Best Lunch In Wheeling Wv

Wheeling, WV, is a hidden gem for food lovers. With a rich history and a cozy small-town feel, it’s packed with places that serve up some seriously tasty lunch options. Whether you’re craving classic American eats or something a bit more out-of-the-box, the lunch spots here will not disappoint.

Right in the heart of the Ohio Valley, Wheeling is the perfect stop for a midday meal that hits the spot. From the banks of the Ohio River to the quaint streets downtown, you’ll find local diners, charming cafes, and even food trucks that locals love and visitors must try.

So, let’s grab a bite and explore the flavors that make lunch in Wheeling one of the best parts of your day. You’re sure to find a spot that will make your taste buds thank you!

Top Eateries for a Midday Meal in Wheeling, WV

One popular spot is ‘The Soup Shack’, known for its hearty bowls and comfort food. Imagine sitting down to a warm soup and sandwich combo that feels like a hug from the inside. It’s a must-try for anyone in Wheeling at lunchtime.

For those who enjoy a good burger, ‘Avenue Eats’ is the place to be. Their menu is loaded with creative twists on the American classic. Plus, they use fresh, local ingredients. Your lunch break here would be both delicious and support local farmers!

Don’t miss out on ‘Later Alligator’. They specialize in crepes that will sweep your taste buds off their feet. Whether you go sweet or savory, this eatery offers a charming atmosphere that’s as delightful as their dishes.

If you’re short on time, ‘Tito’s Sloppy Doggs’ serves up quick bites that are anything but ordinary. Choose from their wide variety of hot dogs with toppings you never knew you needed. Fast doesn’t mean dull when you lunch at Tito’s!

Last but not least, ‘Coleman’s Fish Market’ is a can’t-miss for seafood lovers. Their fish sandwiches are legendary in the Ohio Valley. This is Wheeling’s go-to spot for a quintessential midday seafood treat.

With these eateries, lunch in Wheeling is always an adventure. Every bite tells a story of the city’s culinary spirit. Get ready to take your midday meal to the next level!

Cafes and Bistros

If you’re looking for a lunch spot that rocks as much as the local music scene, check out Later Alligator. Their crepes are a hit—filled with everything from chicken to chocolate—and their funky decor is just plain fun.

Craving Italian? Figaretti’s Restaurant is where it’s at. This family-run spot cooks up homemade pasta that will make you feel like you’re in Italy. Their spaghetti with meatballs or lasagna? Bellissimo!

DiCarlo’s Pizza is another local favorite. What’s special about their pizza? It’s the cheese. They put it on after the crust and sauce come out of the oven, so it’s all melty and amazing. You gotta try it!

For a lunch that’s quick but never skimps on flavor, Market Vines Wine Bar and Grille is the go-to place. They serve up sandwiches, salads, and soups that are fresh and tasty. Plus, their outdoor seating is perfect when the weather’s nice.

Don’t miss out on The Soup Shack, either. It’s a cozy spot where the soups are homemade and the bread is warm. Perfect for when you want lunch to feel like a hug.

Sarah’s on Main is a sweet cafe that’s big on taste. Their house-made sandwiches and daily specials are delicious. Plus, they’ve got cupcakes that are the cherry on top of a perfect lunch.

And for a lunch with a view, head over to Wheeling Island. At the Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack, you can not only enjoy a good meal but maybe play a game or two. Their buffet is loaded with all sorts of good eats.

There you have it, a few of the top places for a fantastic lunch in Wheeling, WV. Every spot has its own vibe and special dish that keeps people coming back. Try one or try them all, and make your midday meal memorable!

Classic American Diners

Seeking a hearty lunch? Ye Olde Alpha is your stop. They’ve got mouthwatering burgers and wings that locals love. The casual atmosphere makes it a comfortable place to take a break and chow down.

Bridge Tavern and Grill offers a menu with plenty of choices. Whether you want a steak or a sandwich, they’ve got you covered. And the view of the river? It’s a bonus that makes your meal even better.

Check out Avenue Eats if you like trying different things. They have a creative menu that changes often, so there’s always something new to taste. Their outdoor patio is great for enjoying a sunny day, too.

Vagabond Kitchen is known for putting a twist on the classics. Their lunch menu includes unique dishes that will surprise your taste buds in the best way possible. The cozy ambiance adds to the dining experience.

