Best Hotels In Wheeling Wv

Wheeling, West Virginia, is a hidden gem nestled in the Ohio Valley. With its rich history and scenic views, it’s a perfect spot for travelers looking for a unique experience. When visiting, you’ll need a comfy place to stay. That’s why we’re talking about the best hotels in Wheeling, WV!

Whether you’re in town for fun or here on business, the right hotel can make your trip even better. There are places with awesome pools, cozy beds, and breakfasts that feel like home. We’ll help you find a hotel that fits your style and budget.

From fancy places with big city vibes to family-friendly spots with cool stuff for kids, Wheeling has it all. We can’t wait to share our top picks for the best hotels in town. Get ready to pack your bags for an unforgettable stay in Wheeling, West Virginia!

Top Accommodations in Wheeling, WV

If you want a place that feels fancy, check out the McLure Hotel. It’s got a cool history and is right in downtown. You can walk to lots of neat places from here.

Another great hotel is the Hampton Inn Wheeling. Guests love the free hot breakfast and the cool indoor pool. It’s a spot that’s both fun and relaxing.

For a hotel that’s nice on your wallet, try the Super 8 by Wyndham Wheeling. It’s clean and comfy, and you still get free breakfast. It’s close to the highway, too, so it’s easy to get around.

SpringHill Suites by Marriott is perfect for families. The rooms are big and have sofa beds. Plus, they have a pool and free breakfast!

If you like being near the water, check out the Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack. It’s not just for grown-ups – there’s lots of fun stuff for kids too. And it’s on an island, which is pretty cool!

The Oglebay Resort and Conference Center is great if you want to be surrounded by nature. They’ve got golf, a zoo, and lots of hiking trails. It’s a bit pricier, but it’s like a mini-vacation within your vacation.

Remember, when you pick a hotel, think about what matters most to you. Do you want a place that’s close to fun things? Or do you need a spot that’s quiet and chill? Wheeling, WV has hotels for all kinds of trips!

To book a room or learn more about these hotels, just visit their websites. You can see pictures and find out what other travelers thought. Happy hotel hunting in Wheeling!

Luxury Stays

If you’re looking for a hotel with a little bit of everything, the McLure Hotel is a great choice. Right in the heart of downtown, it’s close to lots of fun activities. The hotel is old but has lots of charm and a cool history.

Do you love being near the water? Then check out the Hampton Inn Wheeling. It’s not far from the Ohio River, and it has a pool and a hot tub. Guests love the free breakfast and say the beds are super comfy.

For those who need space to spread out, SpringHill Suites by Marriott is perfect. They offer suites that are bigger than regular hotel rooms. Plus, they have an indoor pool and free breakfast, which is always a hit with families.

Are you traveling with a pet? The Highlands is pet-friendly, so your furry friends can come along. It’s also right by lots of shops and restaurants, making it super convenient for everyone.

If you’re into fitness, the Fairfield Inn & Suites has a great gym. You can workout before exploring the city. And when you’re ready to relax, the rooms are quiet and comfy—a nice place to chill after a busy day.

Sometimes, you just want a place that feels like home. The Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack offers that plus a little extra fun. It’s got games and live shows, so you can play and watch without even going outside!

Remember to check out the websites for these hotels to find the best deals and see more pictures. You can visit the McLure Hotel at, the Hampton Inn Wheeling at, and the other hotels have their own websites too. Have a great trip to Wheeling, WV!

Boutique Experiences

Looking for a cozy stay? The Wheeling Inn is a warm place that feels like a second home. People like the friendly staff and the clean rooms. It’s also easy on the wallet, which is great for saving money for other fun stuff.

Want something a bit fancier? The Oglebay Resort & Conference Center is a bit outside the city, but it’s worth the drive. This place has golf courses and a zoo. Staying here is like a mini-vacation in itself.

The Sleep Inn & Suites is another spot that gets thumbs up from visitors. It’s modern and has all the things you need. A lot of people say the breakfast is tasty, and they have free Wi-Fi, so you can stay connected.

If you’re into shopping, the Suburban Extended Stay Hotel is next to the Ohio Valley Mall. You can shop till you drop and not worry about a long trip back to your room. Plus, they have kitchens in the rooms so you can cook your own meals.

