Applebee’s Steubenville

Hey there! Have you heard about Applebee’s in Steubenville, Ohio? It’s a cool place where folks can hang out, munch on yummy food, and have a blast! It’s like this awesome spot in town everyone knows about.

Applebee’s is known for its neat grill and bar setup. That means you get to choose from all sorts of tasty eats like burgers, chicken, and even salads for those who like to keep it light. They’ve got a menu that’s just right for anyone!

What’s super cool is that it’s not just about food. They’ve got games and TVs too. So, if you’re looking to catch a game or just have fun with your buddies, this is the place. And guess what? Families like it too ’cause there’s something for everyone!

The best part? It’s right here in Steubenville! It’s easy to find and a neat place to meet up with friends. So next time you’re thinking, “Where should we go to eat?” remember Applebee’s might just be the perfect pick!

History of Applebee’s in Steubenville

Applebee’s opened its doors in Steubenville a while back and it quickly became a favorite. It was exciting when it first came to town. People were talking about it and couldn’t wait to try it.

The restaurant made a name for itself because it’s a friendly spot. It’s got this warm feeling that makes you feel at home. Plus, the workers there always greet you with a smile.

Over the years, Applebee’s in Steubenville saw a lot of birthdays, celebrations, and even just regular days. It’s turned into a special part of the community.

They like to give back too. Applebee’s has helped with community events and supports local things. It’s not just a place to eat, but a place that cares about Steubenville.

So, this hangout with the red apple sign has a lot of stories. It’s more than a restaurant; it’s where good times and good food come together. That’s the story of Applebee’s in Steubenville.

Origins of the Franchise

Long ago, Applebee’s made its home in Steubenville. It started as a small restaurant but quickly became a favorite. People liked it because it felt like home, with friendly faces all around.

The town was buzzing when Applebee’s first opened. Everyone wanted to try it! Families and friends would get together there. They loved the mouth-watering dishes and the cozy feel of the place.

Applebee’s in Steubenville isn’t just a restaurant, it’s a part of the town’s story. It’s been around for years, watching the town change and grow. But one thing stays the same – the joy of sharing a meal at Applebee’s.

Establishment in Steubenville

Applebee’s in Steubenville has a special menu that everyone loves. It has tasty eats like burgers and salads. Kids get to pick from their own fun menu too!

The workers at Applebee’s are like neighbors. They laugh and tell stories, making everyone feel welcome. When you walk in, they greet you with a big smile.

Birthdays at Applebee’s are the best! They sing to you and make you feel extra special. It’s a place where memories are made.

Applebee’s also helps the city. They support schools and sports teams. That’s why people in Steubenville think of Applebee’s as a good friend.

Applebee’s Impact on Local Economy

Applebee’s in Steubenville is not just a place to eat. It helps the town by giving people jobs. When folks work, they can buy things they need. This is good for all the stores in Steubenville.

When people eat at Applebee’s, they pay taxes on their food. This money helps build things like parks and roads. It makes Steubenville a better place to live.

Applebee’s also brings people from nearby towns to Steubenville. When visitors come, they might shop in other places too. This is great for all the businesses around.

Sometimes, Applebee’s has deals that help you save money. Like ‘Kids Eat Free’ nights. Families can have a good meal without spending a lot. This means they have more money for other stuff.

Job Creation

Applebee’s brings more than just food to Steubenville. It creates jobs for people in the city. Lots of moms and dads work there to make money for their families.

When Applebee’s is busy, it’s good for shops nearby. People who eat at Applebee’s might shop before or after dinner. So, other stores get customers too!

The restaurant also buys from local farms sometimes. That means farmers get to sell their veggies and fruits. This helps them make a living.

Sometimes Applebee’s has special days where they give money to help people. They might help fix a park or give food to people who need it. That’s a big help to our town.

Applebee’s gives kids places to hang out after school. They can have a snack and chill with friends. That’s way better than hanging out on the street!

When visitors come to Steubenville, they see Applebee’s and know it’s a place to eat. That means more people come to our city. Visitors help the city’s money grow.

Even the city gets help from Applebee’s. The restaurant pays taxes. That money can go to fixing roads or helping schools. So, when we eat at Applebee’s, we help our city too!

Community Involvement

Applebee’s in Steubenville also uses a lot of things to make their meals. They buy things like napkins, soap, and cleaning stuff. Local businesses sell these things, so they make money when Applebee’s buys from them.