For those who want a light but satisfying lunch, the Good Mansion Wines offers incredible deli sandwiches and salads. Not to mention, you can pair your meal with a selection from their impressive wine list.

Generations Restaurant & Pub is a spot where you’ll feel like family. They serve up comfort food that makes you feel right at home. Their portions are generous, so you won’t leave hungry.

There’s always Cole’s Fish Shack for seafood fans. They offer a variety of seafood options, including fish sandwiches and shrimp baskets. Plus, their hush puppies are a must-try side dish!

These places are sure to give you a lunch experience in Wheeling, WV that’s both satisfying and enjoyable. Whether you’re in the mood for comfort food, fresh flavors, or something exotic, there’s a table waiting for you.

Ethnic Cuisine Hotspots

Craving Italian? DiCarlo’s Pizza in Wheeling is famous for their unique pizza with crunchy crust and cheese added after baking. It’s a local favorite that stands out in the lunch scene.

Suspenders is the go-to for a quick and tasty meal. Their menu is full of classic sandwiches and soups. It’s a friendly spot to grab a bite before heading back to work or school.

Later Alligator offers a quirky and fun atmosphere with a menu to match. Their specialty crepes and sandwiches are perfect for a midday treat. It’s a fun spot to eat with friends or family.

Figaretti’s Restaurant serves up family-style Italian lunches that’ll make you feel like you’re in grandma’s kitchen. Their pasta dishes are especially comforting on a cool day.

TJ’s Sports Garden Restaurant is perfect for sports fans. Enjoy a game on TV with their famous wings or a hearty sandwich. It’s a lively place to relax and refuel during lunchtime.

Elm Grove Subs is the place for sub sandwich lovers. They stack their sandwiches high with fresh ingredients and have a variety of options to choose from. It’s an easy and delicious lunch choice.

These Wheeling eateries offer great options for anyone looking for a memorable midday meal. From pizza to crepes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Diving Into Wheeling’s Food Scene

If you’re in the mood for some Southern BBQ, Smoke House BBQ in Wheeling has got you covered. Their pulled pork sandwich is a must-try, and the sides like coleslaw and baked beans are just like home-made.

For a taste of the sea, Market Street Grill serves up fresh seafood lunches. Their crab cakes are talked about all over town. Plus, you can enjoy the river view while you eat.

Vagabond Kitchen is known for its creative dishes and local ingredients. Their lunch specials change often, so there’s always something new to try. It’s a hit with those who enjoy a surprise.

At Sarah’s On Main, they bake fresh bread every day for their sandwiches. Pair one with their homemade soup for a cozy and filling lunch. It’s a charming little spot that feels just right on a chilly day.

If you want something fast and healthy, The Juice Bar in Centre Market offers great smoothies and wraps. They use fresh fruits and veggies to make meals that give you a boost of energy.

For a classic diner experience, Avenue Eats is the spot. They have awesome burgers and fries, plus unique sodas to wash it all down. It’s a cool place to hang out and enjoy a classic American lunch.

Each of these Wheeling spots brings something special to the table. Whether you’re craving barbecue, seafood, or something on the healthier side, you won’t be disappointed.

Local Favorites

Wheeling’s Centre Market is where food and history meet. Drop by Market Vines for a casual wine and cheese lunch in this charming old part of town.

For those who love a good burger, The Alpha Grill hits the spot. Their burgers are juicy and the toppings are endless. Pair it with a side of fries for the perfect lunch.

The Soup Shack is known for its wide variety of homemade soups. It’s a cozy place to warm up with a bowl of soup and a fresh salad or sandwich.

Coleman’s Fish Market is a must-visit for seafood enthusiasts. Their fish sandwiches are famous in the Ohio Valley. It’s a no-frills experience with top-notch flavors.

Cilantro Latin Grill brings a taste of South America to Wheeling. Their fresh tacos and bowls are packed with flavor. It’s a tasty change of pace from the typical lunch fare.

At The Vagabond Kitchen, chefs use local ingredients to create mouth-watering dishes. Their lunch menu changes with what’s in season, so it’s always a new adventure.

Bridge Tavern & Grill is a good spot for those who enjoy a view with their meal. Situated by the water, you can dig into their sandwiches and salads with a scenic backdrop.

Hidden Gems

If you’re in the mood for pizza, DiCarlo’s Pizza is the place to go. They serve up unique Ohio Valley-style pizza with the cheese added after baking for a delicious twist.