Don’t forget to see all the details about these hotels online. You might find special offers or packages that make your stay even better. Safe travels and enjoy your visit to Wheeling, WV!

Budget-Friendly Options

The Hampton Inn Wheeling is a hit with families and business travelers. With an indoor pool and free breakfast, it’s got everything for a comfy stay. Guests love the clean rooms and say the staff makes you feel welcome.

For a historic twist, check out The McLure Hotel & Suites. It’s been around since 1852! People talk about its charming character and how it’s close to cool stuff in downtown Wheeling. Plus, they sometimes have deals that make it a real steal.

There’s also the SpringHill Suites by Marriott. This is a newer hotel with a lot of space in their rooms. Visitors like the modern look and say the free breakfast has lots of choices. Free Wi-Fi is a bonus for everyone.

Looking to stay a while? The Candlewood Suites St. Clairsville is not far from Wheeling. They offer rooms with full kitchens and a guest laundry. It’s perfect if you need a place that feels like an apartment.

When you pick a hotel, check out the reviews online. And look for any deals they might have on their websites. It’s a good way to make sure you get a top place to stay in Wheeling, WV without any surprises.

Amenities and Services Unique to Wheeling Hotels

Have you heard of Oglebay Resort? It’s a gem in Wheeling with its very own golf courses and zoo. Yep, there’s actually a zoo there! If you’re into golfing or want to see some animals, this spot is perfect. Plus, they have a bunch of pools and restaurants right on the property.

Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack is another unique pick. If you’re feeling lucky, you can play some games at the casino. They’ve got live dog races too if that’s your thing. Guests say the rooms are super nice and the food at the restaurants is yummy.

For something fancy, try the Wilson Lodge at Oglebay. People can’t stop talking about the awesome spa. They also have an indoor pool and lots of trails for walking or biking. It’s like a little escape in the hills of West Virginia!

If you like shopping, check places near The Highlands shopping complex. Some hotels offer free shuttles to take you there and back. So, you can shop all day without worrying about your ride!

Remember, the best hotels have cool stuff you don’t always find at other places. So think about what you want to do when you visit Wheeling, WV. Whether it’s playing golf, splashing in a pool, or trying your luck at the casino, you can find a hotel that’s got it all!

Local Attractions and Proximity

Wheeling Park is a favorite spot for families and friends to hang out. It’s not too far from some neat hotels. There’s a big swimming pool and an ice-skating rink that’s open year-round. You can even play mini-golf or ride pedal boats in the summer.

Just across the river, in Ohio, people love visiting Steubenville for the murals. The city walls tell stories with colorful paintings. It’s a super short drive from Wheeling, and some hotels might even help you plan a little trip there.

Want to catch a show? The Capitol Theatre in Wheeling hosts tons of concerts and events. It’s in the downtown area, so staying at a nearby hotel means you can walk to the theatre. Guests often say it’s neat to have entertainment so close by.

Sports fans will appreciate WesBanco Arena, home to hockey games and lots of other sports action. It’s right in the center of Wheeling, so if you pick a hotel downtown, you’re pretty much set. Some places even let you see the arena from your room window!

The city of Weirton, WV, is just up the road, and it’s got the Weirton Area Museum and Cultural Center. It’s a cool place to learn about local history. Hotels in Wheeling are close enough to make a day trip out of it.

So, stay in a hotel that gives you easy access to all the fun spots. It’s all about the location, so you can do more stuff with less travel time!

Historical Landmarks

Want to walk around and soak in some history? Wheeling’s got you covered! Check out the Victorian Old Town. It’s not far from several hotels. The buildings are really old and pretty, and they can tell stories from way back in the day.

Got kids or just love animals? Good news, the Good Zoo at Oglebay is just the place. It’s short drive from downtown hotels. They’ve got all sorts of animals and even some cool train rides.

Love being on the water? Wheeling’s got the Ohio River. You can take boat tours and see the city from a whole new angle. Plus, the river’s so peaceful, it’s a great way to chill out.

Fancy a show? Check out Capitol Theatre. It’s close to some of the best Wheeling hotels. They have concerts, plays, and more. It’s a really fancy old building that makes everything feel special.

Sporty folks listen up! WesBanco Arena is where it’s at for hockey games. If you’re visiting in winter and looking for a hotel, pick one close to the arena. You can catch a Wheeling Nailers game and have a blast.

