Steubenville Hospital

Steubenville Hospital is like a big heart in the middle of our town. It’s where people from Steubenville, Ohio, and nearby places come when they need medical help. Doctors, nurses, and lots of other helpers work there to make sure everyone gets the care they need.

At Steubenville Hospital, they don’t just help when you’re sick. They also teach people how to stay healthy. Like how eating veggies and playing outside can keep your heart happy. It’s a place where health and learning come together.

This hospital is special because it’s been around for a long time. It has grown and changed just like our town. From small boo-boos to big ouchies, Steubenville Hospital is where our families, friends, and neighbors go when they need a helping hand.

History and Background

Long ago, Steubenville Hospital started as a small building where only a few doctors worked. It was the first place in town where people went when they were hurt or sick. Over time, it got bigger and bigger because more people needed help.

The hospital has a story for every year it’s been here. It was once the only spot around for miles where moms could go to have their babies safely. People remember it as a place that has always been there for them.

Years passed, and the hospital got new tools and machines. It learned new ways to fix hurts and fight sickness. Each time the hospital learned something new, it meant it could help our town even better.

Establishment and Growth

Long ago, when Steubenville was much younger, there was a need for a place to take care of sick folks. That’s how the Steubenville Hospital started. Think of it like a tiny seed that was planted and grew into a big tree. Over the years, it has helped many people feel better.

The hospital didn’t always look like it does now. It began as just a few rooms. But as more people came to live in Steubenville, the hospital got bigger. They added more rooms, equipment, and smart doctors. It’s like the hospital grew up with the city around it.

Many important people worked hard to build the hospital. They wanted to make sure that anyone who was hurt or felt ill could find help. It’s cool how a lot of people from our past helped to make the hospital a happy and safe place for all of us now.

The Steubenville Hospital is full of stories. If walls could talk, they would tell you about the first baby born there or the time they got new machines that could look inside your body. It’s not just a building, it’s a place where lots of people’s lives have gotten better.

Major Contributions to Steubenville

Way back, a few kind people saw that folks getting sick needed a place to go. So, they worked together to open the first hospital in Steubenville. It was like a helping hand for the whole town.

Over time, as the city got busier, the hospital had to grow too. They brought in fancy tools to help check on your heart and even take pictures of your bones!

Every year, the hospital threw its doors open wider, letting in more nurses and doctors. They all had one big goal: to make sure you could get a bandage, a check-up, or even a surgery if you needed it.

Can you believe that the hospital was once just a couple of small buildings? Now, it’s like a giant maze with hallways that lead to all kinds of rooms where they work on making people healthy.

It’s been a long time, but the heart of the hospital remains the same: helping others. It’s like a superhero that’s always there, standing strong in Steubenville, ready to save the day.

Historical Milestones

The Steubenville hospital didn’t just pop up overnight. It started more than a hundred years ago! Imagine living back when there were no cars zooming by.

Think about the doctors and nurses from long ago. They wore funny-looking outfits and didn’t have the cool gadgets we have today. But they cared a lot about making sick people feel better.

In the beginning, the hospital was just a few rooms. Today, it’s a big building with a lot of beds where many sick folks can rest and get help at the same time.

The hospital’s name has changed a few times over the years. It’s like when someone gets a new nickname that everyone starts to use. Even with new names, the hospital always had the same mission: to care for everyone in Steubenville.

The hospital has seen good days and tough days, just like a person. But every step of the way, it has been a friend to the community. It’s not just a place, it’s a piece of Steubenville’s history.

Healthcare Services and Departments

Today, Steubenville’s hospital is full of different areas where doctors help people feel better. One area is called the emergency room. This is where you would go if you hurt yourself really bad or are super sick and need help fast.

There are also parts of the hospital where doctors help folks get over being sick or having surgery. These are called inpatient areas. It’s like staying in a hotel, but the staff are there to make sure you get the right medicine and care.

Some parts of the hospital are just for special check-ups, like when you need to make sure your heart is working right or to get a broken arm fixed. These places are called outpatient departments. You don’t stay overnight, but you get the help you need and then go home.

Doctors and nurses also teach people how to stay healthy so they don’t get sick. They give shots to stop the flu and other bad illnesses from spreading and check kids to make sure they are growing right.

At Steubenville hospital, there’s a spot for having babies, too. It’s a happy place where new moms and dads meet their little ones for the first time. Nurses are there to make sure everyone is safe and sound.

If you want to know more about what kind of help you can get at the hospital, you can visit their website. Just click on this link:, and you’ll find lots of info.

