When Is Wheeling Wv Christmas Parade 2023

The Wheeling Christmas parade, a festive highlight, fills the streets with holiday cheer every year. This beloved tradition brings together families, friends, and visitors to witness a magical display of floats, bands, and Santa himself. As the snowflakes gently fall, the city lights up, signaling the start of the festive season.

Mark your calendars! The 2023 Wheeling, WV Christmas Parade is a must-see event. While we don’t have the exact date just yet, it usually takes place in late November or early December. It’s a good idea to check for updates as the year goes on so you don’t miss out on this joyful celebration.

The parade route typically goes along Main Street, letting everyone get a good view of the action. Local schools, organizations, and businesses come together to create a memorable night. Be sure to dress warmly and get there early to snag a good spot!

Overview of the Wheeling, WV Christmas Parade

If you’re planning to join in on the Wheeling Christmas Parade fun, there are cool things to do before it starts. Many shops and restaurants will be open. It’s perfect for grabbing a hot chocolate and maybe finding a unique gift or two.

Did you know that the Wheeling Christmas parade isn’t just about the floats and music? It’s a time when the community shines bright. People from Wheeling, even folks from nearby Weirton and Steubenville, come together to celebrate. It shows how much this parade means to everyone around.

Remember, the 2023 parade date will be announced on Wheeling’s city website. Keep an eye on it or listen to local news. For the latest info, click here to check out the city’s official site. That way, you’ll know exactly when to join in the festivities.

Date and Time

If you love parades, the Wheeling Christmas Parade is sure to make your heart sing! It’s packed with all the things that make the holidays special. Picture big, beautiful balloons floating through the air and music filling the streets as each band marches by.

Santa Claus always makes a grand appearance, waving to the crowd from his sleigh. It’s a sight that reminds everyone of the joy and wonder of the season. Plus, there are twinkling lights on the floats that make the whole place shine like a winter wonderland.

Since the date can change, it’s smart to keep an eye on Wheeling’s official announcements. You can check their website or local news for the latest info. Here’s where to look: www.wheelingwv.gov. Make sure to check back so you can join in on the fun!

Remember, this parade isn’t just a Wheeling thing. Folks from nearby towns like Weirton, WV, and Steubenville, OH, come to enjoy the holiday vibe. It’s like a big neighborhood party, and everyone’s invited. So, gather your family and friends and make some memories at this yearly bash!

History of the Event

The 2023 Wheeling Christmas Parade is a must-see event and it’s coming up soon! Mark your calendars because you won’t want to miss it. The parade takes place in the evening, which means the festive lights will really pop against the night sky.

Every year, the parade route is filled with excitement. It starts on Main Street and rolls all the way down to 11th Street. You can find a good spot anywhere along the way to watch the floats and performers pass by. Just make sure to bundle up because it can get chilly!

Bringing kids? They’ll get a kick out of the candy that’s often tossed from the floats. It’s like trick-or-treating but with a holiday twist. And don’t worry about parking, there are spots nearby. Check out the local parking garages and side streets. You might have to walk a bit, but it’s worth it for the fun.

Lastly, don’t forget to arrive early to grab a good viewing spot. Some people show up an hour before the parade starts. The streets can get crowded with everyone excited to see the show. Plus, you might even get to see some pre-parade entertainment if you’re early!

What to Expect at the 2023 Wheeling Christmas Parade

The Wheeling Christmas Parade is a highlight in December. This year’s event is planned with lots of surprises. Expect big balloons, cool marching bands, and even dance groups to keep you entertained.

Local schools and organizations will be there too. They work super hard on their floats to make them look amazing. The creativity is something else! People really go all out, and it’s super fun to see what they come up with.

One thing you can’t miss is the marching bands. They play holiday music that’ll have you humming along. It’s super catchy! Their uniforms and moves are something you’ll remember for sure.

Santa Claus is the dude of the hour. He’ll be there, riding on a fire truck at the end of the parade. Kids and adults alike get super excited to see him. It’s like the big finale and it’s always a heartwarming sight.

For more information on the parade time and other details, you can visit the official website at www.wheelingwv.gov/christmasparade. Don’t miss out on the latest updates and tips for enjoying the parade!

Parade Route and Viewing Areas

The Wheeling Christmas Parade line-up is always a treat. Floats are decked out in lights and holiday decorations, making everything look magical. Local schools, businesses, and community groups all join in, adding to the fun with their creative designs.

