Zoo In Wheeling Wv

Hey there! Have you ever heard about the zoo in Wheeling, WV? It’s a super cool place where you can see all sorts of animals from around the world. This zoo is called the Oglebay Good Zoo and it’s packed with fun stuff to do and wild friends to meet.

It’s not just about looking at animals. At Oglebay Good Zoo, you can learn a bunch of interesting things about them, like where they come from and how they live. Some animals you might see are red pandas, meerkats, and even some rare ones you’ve never heard of before!

Wheeling is a city in West Virginia that’s not too far from Weirton, WV, and Steubenville, OH. So, if you live in any of these places, you’re really close to this awesome zoo. You can go there with your family and have a wild day checking out all the cool things the zoo has to offer.

Ready for an adventure? Keep your eyes open, because we’re going to dive into why the Oglebay Good Zoo in Wheeling is a fantastic place for families to visit. Let’s go see what makes this zoo so special!

History and Establishment

The Oglebay Good Zoo started a long time ago. Back in 1977, people decided to open a zoo in Wheeling, so families could see and learn about animals. They named it after a family called Oglebay, who did a lot for the city.

This zoo began with just a few animals but now it has over 50 different kinds! They’ve got animals from places like Africa, Asia, and South America. It’s a mix of furry, feathery, and scaly creatures.

Building this zoo was a big project. It took a lot of planning and work to make it just right for the animals and the visitors. People who built the zoo wanted to make sure everyone could have fun and learn things when they visit.

Early Beginnings

The Oglebay Good Zoo started a long time ago. It was way back in 1977 when the zoo first opened its doors. The idea was to make a place where kids and their families could get up close with animals and have fun learning.

It all began because a man named Earl Oglebay left his farm to the city of Wheeling. He wanted his land to be used for something that made people happy. The city made a beautiful park and later decided to add a zoo.

This zoo is special because it’s part of a bigger place called Oglebay Resort. People come to visit the zoo, but they also get to enjoy lots of other cool stuff like golf, swimming, and gardens. It’s like a big playground with something for everyone.

When the zoo first started, it wasn’t as big as it is now. Over the years, they kept making it better and adding more animals. Each time you visit, there might be something new to see!

One of the zoo’s big goals is to help animals that are in trouble. They work hard to protect them and make sure they have a safe home. That’s a big deal because it means they really care about the animals.

If you want more info about the zoo’s history or what’s happening there now, you can visit their website by clicking here.

Notable Milestones

A lot of years have passed since the Oglebay Good Zoo first said hello to the world. In those days, there weren’t many animals. But now, there are so many kinds, from little frogs to big cheetahs.

Right at the start, the zoo was about teaching kids to love nature and animals. It’s grown a lot, but that part hasn’t changed. The zoo is still all about learning and caring for the world around us.

More than just a zoo, the Good Zoo is a friend to the animals. They make sure the animals are happy and healthy. This care helps some animals that are having a tough time out in the wild.

Many people have helped the zoo grow. They’ve given money, time, and love. Without these kind-hearted people, the zoo wouldn’t be the awesome place it is today.

Each year, new things are added to the zoo. That means there’s always a surprise waiting for you when you visit. It’s exciting to see what’s new!

Remember, a trip to the Oglebay Good Zoo is more than just a day out. It’s a journey into the animal world, and a chance to see how we can all help them live better lives. So next time you’re in Wheeling, WV, swing by the zoo and say hi to the animals!

Recent Developments

The Oglebay Good Zoo opened up for the first time in 1977. Picture it: the sun shining, families smiling, and animals peeking out at their new visitors. It was a big deal for Wheeling, WV, and a super fun place was born.

At first, the land was part of a big park called Oglebay Park. It got its name from a man named Earl Oglebay. He loved nature a lot. When he passed away, he gave his land to the people of Wheeling so everyone could enjoy the outdoors just like he did.

When the zoo first started, it wasn’t just about showing off cool animals. It wanted to teach kids and everyone else to treat Earth with kindness. The idea was to create a place where looking at animals was just the start of learning to protect them.

So, there it was: a new zoo in the middle of a park, ready to make friends and teach about wild animals. It became a special spot for people to help animals and learn about them, too. And that’s how the Oglebay Good Zoo became a part of Wheeling’s story.