Are you into learning new things? The Wheeling Artisan Center is super close to a bunch of hotels. They’ve got exhibitions and shops with local art and crafts. It’s a fun spot to pick up something unique.

If you’re into history, you’ll want to stay near the Independence Hall. It’s where West Virginia became a state. The hotels around here put you right in the middle of history.

Remember, when you’re in Wheeling, staying near these attractions can make your trip even cooler. You’ll find plenty of hotels with awesome features, close to all the fun stuff to see and do!

Outdoor Activities

Wanna see a super old bridge? The Wheeling Suspension Bridge is a big deal. It was like, the biggest suspension bridge in the world when they built it. If you pick a hotel around downtown, you’re super close to it!

If you’re into fancy houses, check out the Oglebay Resort. It’s a few miles from downtown Wheeling. They have a big mansion, glass museum, and even golf courses. It’s like a fancy getaway spot.

Shopping time! Head to the Highlands. It’s a shopping area with a bunch of stores and a movie theater. It’s not too far from some hotels in Wheeling. You can shop, eat, and watch movies all in one place.

Feeling lucky? Try the Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack. It’s right in Wheeling, so you don’t have to travel far. They’ve got games, races, and shows. Hotels nearby let you stay close to the action.

If you’re into weird science stuff, check out the SMART Centre Market. They’ve got science toys and gadgets. It’s not far from a bunch of Wheeling hotels. You can learn some science while you shop.

Got a thing for plants? Visit the Oglebay Institute’s Mansion Museum and Glass Museum. They’re set in a big park with lots of flowers and trees. If you stay at a hotel near Oglebay Park, nature’s right outside your door.

Wheeling Park is another cool spot. They have ice-skating, swimming, and mini-golf. If your hotel is near this park, you can go have fun anytime you want.

When picking the best hotels in Wheeling, WV, think about what you wanna do. Stay close to the attractions that excite you the most. That way, your vacation is full of the stuff you love, just a hop, skip, and a jump away!

Shopping and Dining

Are you into history? Fort Henry is a super important place in Wheeling. It’s where big battles happened a long time ago. You can find hotels nearby so you can explore all the cool old stuff.

Like animals? The Good Zoo at Oglebay is awesome. They have animals from all over the place. If you stay in a hotel around Oglebay, the zoo is just a short trip away!

Do you dig trains? Check out the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum. They’ve got all kinds of toy trains and games. Some hotels are super close, so you can go play and learn about trains anytime.

Looking for a show? The Capitol Theatre has plays, concerts, and even ballet. It’s right in the middle of downtown Wheeling. If you book a hotel downtown, you’re practically next door to the theatre!

Love being on the water? Take a riverboat cruise on the Ohio River. It’s a chill way to see the city from a different view. Some of the best hotels are along the river, so you can walk to the boat dock easy-peasy.

Art lovers listen up! The Stifel Fine Arts Center has lots of cool art stuff. It’s not too far from downtown hotels, so you can get your art fix and then relax in your comfy hotel room.

Adventure more your thing? Bike or walk the Wheeling Heritage Trail. It follows the river for miles. Stay in a hotel close to the trail and you’ve got instant access to fresh air and exercise.

Remember, when you’re hunting for the perfect hotel in Wheeling, WV, think about all these fun spots. You’ll want a place that’s near everything you’re excited to check out. Make sure your stay is just as cool as your adventures!


Picking a great hotel in Wheeling, WV, means you’re close to all the action. No matter what you like to do, there’s a comfy bed and warm room waiting for you nearby.

After a big day of fun, like seeing a cool play or checking out the zoo, you get to kick back in your hotel. Maybe it’s one with a pool or a place to grab a snack. How awesome is that?

Just remember, the best hotel for you depends on what you love to do. It’s like picking the best slice of pizza – you know what toppings you like best!

So when you’re ready to book, think about what you’re gonna do in Wheeling. Want to walk to the theatre? Stay downtown. Love the outdoors? Find a hotel by the trail or the river.

Oh, and if you need help finding these hotels, you can always search online. There are websites with lists and reviews to help you choose. Just type in what you’re looking for. It’s that easy!

Have a blast in Wheeling, and make sure your hotel stay is just as memorable as your adventures. Sweet dreams!