Best Bars In Wheeling Wv

Looking for an awesome place to hang with friends in Wheeling, WV? You’ve hit the jackpot with this jam-packed guide on the best bars in town! Whether you’re after a chill vibe to kick back and chat or a lively spot to dance the night away, we’ve got you covered.

Wheeling is filled with cool bars that offer delicious drinks and great times. Picture this: you, your pals, and a cozy booth or a breezy patio spot, perfect for making memories. And get this, each bar has its own unique style and specialities, so every visit is a new adventure.

From classic pubs that feel like a second home to trendy lounges where the party never stops, there’s a spot for every mood. So, get ready to explore the local scene and find your new favorite hangout!

Best Bars in Wheeling, WV: A Local’s Guide

One of the top spots to check out is the legendary Brew Keeper. It’s not just a bar; it’s a local hangout where the beer flows and the stories are as rich as the history of Wheeling itself. The Brew Keeper has a fantastic selection of craft beers that’ll knock your socks off!

Then there’s The Glassworks Grill, part of the famous Oglebay Resort. This place isn’t your average bar. It’s a hit with both visitors and locals, serving up tasty food with your drinks. Imagine sipping a cold one while enjoying views of the stunning resort grounds.

Don’t miss out on Later Alligator, either. It’s got a funky vibe that’s all its own. They mix up some wicked cocktails and the music is always just right. Plus, their menu is full of yummy bites that are perfect for sharing with your buddies.

Looking for a place with history? Check out The Alpha. It’s been around for ages and has a warm, welcoming feel. The beer garden is the perfect spot to relax on a nice day. And the best part? Their prices won’t empty your wallet!

If live music is your jam, then head on over to River City. They’ve got bands that’ll keep your toes tapping all night long. The crowd is always friendly, and it’s a sure bet for a fun time.

Lastly, don’t skip out on visiting the Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack. Sure, it’s known for gaming, but their bars are a win-win. The place is buzzing with excitement, and the drinks are always just right.

So, there you have it! Wheeling’s got a bar scene that’s as varied as it is exciting. Whatever your style, you’ll find a place that feels just right. Grab your friends and make your way to one of these awesome bars tonight!

Craft Beer Havens

One top pick is The Later Gator, where the atmosphere is as funky as the menu. It’s in downtown Wheeling, making it super easy to get to. They mix up some mean cocktails and the Cajun food is the talk of the town!

Brewing up good times, the Wheeling Brewing Company is a must-visit. Craft beer lovers, this one’s for you! With their own beers made right there and a menu of tasty bites, it’s a winner for a chill night out.

Next up is Generations Restaurant & Pub. They’ve got a huge outdoor patio and live music often. It’s the ideal spot to enjoy the fresh air and some rockin’ tunes. Plus, they serve up some delicious pub grub.

If you’re into sports, then you’ll love Vagabond Kitchen. They’re all about good food, cool vibes, and lots of TVs for game day. You won’t miss a play, and with their yummy eats, you won’t leave hungry either.

For a touch of history with your brew, visit the legendary Alpha Tavern. It’s been around since the 1930s! They’ve got a cozy feel, classic bar games, and a bunch of stories within its walls. It’s like a trip back in time!

Last but not least, Uncle Pete’s is where to head for a laid-back evening. It’s a bit tucked away but finding it is part of the fun. With friendly folks and plenty of drink choices, it’s a top spot for locals.

So there you have it, a peek at some of Wheeling’s best bars. Each has their own cool factor and is waiting for you to drop by. Cheers to good times in Wheeling!

Cocktail Lounges

Let’s talk about River City. This place is not just a bar, it’s an experience. They have live bands that play super cool music. And the view of the river? Wow, it’s beautiful!

Then there’s Ye Olde Alpha. People of all ages hang out here. They have walls full of quirky stuff to look at. And the food? It’s as awesome as the vibe!

Don’t forget about The Nail. It’s kind of like a secret spot, but once you find it, you’ll want to go back. They do karaoke nights that are a blast. Singing and laughing with friends? Sign me up!

Now, if you want something really different, check out Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack. It’s not just for gambling. They have bars that make you feel fancy. It’s a cool place to feel like a big shot for the night.

And hey, Centre Market is a spot you should see. It’s not just one bar, it’s a few of them close together. You can hop from one to another and try different things. It’s perfect for when you can’t decide where to go.

Lastly, visiting The Cigar Bar is a must. It’s kind of classy and has a big selection of cigars. The drinks are top-notch too. It’s the right place to chill and feel a bit fancy.

So that’s the scoop on some sweet places in Wheeling to have a drink and a good time. Round up your friends and get ready to make some memories at these awesome spots. Have fun out there!

Live Music Spots

If you’re into sports, Generations Pub is the spot. They’ve got big screens everywhere, so you won’t miss a play. The crowd is fun, and folks get really into the games.