Animal Exhibits and Attractions

Imagine walking around and seeing all kinds of animals from different places. The Oglebay Good Zoo has lots of cool exhibits. You can look at animals like red pandas, which are super rare, and playful river otters.

There’s also a place where you can feed some animals. How awesome is that? You might be able to give a leafy snack to a giraffe. Be sure to stand on your tippy-toes! They’re tall, but they’re friendly and love to meet zoo guests.

Hey, have you ever watched a kangaroo hop? At the zoo, you can see them bounce around their space. They have strong legs and can jump really far!

The zoo isn’t just about looking at animals; you can also learn from them. There’s a cool train that takes you on a ride around the zoo. While you ride, you can listen to stories about the animals. Plus, you’ll get to see spots in the zoo you might miss on foot.

The Oglebay Good Zoo cares a lot about animals that are in danger. They help them out by taking good care of them and teaching visitors how to keep them safe in the wild, too. When you visit, you’ll learn what you can do to help animals from all over the world.

Before you leave, make sure to check out the Discovery Lab. It’s a place where you can touch animal fur and see real animal eggs. It’s like being a wildlife detective, and you can learn a bunch by getting up close to these cool things.

If you want to know more about the Oglebay Good Zoo and plan your visit, you can check out their website. Here’s the link: www.oglebay.com/good-zoo. Have fun exploring and learning about all the amazing animals!

Native Species

The Oglebay Good Zoo has some really amazing animals! Kids get super excited when they see the red pandas. They look like teddy bears but are way cooler. And there is more! The bald eagles are a big hit. They’re our national bird and they look so proud and strong.

Don’t forget about the meerkats. They stand up on their back legs and look around, which is super funny. They live together like a big family and take turns watching out for danger. It’s like they’re playing a game of “who can spot the trouble first”.

There are also farm animals at the zoo. You can get pretty close to goats, cows, and donkeys. They live at the barn area and love it when visitors come to say hi. It’s a cool place to learn about the animals that live on farms.

The zoo also has an aquarium part. It’s filled with fish of all colors swimming around. There are even sharks, but don’t worry, they’re behind glass! You can watch them glide through the water and it feels like you’re under the sea with them.

One of the coolest things is the train that goes around the zoo. You can hop on and it takes you to see different animals while you sit back and relax. It’s a big hit because you can wave to all the animals without getting tired feet.

Visiting the Oglebay Good Zoo isn’t just about looking at animals. It’s about finding out how we can help them. You get to learn what they eat and how we can make sure they have safe places to live. It’s a fun day out, but it also makes you think about how to be good to animals everywhere.

Exotic Creatures

Have you ever seen a real live ocelot? They look like mini leopards and are super cool. At the Oglebay Good Zoo, you can see them up close. They move super sleek and are amazing to watch.

There are also lots of birds, like owls and parrots. Some owls have big eyes that look like they can see everything. Parrots are really colorful and some can even talk, which is really neat!

If you like creepy crawlies, there’s a spot for that too! The zoo has spiders and snakes, but they’re safe to look at. They have their own special homes where you can see them crawl and slither.

And let’s not forget the otters! They swim around and play all day. It looks like they’re having a pool party. Watching them is a blast because they always seem like they’re up to something fun.

The zoo works hard to keep the animals happy and healthy. They have special people called zookeepers who feed the animals and take care of them. It’s really important work!

Plus, going to the zoo helps the animals too. The money from tickets helps to feed them and keep their homes nice. When we visit, we’re helping the zoo be a cool place for the animals to live.

Interactive Experiences

The Oglebay Good Zoo in Wheeling, WV, has some amazing animals to check out. There’s a place where you can see kangaroos! They hop around and have pouches for their babies, which is kind of adorable.

You can also find bears at the zoo. They might look big and scary, but at the zoo, you can watch them play safely. They like to splash in the water and sometimes even play with toys!

Don’t miss the farm animals, like goats and pigs. You can even pet some of them. They’re friendly and used to people, so it’s okay to get close.

There’s also a special area for butterflies. It’s like a fairy tale with all the butterflies flying around. Some might even land on you if you stand still!

