Wheeling Wv Upcoming Events

Wheeling, WV, is always buzzing with excitement and events for everyone. From festivals that celebrate our local culture to sports games that get our hearts racing, there’s never a dull moment.

Every season brings something new to look forward to. Whether it’s the spring flowers at Oglebay Park or the twinkling lights during Winterfest, there’s always a reason to celebrate in Wheeling.

Our events are perfect for families, friends, or even a solo adventure. So, keep your calendars open and get ready for the fun that’s just around the corner in our vibrant city!

Are you a music lover? An art enthusiast? Or maybe a foodie? Wheeling has events that cater to all interests. The upcoming events will showcase the best of our community’s talents and passions.

To stay in the know, make sure to check out the Wheeling Visitors website for the latest updates. Just click here and you’ll be in the loop on all the happenings around town!

Exploring Upcoming Events in Wheeling, WV

Get ready to mark your calendars! The Wheeling Symphony Orchestra offers breathtaking performances that are must-sees. Their new season lineup is coming soon, and it promises to fill the air with beautiful notes and melodies.

Love a good thrill? The Wheeling Nailers hockey games are fast-paced and full of action. Fans can look forward to cheering on their team at the WesBanco Arena this season.

Looking for something unique? The Centre Market in downtown Wheeling hosts a variety of events, including craft fairs and farmers markets where you can find homemade goods and local produce.

Don’t forget about the Wheeling Heritage Trail. This scenic route is a backdrop for several marathons and charity walks throughout the year, perfect for those who like to stay active while supporting good causes.

Festivals and Fairs

If you’re ready to plan some fun, Wheeling’s event calendar is your new best friend. Get set to join in on the fun that our city has in store.

When summer rolls around, don’t miss the Wheeling Heritage Port Sternwheel Festival. Boats, food, and fireworks make it a blast for everyone. It’s a Wheeling tradition that lights up the riverfront and fills the air with excitement.

For theater buffs, the Capitol Theatre often has something cool to see. From plays to musicals, there’s a good chance you’ll find a show that makes a perfect night out. Check their schedule here for what’s coming up.

Sports fans, get ready! Watch the Wheeling Nailers hit the ice at the WesBanco Arena. It’s hockey action that’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. See their game days here and plan to cheer loud and proud for our home team.

Fall brings the Wheeling Vintage Raceboat Regatta. It’s all about speed and sleek boats at the Heritage Port. If you love engine roars and fast races, you definitely want to see this.

Remember, this is just a sneak peek. More events pop up all year long. So, whether it’s with family or friends, come join the fun in Wheeling, WV!

Live Music and Entertainment

Get festive with Wheeling’s Italian Festival! Experience yummy food, cool music, and fun games right in the heart of downtown. It’s a treat for all ages and a great way to celebrate Italian culture.

Feeling artsy? Artworks Around Town is the place to be. Local artists show off their work and invite you to peek into their creative world. This gallery hop gives you a taste of Wheeling’s amazing art scene.

When winter comes, Oglebay’s Winter Festival of Lights shines bright. With millions of lights, it’s like a holiday dream. You can drive through the twinkling display and feel the magic of the season.

Animal lovers will have a ball at the Good Zoo. Special events happen throughout the year. Meet furry friends and learn cool stuff about them. Check out their events here.

Ready to run? The Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon Classic is a big deal. Whether you’re racing or cheering, it’s packed with energy. The whole community gets together to support runners as they dash through the city.

Dive into history at Fort Henry Days. Reenactments and historical camps take you back in time. It’s a fun way to learn about Wheeling’s past and see how folks lived long ago.

Keep an eye out because there’s always something new happening. Grab your calendar and start planning your visit to Wheeling’s exciting events!

Cultural and Art Exhibits

Looking for something super cool for the whole family? Head to the Wheeling Heritage Port for some outdoor movie nights. They show all kinds of films from animated hits to classic adventures. Just grab a blanket and enjoy a movie under the stars!

If you like digging into the past, check out the Wheeling 250 exhibit. The city is celebrating 250 years and the exhibit has lots of neat stuff to see. You’ll learn about Wheeling’s story and be surprised by what you find out.

Music fans, get ready! Waterfront Wednesdays are a blast with live bands playing right by the river. It’s free and there’s different music each week. Rock, country, jazz – you name it, they’ve got it. Don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes!

Love food trucks? Who doesn’t! Wheeling’s Food Truck Festival is a feast on wheels. There are tons of tasty treats from BBQ to cupcakes. It’s perfect for filling up and chilling out with friends.

Watch the sky light up at Wheeling’s Fourth of July fireworks. It’s a big party with music and food, and the fireworks are the star of the show. You can see them from all over town, but the waterfront gives you the best view.