Looking for a chill place? Try Brew Keepers. They make their own beer, and it’s good stuff. It’s a cool place to learn about brewing, taste different beers, and hang with friends.

Bottle Works is another neat place to try out. It’s got a laid-back atmosphere, and they serve lots of craft beers. Plus, they have games like darts and pool to play while you hang out.

Have you heard of Later Alligator? It’s a bar with a twist. They serve up tasty crepes and have a funky, artsy feel. It’s a great spot for when you want something light to eat and a nice drink.

For a night with a little class, visit Vagabond Kitchen. They’ve got fancy cocktails and a cozy space. It’s a bit more upscale, so you can dress up and enjoy a fancy night out.

Quaker Steak & Lube is an awesome place, especially if you love cars and wings. The place is decorated like a garage, and the wings are legendary. Plus, they’ve got lots of drinks to choose from.

Remember, always have a plan to get home safe after enjoying these places. Have a blast checking out these bars in Wheeling, WV!

Why Wheeling’s Bar Scene Stands Out

Wheeling’s bar scene is special because there’s something for everyone. You can find a place that feels just right for your mood, anytime.

Uncle Pete’s is a must-visit. It’s cozy and the folks there are super friendly. They’ve got a mix of classic drinks and some new twists to try.

For music lovers, check out River City. They host live bands and it’s always a great time. People love to come here to dance and enjoy the tunes with a cold one in hand.

The Alpha is one of the oldest spots in town. It’s like stepping back in time with their old-school vibe. They’ve got a great selection of beers and the history there is pretty cool.

Centre Market is a neat area with a few different bars to hop between. There’s a little bit of everything, from fancy drinks to simple pints, plus good food nearby.

For those who like to get competitive, WesBanco Arena is near some bars where fans get together before and after games. It’s full of energy and team spirit.

When you’re exploring Wheeling’s bars, you’ll notice they have tons of character. Each place tells a story, from the walls to the drink menus. And the people—you’ll meet all kinds of characters who love to share stories.

Make sure you have a designated driver or use a service like Uber to get around safely. Wheeling’s bar scene is waiting for you to dive in and enjoy every moment. It’s a great way to make memories with old friends and new!

Historical Significance

Wheeling’s bar scene is pretty special because there’s a spot for everyone. No matter what you like, you can find a cool place here.

Want to listen to live music? Check out The Alpha Tavern. They have bands play often, and the energy is amazing. It’s perfect for music lovers.

For those who enjoy history, you can’t miss the Eckhart House. They serve tea and sometimes have music too. It’s a neat old house turned into a fun spot.

If you’re into trying different kinds of wines, there’s Good Mansion Wines. They do wine tastings and sell bottles so you can take your favorite home.

Like hanging out outside? River City Restaurant has a patio with a view of the Ohio River. It’s awesome for sunny days or pretty sunsets.

Don’t forget Uncle Pete’s! It’s a friendly tavern where everyone feels like they belong. Plus, they have great pub food to munch on.

Don’t drink? No worries! The Market Vines is a wine bar that also has coffee and non-alcoholic drinks. It’s cool for just hanging out and sipping on something tasty.

Wheeling has fun places that make its bar scene stand out. Next time you’re in town, give these spots a try and see for yourself!

Varied Nightlife Options

Are you into sports? Generations Pub is the place to be! With TVs everywhere, you won’t miss a second of the game. Fans love cheering on their teams here.

Those who dig craft beers should swing by Wheeling Brewing Company. You can taste beers made right here in Wheeling. They’ve got some unique flavors that are pretty cool.

Looking for a chill vibe? Centre Market’s Later Alligator has it. Their funky atmosphere and tasty bites make it a hit. It’s a fun joint with a menu that’s different.

If you’re all about the nightlife, Vagabond Kitchen turns into a happening spot. At night, the crowd gets lively and the place lights up with energy.

Grabbing a drink solo? The 19th Hole is welcoming and laid back. They’ve got a patio and sometimes live tunes. It’s easy to make friends here.

Feeling fancy? The Metropolitan Citi Grill has a swanky feel. With stylish decor and yummy cocktails, it feels like a big city bar. It’s a sweet place for a fancy night out.

Wheeling’s bars offer a cool mix for a memorable time out. From sports to craft beers, and chill spots to fancy sips, you’ll find a favorite place to hang.

Community Atmosphere

Wheeling has a secret spot called The Alpha. It’s not just a bar; it’s like a mini-museum for beer fans. The walls are covered with beer cans from the past. It’s a blast from the past and a great place to sip on a cold one.

The Nail City Record has a twist. It’s a record store with a bar inside. People come for the vinyls but stay for the drinks. It’s a cool mix that makes it stand out.

If you love the river, check out River City. They’ve got a deck with an awesome view of the water. It’s perfect for relaxing with a drink and watching boats go by.