Be sure to check out the aquarium part of the zoo. They have fish of all colors and sizes. It’s like exploring under the sea without getting wet.

The zoo also has special days where you can learn more about the animals. They show you how to feed them and teach you fun facts. It’s a chance to learn a lot and have fun too!

Conservation and Education Efforts

The Oglebay Good Zoo takes care of the earth and animals. They help keep nature safe for everyone.

People who work at the zoo teach us how to look after the planet. They tell us how we can recycle and not waste things.

At the zoo, they make sure animals have a good place to live. They make homes for them that are like where they would live in the wild.

They also help animals that are hurt or sick. They make them better so they can go back to living in the wild.

If you want to learn how to help animals and nature, the zoo has classes for kids. You can learn about animals from different places in the world.

The zoo also talks to people about why some animals are in danger. They tell us how we can help those animals live longer.

When you visit the zoo, you can see how they use solar power. This is energy from the sun which is really good for the earth.

They even have special days where you can make toys or treats for the animals. This helps the animals stay happy and healthy.

Want to learn more about the zoo? Check their website for all the cool things you can do and learn: Oglebay Good Zoo.

Endangered Species Programs

At the Oglebay Good Zoo, they work hard to look after the environment. They make sure the animals’ homes are safe and clean. This helps the animals stay healthy and happy.

The zoo also teaches kids about how to protect nature. They have programs that tell you how to take care of our planet. It’s important to learn this stuff so we can help wildlife everywhere.

They have special groups for kids who love animals. If you join, you get to do cool things, like make toys for the animals. This helps the animals feel at home and have fun.

Kids can go to zoo camps in the summer. At camp, you learn about different animals and why they are special. You even get to see what it’s like to be a zookeeper.

If you like to learn by doing, there are hands-on activities. You might plant flowers for the bees or make bird feeders. This kind of learning is fun and helps nature too.

People who run the zoo also go to schools to talk about animals. They bring some smaller animals with them, which is pretty exciting. This way, kids learn about wildlife without even leaving school.

There’s a lot to learn at the Oglebay Good Zoo. It’s not just about seeing cool animals but also about looking after them. Everyone can do something to help, even kids.

Educational Outreach

The Oglebay Good Zoo likes to reuse and recycle things. They teach us that by using things again, we can cut down on waste. This keeps our earth cleaner.

They also help animals that are in danger of disappearing. They take care of rare animals and try to have more of them born at the zoo. This helps make sure these animals don’t go away forever.

When you visit the zoo, you can see how they use rainwater to help the plants. This saves water and is good for the earth. It’s a smart way to keep everything green and beautiful.

There are also events where you can learn about animals from other countries. You learn why it’s important to protect animals everywhere, not just the ones close to us.

The people at the zoo also work with animals that get hurt in the wild. They help them get better so they can go back home. This shows us how to care for animals who need our help.

If you want to learn more about the Oglebay Good Zoo and their work, you can visit their website at oglebay.com/good-zoo/.

Community Involvement

The Oglebay Good Zoo has special programs for kids. It’s like a school, but for learning about animals. You get to find out how animals live and why they are special.

They also have talks where experts tell us fun facts about animals. You find out what animals eat, how they play, and where they sleep. This makes learning fun.

At the zoo, there’s a garden where butterflies live. The garden is full of flowers that butterflies like. This shows us how we can help butterflies by planting the right flowers.

Sometimes, the zoo lets us meet animals up close. You might get to touch a snake or feed a bird. This helps us understand animals better and not be afraid of them.

They also teach us how to make homes for animals, like birdhouses. If we put them in our backyards, we can give birds a safe place to live. It’s a cool project that helps animals.


Visiting the Oglebay Good Zoo in Wheeling, WV, is not just fun. It’s a chance to learn a lot about animals. When you go home, you can share cool animal facts with your friends.

Remember, the zoo is a place where animals are cared for. We should always be kind to animals at the zoo and in the wild. This is important to make sure they stay safe and happy.

If you liked the zoo, tell others about it! Maybe your family and friends will want to go too. By visiting, you are helping the zoo take care of the animals.

Next time you’re there, try to see if you remember what you learned. Look around for new things too. There’s always something new to see at the zoo!