Best Neighborhoods In Wheeling Wv

Looking for a great place to call home in Wheeling, WV? You’re in the right spot! Each neighborhood in Wheeling has its own special vibe and charm. Some are packed with history, while others are buzzing with new developments and amenities.

Families love the friendly streets and parks where kids can play. If you’re into arts and culture, you’ll find neighborhoods brimming with cool galleries and theaters. For those who want a peaceful spot away from the hustle, there are areas with big yards and quiet nights.

Plus, there’s a spot for every budget. Whether you’re saving up or ready to splurge, Wheeling’s got a mix of places that can fit what you’re looking for. So, let’s dive into some of the top picks that make Wheeling a sweet place to live!

Best Residential Neighborhoods in Wheeling, WV

Bethlehem is one of the top picks for families. The schools are some of the best, and there are lots of places for fun outdoors. It’s safe, too, which parents really like.

Woodsdale is another great spot. The houses look cool, with lots of different styles. People who live here love being close to shops and yummy places to eat.

Edgwood is where lots of history lives. The old mansions are amazing to see. People walk their dogs and say hi to neighbors. It’s quiet, but still close to downtown.

Dimmeydale is known for friendly neighbors and pretty trees. It’s a good place to live if you want to be near Wheeling Island and the Ohio River.

Oglebay is perfect if you love nature. There’s a big park with golf, a zoo, and trails. Living here is like being on vacation all the time.

If you want to know more about these neighborhoods or see pictures of the houses, check out this site. It has all the details:


One popular area is Woodsdale. It’s a hit with families because of its good schools. People also like the shops and yummy places to eat. It’s a safe spot, so many folks walk their dogs or jog on the paths.

Bethlehem is another spot that’s good for folks with kids. It has a small-town feel, and people there look out for each other. The houses have more space, and it’s usually pretty quiet, especially at night.

If you dig older homes with character, check out Wheeling Island. It’s right on the river, which makes it super pretty. People who live there say it’s like being on vacation all the time with the views and water nearby.

For those who like being close to fun stuff, downtown Wheeling is cool. You’ll find apartments and houses next to shops and places to hang out. It’s lively, and there’s always something going on, like festivals or music shows.

Lastly, Edgewood and Dimmeydale are neighborhoods where many people know each other. They have parks and trees, and the streets are nice for bike rides. It’s peaceful, and that’s why a lot of people like living there.


Elm Grove stands out for its convenience. This area is close to stores and the highway. This makes getting around super easy for people living there.

If you’re looking for a quiet life, Warwood is a good pick. It’s got a friendly feel, and the river makes for a nice backdrop. Families often spend time at Garden Park in the center of Warwood.

Oglebay is a bit fancier. It has a big park with lots of things to do like golf and visiting the zoo. Living here means you’re close to nature and fun activities.

Springdale is another peaceful neighborhood. It’s got tree-lined streets that are pretty in the fall. The houses and yards are nice too, making it a cozy place to live.

If you want to learn more about these neighborhoods, you can find info online. A good place to start is Wheeling’s official website,


Woodsdale is perfect for families. Schools here are good, and there’s plenty of space for kids to play. Plus, the streets are safe, so you can relax while your kids ride their bikes.

Edgwood is known for its beautiful old homes. People who love history and charm often move here. The area feels like you stepped back in time, but you’re still close to modern conveniences.

Dimmeydale is a favorite for those who enjoy community vibes. Neighbors here know each other and hang out. It’s common to see folks walking their dogs or chatting on porches.

For those who love the city life, downtown Wheeling is where the action is. There are apartments and townhouses close to restaurants and shops. Living here means you’ll never be bored, with lots to do right on your doorstep.

Lastly, Bethlehem is on the rise. It’s got new developments and is growing fast. Families and young professionals find it appealing because of the new opportunities popping up.