For the brave ones, Wheeling has a spooky side. The Haunted History Tours are a thrilling walk through the city’s ghostly tales. See if you can spot a spirit and learn a bit about Wheeling’s darker history.

There’s more to discover in Wheeling, so come on down and join the fun. These events are just the start of what you can do in the city. They happen every year, and everyone’s invited!

Nearby Attractions: Exciting Events in Weirton, WV and Steubenville, OH

In Weirton, WV, the Weirton Greek Festival is a must-do for foodies and fun lovers. Imagine a place where you can eat baklava and dance to live Greek music. It’s all about bringing people together and enjoying the culture!

Steubenville, OH, lights up with the Nutcracker Village & Advent Market. During the holidays, the whole place turns into a Christmas wonderland. You’ll see tons of unique nutcrackers and can shop for some handmade gifts.

Want to see some cool cars? Weirton’s Annual Car Show has them all, from shiny classics to modern marvels. It’s not just a show; there are games and prizes, too. Car enthusiasts or not, you’ll have a great time!

Steubenville’s Dean Martin Festival is a tribute to their hometown star. People come from all over to celebrate his music and movies. There’s singing, laughter, and that old-school charm we all love.

Weirton’s Striplight Theatre always has something going on. Plays, musicals, and live shows happen all year round. It’s a great spot to catch some local talent and support the arts.

For a taste of local flavor, check out the Wine and Jazz Festival in Steubenville. Relax with a glass of wine, and listen to cool jazz on a summer evening. It’s a classy way to spend the day and very chill.

Don’t forget, these events are close to Wheeling, WV, so if you’re in town for other fun stuff, these are easy to get to. Each city has its own vibe, and these events show it. Come join the party!

Weirton’s Community Gatherings

Just a short drive from Wheeling, Weirton, WV, offers its own excitement. The Weirton Striped Bass Festival is a must-see, with fishing competitions and delicious seafood. It’s a great way to spend time with family and enjoy the outdoors.

Steubenville, OH, not far from Wheeling, holds an annual Nutcracker Village & Advent Market. It’s full of holiday cheer with life-size nutcrackers all over the place. Plus, there’s an advent market with lots of neat gifts to check out.

Summer brings the Steubenville Hometown Celebration. It’s a day jam-packed with parades, crafts, and yummy food. There’s even a car show for those who love cool rides. It’s a perfect outing for the weekend!

In Weirton, the summer ends with a bang at the Weirton Renaissance Festival. Jousting, crafts, and old-timey food make you feel like you’re in another world. It’s a fun way to learn about the past while having a blast.

Each year, the Dean Martin Festival in Steubenville honors the legendary singer. People come from all over to enjoy music, shows, and tributes to Dean Martin. It’s a cool event if you’re into music and classic movies.

Finally, for those who can’t stay still, the Weirton Dance Festival gets everyone moving. Whether you’re a pro or just starting, you can watch performances or join a workshop. It’s a fun way to learn new moves and see some amazing dancing.

These events are a hop, skip, and a jump from Wheeling and give folks tons of options for year-round fun!

Steubenville’s Historical and Cultural Events

If you’re looking for something to do near Wheeling, WV, the Upper Ohio Valley Italian Festival in Wheeling is a must. It’s one of the largest Italian festivals around. You can eat lots of pizza and pasta and see some amazing fireworks.

In the fall, the whole family can have fun at the Brooke County Fair in Wellsburg, close to Weirton. They have rides, games, and animals. Plus, there are contests for baking and eating pie!

Weirton’s got a cool music event, too — the Weirton Summer Concert Series. Bring a chair or a blanket to relax and listen to the bands. It’s free, so you can enjoy music under the stars without spending a dime.

Steubenville’s got a big thing for chocolate lovers – the Chocolate Walk. You get to walk around downtown, stop at different shops, and eat tons of chocolate. It’s like a treasure hunt, but with candy!

Wheeling also hosts the Wheeling Heritage Port Sternwheel Festival. Boats with big wheels come to the river, and people can check them out. There’s music, food, and a boat parade, too!

Every September, Weirton welcomes artists at the Gate 5 Industrial Art Festival. You can see cool art made out of metal and stuff from factories. It’s a unique way to see what people can make with different materials.

Right before school starts, Wheeling has the Back-to-School Bash. Kids can get free stuff for school and have a good time before hitting the books again. It’s a nice way for families to wrap up the summer.

Planning Your Visit

When planning a trip to catch one of Wheeling’s exciting events, make sure to check the calendar ahead of time. Many events happen annually, so you can plan your visit to not miss out on the fun.

Getting to Wheeling is easy. You can drive in on the interstate, hop on a bus, or fly into the local airport. Once you’re in town, hotels and B&Bs are there to rest up for the next day’s adventures.