Specialty Units

At Steubenville hospital, you’ll find many different departments working like a team. It’s like having a bunch of superheroes, each with their own special power to help you feel better.

When someone breaks a bone or needs a check-up, they go to emergency services. Think of it as the front door to the hospital where the most urgent care happens.

If you hear the word ‘surgery’, that’s the place where doctors fix problems inside your body. They might take out something that shouldn’t be there or mend things that are broken.

There is a special area for heart health, too. It’s all about keeping that ticker in your chest going strong. The heart doctors are like mechanics for your body’s engine.

Babies are born in the maternity ward. It’s a cozy spot where new moms get care and families welcome their tiniest members with love and joy.

They also have a department for patients who need to stay longer. It’s called ‘inpatient care’. Patients get their own room and care around the clock until they’re ready to go home.

And let’s not forget about the pharmacy. It’s like a treasure chest full of medicines that help heal all kinds of sicknesses.

To learn more about the help you can get at Steubenville hospital, check out their website. Just click on this link:

Outpatient Services

Imagine your body is a machine. Sometimes, it needs a little tune-up. That’s what physical therapists do. They work with you to make your muscles and joints move better.

If you have trouble breathing or have asthma, the respiratory department is there for you. They’re like coaches for your lungs, teaching you how to breathe easy.

When kids get sick, they don’t go to just any doctor. They have their own place at Steubenville hospital. It’s called pediatrics and the doctors there know all about making kids better.

Scared of needles? Blood tests can be a little scary, but they help doctors learn a lot about your health. That’s what the lab does. They’re really good at figuring out what your body needs to get well.

If you’re not sure what kind of doctor you need, there are people to help. They are called ‘nurses’. Nurses are the superheroes who work with all the doctors to make sure you get the best care.

When you or someone you love can’t remember things well, the hospital has experts for that. They work in a place called ‘geriatrics’. They help older people stay healthy and happy.

Teeth are important too, right? That’s why there’s a dental department. They work on keeping your smile bright and your teeth strong.

All these people are there at Steubenville hospital to help. If you want to know more about how they can help you or your family, visit their website. Here’s the link:

Emergency Care

Going to the hospital can be for happy times too, like when a baby is born. That part of the hospital is called ‘obstetrics’. They make sure moms and their new babies are healthy and safe.

If someone breaks a bone or has joint pain, they can visit the ‘orthopedics’ department. The doctors and nurses there know how to fix bones and make sure you can move easily again.

Having healthy eyes is really important. At the hospital, there is an ‘ophthalmology’ department. The eye doctors there help you see better and take care of your eyes.

When your skin, hair, or nails have problems, you would go to the ‘dermatology’ department. They are like detectives finding out what’s wrong and how to make you look and feel good again.

If you need help with your heart, you’ll visit ‘cardiology’. These doctors are heart experts. They work hard to keep your heart beating strong.

For people who need medicine, the hospital has a special pharmacy. Here, they mix medicines that help you feel better. Remember, only doctors can tell you which medicine you need.

If someone is very sick and needs to stay at the hospital for a long time, they go to ‘intensive care’. It’s a special area with lots of machines and doctors who take extra special care of them.

If you ever get hurt and need help right away, you’d go to ’emergency’. They are very fast and work on making sure you’re okay as soon as you get there.

Community Impact and Outreach Programs

The Steubenville hospital cares a lot about the community. They know being healthy isn’t just about medicine. It’s about helping people in other ways too.

One cool thing they do is teach kids how to eat healthy. They visit schools and show kids which foods are good for them and why it’s important to eat fruits and veggies.

They also help people who don’t have a lot of money. The hospital has programs that give free health check-ups. This helps everyone stay healthy, even if they can’t afford to go to the doctor.

During the holidays, the hospital staff collect toys and clothes. They give these gifts to families who need a little extra help. It makes the holidays happier for everyone.

When it’s really cold outside, the hospital opens its doors. They let people come in to get warm. They even give out hot drinks and blankets to keep everyone cozy.

The hospital knows that exercise is good for your body. They set up fun runs and walks for the whole city. It’s a way for people to get moving and have fun with their neighbors.

They haven’t forgotten about the older folks either. The hospital has special days when they check on the elderly. They make sure they’re doing okay and help with any problems they might have.

To learn more about the community programs at Steubenville hospital, you can visit their website. Click here to find out how you can join in or get help.

Health Education Initiatives

Hospitals do more than take care of people when they’re sick. In Steubenville, OH, our hospital helps the whole community. They have programs to teach people how to stay healthy.