The workers at Applebee’s also spend their paychecks. They buy things like clothes, games, and food. This means more money goes into the city.

When people have parties or meetings, they sometimes do it at Applebee’s. This makes it busy, which is good for the workers there. Busy times mean more tips for the servers.

Young people can learn to work at Applebee’s too. They get their first job and learn to be responsible. It’s a good start for kids in Steubenville.

With Applebee’s around, new restaurants might open too. They see Applebee’s doing well and want to be part of that. More restaurants mean more choices for us to eat out.

In the fall, Applebee’s is a cool place to watch football with friends. People spend money on snacks and drinks. It’s fun, and it also helps our town.

Sometimes, Applebee’s has deals where if you bring in a flyer, they give some money to schools. That means just by eating out, we can help buy books or sports gear for students.

Comparison with Other Local Businesses

Applebee’s in Steubenville pays taxes to the city. This is money the city uses to fix roads and help schools. It’s an important part of how the city keeps everything running well.

People from other places sometimes come to Applebee’s. This is because they hear it is a nice place to eat. When they visit, they might also shop at other places in Steubenville, which is great for the city.

Applebee’s also supports local events. They might give food for a big sports game or a school event. This is their way of saying thank you to the community for supporting them.

The restaurant uses a lot of food like veggies, meat, and bread. They try to buy this food from nearby farms and stores. This way, the money they spend helps people close to Steubenville.

Lastly, when new people move to Steubenville, they often eat at places like Applebee’s. It helps them feel more at home. Having places to eat together makes our community stronger and friendlier.

Customer Experiences at Steubenville’s Applebee’s

People who eat at Applebee’s in Steubenville like the food a lot. They enjoy the burgers and chicken tenders. Kids get to pick from a fun menu just for them.

The servers at Applebee’s are friendly. They make sure everyone has what they need. This makes families want to come back again.

Some customers say Applebee’s has good deals. The prices are not too high. This means families can go out to eat without spending too much money.

Birthdays at Applebee’s are fun. They sing a song and make the birthday person feel special. Friends like to celebrate there.

Applebee’s has lots of TVs. People come to watch sports with their friends. They cheer for their favorite teams together.

When the weather is nice, people can eat outside. Applebee’s has tables under the sun. It feels good to eat in the fresh air.

Menu Favorites

Families like to go to Applebee’s in Steubenville for dinner. Kids can pick meals from a special menu just for them. Everyone can find something they like.

Some teens have their birthday parties there. Applebee’s makes them feel grown-up with their own tables and treats.

People talk about their meals at Applebee’s. They say the ribs and burgers are really good. So are the milkshakes!

When teams win games, they sometimes go to Applebee’s to celebrate. The servers will cheer with them. It makes the win more fun.

Applebee’s has a day when kids eat for less money. Moms and dads are happy to save money and have a night off from cooking.

Service Quality

Folks around Steubenville say the folks who work at Applebee’s are nice. They bring your food fast and always have smiles.

People also like to watch sports at Applebee’s. They have lots of TVs that show football or basketball games.

Some people go to Applebee’s just for dessert. They love the Triple Chocolate Meltdown and the Blue Ribbon Brownie.

Older folks enjoy going early for Dinner. They say the place is quieter and they get good deals on their meals.

Applebee’s is on Mall Drive. It’s easy to find and there’s lots of parking for cars. Here’s where you can learn more:

Atmosphere and Ambience

Friends like to meet at Applebee’s after work. They say it’s a good spot to relax and talk.

Kids get to eat for cheap on Tuesdays. Families think that’s great because they can save money.

Some customers say the burgers are really tasty. They like the big selection Applebee’s offers.

When it’s someone’s birthday, the staff sings. This makes the birthday person feel special.

Applebee’s has a menu for people who want to eat healthy stuff. Customers like having these choices.

People say the inside of Applebee’s looks nice and clean. This makes them enjoy their meals more.


If you live in Steubenville, Ohio, or are just visiting, you might want to go to Applebee’s. It’s a cool place to eat and hang out.

Applebee’s has deals that help moms and dads pay less money for food. This means family dinners can happen more often without spending a lot.

Everybody seems to have something nice to say about Applebee’s. It’s like a fun place in town to have a good time.

So, the next time you’re thinking of where to eat, remember Applebee’s in Steubenville. You’re probably going to have a blast and enjoy some yummy food too!