For those who enjoy the great outdoors, Wheeling has the Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon Classic in the spring. Runners and walkers of all ages can join in. Make sure to register early if you want to participate.

During the summer, the Wheeling Arts and Culture Fest shows off local artists and performers. You can wander through tents filled with art, watch dancers, and hear live music. It’s perfect for families and it’s free!

As the leaves start changing, the Oglebayfest at Oglebay Resort offers craft booths, food, and parades. The festival celebrates the start of fall, so it’s a cozy time to visit. Plus, the resort’s lights begin to shine for the Winter Festival of Lights soon after.

Check out the Heritage Music BluesFest if you love music. Big names and new artists fill the air with blues tunes. Tickets go fast, so buy them when you can.

To make sure you have all the details, visit Wheeling’s event website or look on social media. Lots of events, like the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra’s concerts, give updates online. Go to www.wheelingwv.gov for the latest info.

Remember, Wheeling’s events can fill up hotels quickly. Book your stay early to get a good spot. And be sure to try out local restaurants too—they often have specials during big events!

Accommodations and Dining

When planning your trip to Wheeling, WV for upcoming events, remember to check the weather. It can change quickly, so pack layers. Also, grab comfy shoes because you’ll probably walk a lot.

For places to stay, look up hotels or B&Bs near the event you’re going to. If you book early, you might get a better deal. If you’re camping, bring all your gear and know the rules of the campground.

Don’t forget to look for discounts on tickets. Sometimes, places like libraries or local stores give out cheaper tickets for events. Ask around or search online to save some cash.

Getting around Wheeling is easier with a map or a phone with GPS. Make sure your phone is charged, so you don’t get lost. Some events might be busy, so take down the number of a local taxi service, just in case.

Want food? Check out event websites for food vendors or nearby restaurants. Some events let you bring your own snacks, but others don’t. Always good to know before you go!

Lastly, plan some extra time to explore the city. Wheeling has cool places like the Oglebay Park and the Wheeling Suspension Bridge. There’s a lot to see besides the events!

Transportation Tips

If you’re coming with kids, Wheeling’s got you covered. Look for events that are kid-friendly. Libraries and parks often have special activities for families.

Wheeling loves its festivals. Whether it’s music, food, or art, there’s something happening almost every month. Visit the Wheeling Convention and Visitors Bureau website for a calendar of events.

When you get to the event, check if there’s a spot to put your stuff. Some places let you leave coats or bags in a safe place.

Need cash? Find out if the event takes cards or if you need to bring cash. Also, look for ATMs near the event location before you go.

Traveling with a furry friend? Search online for pet-friendly events. And, make sure you have what you need to keep your pet happy and safe while you’re out and about.

If you’re coming from out of town, see if the event is near a bus or train station. This can make getting there and back a whole lot easier.

And don’t be shy to chat with locals. They might tell you about hidden gems not listed online. Wheeling’s got a friendly vibe and folks are happy to share their favorite spots.

Local Weather and Packing Essentials

Before heading to Wheeling for an event, pick a place to stay. Hotels and B&Bs get booked quickly, especially during big festivals. Check online for the best spots.

Bringing a car? Look up parking info. Some events have free parking, but others might not. Find out where you can park and how much it costs.

Eat like a local! Wheeling has great food. Try some classic West Virginia dishes while you’re in town. There are lots of places to grab a bite near event venues.

Check the weather before you go. Wheeling can be hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Dress right so you’re comfy at the outdoor events.

Get tickets early if the event needs them. Some events can sell out fast. Visit the event’s website to buy tickets or find out if you can get them at the door.

Lastly, look for deals. Sometimes, events have discounts for groups or early birds. Keep an eye on social media for any last-minute offers.


Wheeling, WV is buzzing with events you won’t want to miss. From music festivals to cultural exhibits, there’s something for everyone. Make a plan to join in the fun!

Remember, events can change. Sometimes dates shift or details get updated. Keep checking the event website or call ahead to make sure everything’s on track.

If you have kids, look for family-friendly events. Wheeling has lots of stuff that’s perfect for the whole gang. Plus, some events are free for kids!

Traveling with friends? Share the excitement! Post about the events you’re attending on social media. Use event hashtags to connect with others who are going.

Wheeling’s events are a great chance to make memories. Grab your camera or phone and snap some photos. Share your best shots with friends or on your own social pages.

To hear the latest on Wheeling’s upcoming events, tune into local radio or check out community boards. You can find event flyers and more info to keep you in the loop.

To find out more about Wheeling’s upcoming events visit www.wheelingwv.gov/events. Plan ahead and get ready for some unforgettable experiences in Wheeling!