The hospital holds events where doctors talk to people about eating right and exercising. They explain why it’s good for our hearts and bodies. People can ask questions and learn a lot.

They also have programs for kids to learn about health. Kids can visit the hospital and see how doctors and nurses help patients. This helps kids not be scared of going to the hospital.

Every year, the hospital gives free flu shots to people. This helps everyone, especially older people and kids, to not get sick in the winter.

Hospitals collect blood too. They have blood drives where people can donate blood. This blood can save lives if someone is in an accident or needs surgery.

They work with schools to check kids’ hearing and eyes. If a kid has trouble hearing or seeing, the hospital helps them get glasses or hearing aids.

For people who don’t have much money, the hospital has special days where they can get check-ups for free or at a low cost. It’s important that everyone gets to see a doctor.

Hospitals also teach classes for people who are going to be parents. They learn about taking care of babies so the little ones can grow up healthy and strong.

Sometimes, they even bring therapy dogs to visit patients. The dogs make people smile and feel happier when they’re in the hospital.

The Steubenville hospital works hard to make sure the people in our city are healthy and happy. They’re not just there for when we’re sick, but also to help us stay well every day.

Partnerships with Local Organizations

Steubenville Hospital knows that clean hands stop germs. So, they visit schools to teach kids how to wash their hands right. Washing with soap for 20 seconds gets hands super clean!

The hospital cares about our teeth too. They have days where dentists teach kids about brushing and flossing. They even give out free toothbrushes and toothpaste.

In the summer, the hospital has a big health fair. People can try fun exercises and learn to cook healthy food. There’s even a place for kids to play games and win prizes.

Adults get help at the hospital with smoking. The hospital has special classes to help people quit smoking. This helps make our air cleaner and our lungs happier.

When someone’s feeling very sad or worried, the hospital has people to talk to. These helpers teach ways to feel better and not so stressed.

Steubenville Hospital cares a lot about babies. They help moms learn to feed their babies in the best way. They show them how it keeps babies healthy and helps them grow up big and strong.

They also help our grandparents and older friends. The hospital visits places where they live to check their health. This way, the doctors and nurses can catch any problems early.

The hospital teams up with firefighters and police to teach us about being safe. They show us how to use seat belts and why we shouldn’t play with matches or guns.

When there’s a big problem like a flood or storm, the hospital helps out a lot. They make sure people who are hurt get cared for. They also give out things like blankets and water.

Steubenville Hospital is like a superhero for health. They have many ways to keep us all feeling great, all year round. They’re a big part of our lives in Steubenville, OH.

Charitable Activities

Our hospital in Steubenville, OH goes beyond its doors to make sure everyone learns how to stay healthy. They hold events in parks where families can come to play and learn at the same time.

Kids love the teddy bear clinic. They bring their stuffed animals and learn how to take care of them. It’s a fun way for kids to not be scared of doctors.

The hospital also gives out helmets to kids for free. They teach us why we should wear helmets when riding bikes or skateboards to keep our heads safe.

They have a big bus that goes around town. The bus is like a moving doctor’s office! It stops at schools and places where people need check-ups but can’t get to the hospital.

People who have trouble seeing get help too. The hospital checks their eyes and can give glasses if they need them. This helps kids read better in school and adults drive safely.

They also teach us about eating veggies and fruits. Sometimes they even bring fresh food for families to take home.

For grown-ups, there are talks about how to stay strong and fit. They learn exercises they can do even sitting down.

The hospital has days when they let people come and see what a hospital job is like. This can help kids think about being doctors or nurses when they grow up.

When the weather gets cold, the hospital shares coats and gloves to keep us warm. This helps everyone play outside without getting too cold.

Steubenville Hospital is always looking for new ways to keep us smiling and well. They pick different things each month to talk about, like heart health or stopping bullies.

They really listen to what we need. If a lot of people are talking about something, like ticks in the summer, they give out tips and help about that.


Steubenville Hospital is not just a place to get better when you’re sick. It’s a friend to our city. It helps us learn how to stay safe and healthy.

The people at the hospital work hard to make sure we know how to take care of ourselves. They give us the tools and teach us what to do.

Remember to say thank you to the doctors and nurses you meet. They’re the heroes who keep us all running and playing every day.

If you or someone you know needs help, don’t be afraid to ask them. They’re here to help us all, no matter how big or small our problems are.

We’re lucky to have a hospital like this in Steubenville, OH. It’s more than just a building, it’s a big heart in our community.