Music is a big part of the parade too. Bands from different schools march while playing festive tunes that have everyone humming along. Sometimes, there are also local singers and choirs that add to the holiday cheer with their voices. It’s like the whole city comes together with one big holiday soundtrack.

Of course, no Christmas parade is complete without Santa Claus. He’s the star of the show. Kids wave and cheer when they see him riding by on his sleigh float, which is always one of the last in the parade. So make sure to stay until the very end so you don’t miss him!

Also, there are usually fun surprises each year. Sometimes special guests or celebrities join the parade, waving from convertibles or floats. Keep your eyes peeled – you never know who you might spot!

Finally, after the parade, many families like to go out for hot chocolate or dinner. Downtown Wheeling has lots of cozy spots to warm up and end the night on a sweet note. It’s a good idea to plan ahead and maybe even make reservations if you have a favorite place in mind.

Remember, the parade happens rain or shine. So, check the weather forecast and be ready for anything. Bringing an umbrella or a waterproof jacket might be a smart move if there’s a chance of rain.

If you’re looking for more information or updates on the parade, don’t hesitate to visit the official Wheeling Christmas Parade website. Just go to their website for all the latest news and tips to make your parade experience the best it can be.

Themes and Attractions

This year’s Wheeling Christmas Parade is expected to light up the town in a big way. The streets will be sparkling as the parade starts after sunset. Watch as the city transforms into a winter wonderland with twinkling lights on every float.

Getting a good spot can be tough because this is a popular event. Folks often arrive early to claim their front-row views on the sidewalk. If you want a great view of the parade, plan to come ahead of time and snag a good spot.

Wheeling’s local businesses and eateries often have parade specials. From hot drinks to holiday treats, there’re lots of yummy things to enjoy. If you like to munch while you watch, you’ll find plenty of options nearby.

Safety is important at events like this. The city works hard to make sure everyone stays safe. Keep an eye out for safety barriers and follow any instructions from parade officials or local police.

Want to get involved? The parade is a community event, and volunteers are always welcome. It can be a fun way to experience the parade from another angle and meet new people.

For those coming from out of town, there’s parking to think about. There are lots and garages near the parade route, but they fill up fast. Check out the parking situation before the parade day to avoid stress.

Finally, remember to dress warmly! December in Wheeling can be chilly, and standing outside to watch the parade means braving the cold. Layers, gloves, and hats are your friends here. Stay comfortable so you can focus on enjoying the parade and holiday spirit.

Special Guests and Performances

The Wheeling Christmas Parade is a time for music and fun. Marching bands from local schools will fill the air with festive tunes. Listen for your favorite holiday songs as they march by!

Brightly lit floats are a parade highlight. Every year, groups get creative with their designs. Expect to see everything from Santa scenes to winter animals shining in the night.

Speaking of Santa, he always makes a special appearance. He’ll be waving to the crowd and spreading cheer. Don’t forget to wave back and maybe shout your holiday wishes!

Some lucky kids get to ride on the floats. Keep an eye out, because you might see someone you know! It’s a big deal to be part of the parade magic.

The parade isn’t just for watching, there’s stuff to do, too! After the parade, you can visit downtown. Some years, there are extra fun activities like ice sculptures or carol singing.

Planning Your Visit

If you want to see the Wheeling Christmas Parade, plan ahead! The parade will be on a special day in December. Ask your parents to mark the date on the calendar once it’s announced.

It gets cold in December, so dress warm. Wear your coat, gloves, and a hat. You don’t want to shiver while you watch the marching bands and floats!

Get there early to find a good spot. Some people like to watch near the beginning, while others prefer the end. You choose where you think is best!

Bring a thermos of hot cocoa or buy some from a nearby shop. It will keep your hands warm and your spirits high while you enjoy the parade.

If you or your friends get tired of standing, bring a small chair or blanket to sit on. Just remember, lots of other people will be there, so make sure your chair isn’t too big!

After the parade, the fun isn’t over. Take a walk around Wheeling. The shops and restaurants may have special parade day deals.

If you’re not from Wheeling, it’s a great chance to see the city. You can make a day of it. Check out cool places like the Oglebay Resort with its winter lights or the Wheeling Heritage Port.

Remember to take pictures but keep your phone charged. You’ll want to snap photos of the best floats and maybe even a selfie with Santa if you’re lucky!