Savor the flavors of Italy at Figaretti’s Restaurant. They make spaghetti and meatballs just like Nonna used to. Plus, their garlic bread is to die for.

For a quick and healthy option, Sarah’s On Main offers delightful sandwiches and salads. Their ingredients are fresh, and the homemade lemonade is a refreshing touch.

Later Alligator is famous for its crepes, both sweet and savory. The atmosphere is fun, and it’s a great spot to enjoy a quick bite or a leisurely lunch.

When in Wheeling, Tito’s Sloppy Dogs is a fun experience. They have all kinds of hot dogs with wacky toppings. It’s definitely a place to go for something different and delicious.

For the BBQ lovers, Uncle B’s Barbecue is a hidden gem. Get ready to get messy with their ribs and pulled pork sandwiches smothered in homemade sauce.

Don’t forget about Ye Olde Alpha. It’s a local hangout where you can get everything from wings to steak. The vibe is laid-back and the food is consistently good.

Check out Phillips Tail-Up BBQ. If you’re up for a short drive, their brisket sandwiches are worth the trip. Plus, their sides, like mac n’ cheese, can’t be missed.

Seasonal and Fresh: Farm-to-Table Options

Grab a bite at the Vagabond Kitchen where you’ll find amazing burgers and fries. The chef uses local ingredients to make dishes that will make your mouth water.

Centre Market is a cool place with lots of different food spots. You can try different kinds of food, like seafood, bakeries, and classic American eats, all in one area!

Visit Coleman’s Fish Market for their famous fish sandwiches. People from all around come here for the fresh catch. It’s an easy choice when you want a big meal that doesn’t cost a lot of money.

The Soup Shack has bowls of warm goodness that are perfect for chilly days. They have a bunch of different soups that change often. Plus, the grilled cheese is perfect for dipping!

At Market Vines Wine Bar and Grille, you can have a fancy lunch without the fancy price. They have a nice patio where you can chill and enjoy a meal with friends.

Check out Avenue Eats if you’re into eating at a place that cares about the planet. They use eco-friendly stuff and their sandwiches are super tasty and creative.

Elm Grove Diner might look simple, but their food is anything but. This is the spot for comfort food like big breakfasts served all day and classic sandwiches that hit the spot.

Lastly, drop by Generations Restaurant & Pub for their great lunch specials. You get a lot of food that tastes like home cooking and the service is top-notch.

Want more info on Wheeling’s eats? Visit Wheeling’s official website for the latest on local dining spots.

Planning Your Lunch Outing

When you’re in Wheeling, WV, and you’re thinking about lunch, you’re in for a treat! You’ll want to check out Later Alligator. They have crepes and sandwiches that are different from any other place you’ve been to. Plus, the setting is fun with a lot of cool stuff to look at.

If you’re in the mood for pizza, DiCarlo’s Pizza is a must-try! It’s unique because they put the cheese on after it comes out of the oven. It’s a Wheeling tradition, and once you try it, you’ll know why everyone loves it so much.

For those who like a little heat, Tito’s Sloppy Doggs offers hot dogs with all kinds of wild toppings. They’ve got everything from classic chili dogs to dogs with mac ‘n cheese on top! It’s sure to be a fun and tasty adventure for your taste buds.

Figaretti’s Restaurant is where you should go if you’re craving Italian food. They’ve been making their special recipes for years, and they do pasta like nobody else. The spaghetti with meat sauce is legendary!

Don’t forget to save room for a sweet treat! At Wheeling Coffee & Spice Company, not only can you grab a great cup of coffee, but they have sandwiches and pastries that will fill you up and make you smile.

If you want a real Wheeling experience, Ye Olde Alpha is where the locals go. They’ve got everything from steak to salads, and it’s all good. It’s a cozy place to hang out and enjoy some comfort food.

And if you’re still looking for the perfect place to eat, take a stroll downtown. There are so many restaurants to discover. Just remember to bring your appetite because you’re going to want to try everything!

For the latest on what’s cooking in Wheeling, keep an eye on the local news. They have great recommendations on new and exciting places to eat. You can look them up online or check out the local paper for ideas.

Location and Ambiance

When you’re trying to figure out where to go for lunch, think about what you’re in the mood for. Wheeling has a lot of great places for pizza, tacos, and more.

DiCarlo’s Pizza is famous in Wheeling. They serve this unique pizza that’s cut into squares and the cheese is put on after it’s out of the oven. Super cheesy and delicious!

