fun together.

If you want to get even more candy, visit Steubenville, OH, and Weirton, WV, too. They also have trick or treating and fun events for Halloween. More places mean more candy and chances to show off your costume!

After Halloween, you can swap candy with friends. This way you can get more of the candy you like. Some places even let you trade your candy for money or toys!

Have an awesome time trick or treating this year in Wheeling! Be safe, have fun, and enjoy all the sweets and smiles. Happy Halloween!