Last thing, be polite and kind. Everyone is there to have fun. If you’re all nice to each other, it makes the parade even more awesome.

Accommodation and Travel Tips

If you’re planning to see the Wheeling, WV Christmas Parade in 2023, remember to bundle up! December can be pretty cold, and you’ll want to stay warm while you watch the parade.

Check the date and start time online before you head out. This way, you won’t miss any of the fun. You can find this info on the Wheeling Christmas Parade website.

It’s smart to arrive early to grab a good spot. The best places along the parade route can fill up quick! Plus, you’ll get to see all the floats as they start the parade.

Don’t worry about parking. There will be places to park downtown, but they might be busy. Look for signs or ask around if you’re not sure where to go. Carpooling is a great idea too!

Are you hungry? Grab some food at local spots downtown. They might have special treats for the parade day, so you can try something yummy and new!

Remember to pack your camera or phone. You’ll want to take pictures of the amazing floats and the fun you’re having. Later, you can share them with friends or keep them to remember the day.

If you get tired or if it’s super cold, many shops downtown will be open. You can pop in to warm up for a bit and then go back to enjoying the parade.

Weather Considerations

Bringing a blanket or a foldable chair can make waiting for the Wheeling Christmas Parade a lot comfier. If you’re sitting, you’ll be glad to have a cozy spot.

There are usually other fun things happening on parade day. Keep an eye out for activities like carol singing or maybe even a Santa meet-and-greet!

Think about what you’ll wear on your feet. Good shoes are a must since you might be standing or walking a lot. Nobody wants cold toes, so warm socks are a good plan too.

After the parade, the festivities aren’t over. Downtown Wheeling has lights and decorations to see. Take a walk around and enjoy the holiday spirit in the city.

If you’re from out of town, think about staying overnight. There are hotels that might offer special deals for the parade crowd. Look online to find a place that fits your budget and needs.

Finally, keep the parade fun going by talking about your favorite parts. Chat with family, friends, or even new people you meet. Share what you loved, like the biggest float or the jolliest marchers. It’s a great way to make memories last.

Local Dining and Attractions

Coming to Wheeling for the Christmas Parade is exciting! You’ll want to check the weather before you leave home. Bundle up if it’s chilly, or peel off layers if it’s warmer.

Parking can be tricky on parade day, so try to arrive early. Look for parking garages or spots a little further away to avoid the rush. A short walk might even offer a peek at some holiday displays!

Snacks are a good idea while you wait for the parade to start. Some people bring hot cocoa or munch on holiday treats. Just remember to toss any trash in the bins around to keep Wheeling clean.

Make sure your phone or camera has juice! You’ll want to snap lots of photos or record videos of the floats and fun. Charging up the night before is smart.

Need a bathroom break? Businesses and public restrooms might be open near the parade route. It’s a good idea to know where you can go just in case!

Keep your eyes out for street vendors. They might sell glow sticks, toys, or holiday hats. It’s a fun way to add to your parade gear and take home a souvenir.

When the parade’s done, there might be lines for restaurants or cafes. If you’ve got a favorite Wheeling eatery, think about making a reservation so you don’t have to wait.


The Wheeling, WV Christmas Parade is a highlight of the holiday season. Mark your calendar because you won’t want to miss it. Everyone in town comes together to celebrate with bright lights and joyful music.

The parade brings smiles to people of all ages. Kids will love seeing Santa, and parents will enjoy the festive atmosphere. It’s a perfect way to kick off the holidays with your family and friends.

After the parade, Wheeling’s downtown stays lively. Stores might have special deals, and there could be more events. Stick around to see what else the city offers. It’s a great chance to make even more memories.

If you’re visiting from Weirton, WV or Steubenville, OH, the trip is short and worth it. The parade is a fantastic way to experience the holiday spirit in the Ohio Valley. Just plan ahead to make the most of your visit.

When you head home, full of holiday cheer, you’ll already be looking forward to next year’s parade. Wheeling knows how to put on a show and the Christmas parade is something you’ll remember all year long.

Check back for updates or changes to the parade schedule. Sometimes, weather or other events can lead to adjustments. Stay informed by visiting Wheeling’s official website or their social media pages for the latest news. If you need more information, the Wheeling Visitors Center is always happy to help.

Don’t forget to spread the word to your friends and family about the Wheeling, WV Christmas Parade 2023. Sharing the experience makes it even more special. See you at the parade!