If you’re craving Mexican food, head to Tito’s Sloppy Doggs. They have more than just hot dogs; their tacos are amazing! Plus, it’s fun to eat somewhere with a funky name like that.

Sometimes, a giant burger is the only thing that will do. Go to the Alpha for one of their big, juicy burgers. Pick your toppings and get ready for a tasty meal.

For something a bit different, Later Alligator will surprise you with their crepes. They’re not just for breakfast; they serve savory ones that are perfect for lunch!

If you want to grab something quick and easy, pack a picnic from one of the local delis. Carry it to Heritage Port and enjoy watching the river while you eat.

Remember to check the time you’re heading out. Some places in Wheeling get really busy during lunch hour. Sometimes, you might need to wait a bit, but the food is worth it!

And if you’re hanging out with a bunch of friends, make sure to call ahead. Some restaurants can set up a table for you so you won’t have to wait for a seat.

Price Point and Value

Wheeling is cool because it has so many lunch spots with different vibes. Some are laid-back, while others are fancy. Think about whether you want to chill or go somewhere posh for your meal.

Do you like fancy lunches? The Vagabond Kitchen is a place to check out. They’ve got fancy dishes that will make you feel like a VIP. Plus, their desserts are top-notch for a sweet end to your meal.

Want to save some cash? Figaretti’s has awesome Italian food that won’t empty your wallet. Look for their lunch specials. They come with soup or salad and you get a lot for what you pay.

On a sunny day, nothing beats eating outside. At Centre Market, you can pick from different cafes and sit outdoors. Grab a sandwich or some ice cream and soak up the sun while you lunch.

Love the water? The River City Restaurant has views of the river that are pretty sweet. Eating here feels special ’cause you can watch boats go by as you munch on your food.

If your whole crew is different, like some are vegans or gluten-free, try Sarah’s on Main. They’re known for having stuff everyone can eat. No one will feel left out, and everyone leaves happy.

Don’t forget to peek online or call to see if there are any deals. Places like Mehlman’s Cafeteria often have lunch specials. It’s a smart move if you want to try something new and save some bucks.

Lastly, don’t stress if you’re running late. Some spots in Wheeling serve lunch all afternoon. So even if you miss the rush, you can still score a great meal.

Dietary Accommodations

Think you’re ready to grab lunch in Wheeling? Let’s plan your outing! First, think about who’s coming along. Is it just you or a bunch of friends? Some places are cozy for solo visits while others are great for groups.

Got kids with you? Check out Ye Olde Alpha. They have choices that kids love, like burgers and fries, and grown-ups can enjoy different beers. Plus, they give crayons and stuff to keep the kiddos busy while you wait for your food.

Looking for something quick and easy? DiCarlo’s Pizza in Wheeling is famous for their square slices. You can grab them to go if you’re in a hurry. People say their pizza is a must-try in town.

If it’s a special day, like a birthday or something, you might want to pick a spot that feels more special. Later Alligator has funky decorations and crepes that are delicious. It’s cool for a treat-yo-self kind of day.

Are you or your friends into healthy eating? The Market Vines Wine Bar and Grille has fresh salads and wraps that are tasty and good for you. Plus, you can sip on smoothies or fancy drinks while you eat.

Some places have games and activities, too. Quaker Steak & Lube is known for its fun car theme and has stuff like trivia nights. It’s a neat spot if you’re looking to do more than just eat.

Lastly, remember to check the time. Lunch hours can be different at each place. Don’t show up too early or late! A good tip is to look them up online or make a quick phone call before you head out.


After checking out all these cool lunch spots in Wheeling, WV, you’re ready to make a choice! Don’t forget, each place has its own vibe and specialties. Think about what you’re craving and go for it!

Maybe you want a big meal or just a snack. Either way, there’s a place for you. And if you’ve got the whole afternoon, why not try a couple of spots? This is a fun way to taste different things with friends.

Keep in mind, Wheeling has lots of events too. Sometimes they have food fests and markets. This is when you can try bits from different restaurants all at once. It’s awesome for finding your new favorite lunch spot!

If you’re not sure where to begin, ask locals or look up reviews online. Websites like Yelp can help you see what other people liked. Or, just walk around and see what smells good to you. That’s a pretty fun way to find a tasty lunch!

And remember, the best lunch spot is the one that makes you happy. So, whether it’s pizza, crepes, or a fresh salad, enjoy your meal and have a great time in Wheeling!