West Virginia loves its karaoke, and The 1056 Lounge is the go-to spot. It’s got a super friendly crowd. You can sing your heart out or just enjoy others rocking the mic.

Bloch Brothers Tavern takes you back in time to the old days of Wheeling. It’s got history and charm, with an old-school bar feel. People love the hometown vibe you get while you’re there.

The bar scene in Wheeling is like a treasure map of cool places. Each spot has its own thing that makes it special. So, exploring the bars here is always an adventure.

Tips for Enjoying Nightlife in Wheeling

To really get the feel of Wheeling’s bar scene, start your evening at the Vagabond Kitchen. They have amazing food to pair with your drinks, which is a smart way to kick off your night.

Brew Keepers is the spot for local brew lovers. They make their own beer, and it’s a hit with the locals. Don’t miss out on their latest craft beer creations.

Generations Restaurant & Pub is known for their lively atmosphere. They often have live music or a DJ, which adds an extra spark to the night. It’s a great place to dance and meet new friends.

Looking for a cozy vibe? The Later Alligator is famous for its quirky decor and unique cocktails. It’s small, but that’s part of its charm. Perfect for close conversations and a chill night.

For a sports fan, nothing beats Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack. You can catch a game, try your luck at the slots, and enjoy a variety of drinks. It’s an all-in-one entertainment spot.

Lastly, don’t skip the Centre Market area. It has several bars close together, so it’s easy to bar-hop. Try out a few places and find your favorite!

Understanding Local Laws

Start your night off at Generations Restaurant & Pub. They’ve got yummy food to munch on and lots of drinks to choose from. It’s a hit with locals and a great spot to kick off the evening.

For live music fans, head to Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack. They have bands playing on some nights. You can enjoy the tunes, try your luck at the casino, or just hang out with friends.

Brew lovers, check out Centre Market. They have a place called Wheeling Brewing Company. It’s cool because they make their own beers. You can taste different kinds and find your favorite.

Looking for a chill vibe? Visit the Later Gator. They’ve got funky decorations and a laid-back atmosphere. Plus, there are lots of themed nights with fun drinks!

Ending the night? Uncle Pete’s is a classic dive bar that’s open late. It’s got a friendly crowd and is perfect for that one last drink before heading home.

Remember to have a plan to get home safely after enjoying the nightlife. Wheeling has options like cabs or ride-sharing services like Uber. Just open the app and get a safe ride home.

Transportation and Safety

Another great stop is The Alpha Tavern. They have pool tables and darts if you like games. The Alpha is a fun place with good vibes, and their wings are famous in Wheeling!

Want to dance? Try The Metropolitan Club. They’ve got a dance floor to show off your moves. You’ll find different kinds of music there, so everyone can enjoy.

If you’re into sports, check out JB’s Gentlemen’s Club. They have big TVs to watch games and a nice selection of drinks. It’s a good spot for sports fans to hang out.

Vagabond Kitchen is not just about food; they have unique cocktails too. The place is cozy, and the staff is super friendly. It’s perfect for talking and relaxing with friends.

Don’t forget, when you go out, make sure you have a plan for how to get back safely. Walking or a designated driver is smart if you’re staying close by. Enjoying the night is fun, but being safe is most important.

Seasonal Events and Specials

Wheeling has a lot of cool bars, and one to check out is Generations Pub. It’s a nice spot to chill with friends. They often have live music which makes for a great night out.

Breweries are trendy, and Wheeling Brewing Company is one of the best. Try their local beers. If you get hungry, they also serve up some tasty bites to eat.

If you’re looking for something quieter, River City is a good choice. They have a rooftop area where you can enjoy a drink and look at the views. It’s a bit more chill but still fun.

When you’re trying new drinks, remember it’s best to take it slow. Mixing too many types of drinks might make you feel sick. Stick to one kind of drink if you can.

Always have some cash on hand, because some places might not take cards. Also, tipping your bartender is a nice thing to do. They work hard to make sure you have a good time.

Before you go out, eat something! It helps you not get too tipsy, too fast. Plus, Wheeling has some great food to try before you hit the bars.

If meeting new people is your thing, go to Centre Market. It’s a historic area with a bunch of bars and cool people. You might make some new friends while you’re there.

Going out with your buddies is a blast, but make sure you all look out for each other. Stick together and make a plan in case someone gets lost. It’s better to be safe.

If you want more info on the best bars in Wheeling, check out this link for reviews and addresses.


Wheeling has bars for everyone, whether you want loud music or a quiet corner. Remember to pick a designated driver so everyone gets home safe.

Some bars might have special events like trivia nights or karaoke. These can be super fun with friends. Check social media or bar websites to find out what’s happening.

Lastly, exploring the bar scene in Wheeling can be a fun adventure. Be open to trying new spots and maybe you’ll find your new favorite hangout.