Wheeling’s Neighborhoods for the Best Schools

Elm Grove is another neighborhood that’s super for families. The schools around here are awesome, and it’s not too busy, so kids have space to run around and have fun. People say hi to each other and look out for one another, making it feel like a big family.

Oglebay is a pretty fancy area with loads of stuff to do. The Oglebay Resort is right there, which is cool for golf, swimming, and special events. It’s a bit pricier, but the schools are top-notch, and it’s super green and clean.

Warwood is neat because it’s got history and it’s right by the river. It’s more laid-back, but you’ve still got everything you need. Plus, the schools are solid, and there’s a real sense of community pride here.

If you’re looking for somewhere quieter, Springdale might be the spot. It’s peaceful, and the schools have small class sizes, so kids can get more attention from teachers. It’s a great place if you want your children to focus on their studies.

And don’t forget about Wheeling Island. It’s unique because it’s literally an island on the Ohio River. The schools are pretty good, and you can also find some cool historical homes. Plus, there’s a racetrack and casino if you’re into that!


If you’re looking for a top-notch education for your kids, Elm Grove is a great neighborhood in Wheeling. The schools here get high marks. Your kids will get a great learning experience in a friendly area.

Oglebay is another place in Wheeling with good schools. It’s not just about education – the Oglebay Park is a big plus. It’s full of fun activities for after school and on weekends. Think of all the picnics and walks you can have!

Springdale is where you’ll find some excellent schools too. It’s a quiet area, and people take pride in keeping it nice and clean. The schools are just as cared for, which means a lot for your kids’ education.

In Warwood, you get schools that are known for doing well. The community is strong, and the teachers really care about their students. You’ll feel good about sending your kids to school here.

When thinking about schools, don’t overlook the smaller areas like Glenwood. It’s a peaceful spot with schools that get personal. Because it’s small, teachers know the students well, and can help them one by one.


In Woodsdale, families get the best of both worlds. There are good schools and lots to do. The neighborhood feels safe, so kids can focus on homework and fun.

Edgwood is another neighborhood people like a lot. The schools here really try hard to help everyone learn. Plus, it’s a place that gives you a cozy, small-town feel.

If you like sports, consider the Dimmeydale neighborhood. Schools here support lots of sports teams. Your kids can play and learn in a really supportive community.

Elm Grove

Bethlehem Village is a spot where schools shine. With caring teachers and strong programs, learning’s always in the air. Families find a friendly place to grow.

Elm Grove is known for its neat schools, too. They have classes that make kids think and dream big. It’s a spot where neighbors know each other and kids ride bikes to school.

Springdale’s schools are a big hit with parents. They have cool tech for the classroom and lots of ways for kids to get involved. It’s a place where education matters a lot.

Top Neighborhoods for Dining and Entertainment in Wheeling

Centre Market has some of the best spots to eat and have fun in Wheeling. It’s home to places that serve everything from tasty tacos to yummy ice cream.

Woodsdale is where you’ll find cool shops and nice cafes. On sunny days, people go there to grab a bite and watch the world go by. It’s a chill place to hang out.

In Warwood, you can find fun events and music shows. People come together to enjoy good times by the river. It’s got a friendly vibe that makes you feel at home.

Edgwood is where friends meet to catch up over coffee or dinner. With its cozy eateries and warm welcomes, it’s got a charm that’s hard to beat.

Downtown Wheeling

Centre Market is a cool spot for food and fun. With tasty restaurants and neat shops, there’s always something to do. It’s a favorite for both locals and visitors.

Woodsdale gives you a mix of nice eats and parks. Here, you can grab a bite and then walk in the park. It’s perfect for families and friends who want to hang out.

Warwood is another great place with views of the river. You can enjoy music events or try a new sport. It’s fun for everyone who loves being outdoors.

Downtown Wheeling is where the action is. From cafes to theaters, it’s busy day and night. If you like being where everything happens, you’ll love it here.

Centre Market

Elm Grove is known for its cozy vibe. You’ll find yummy pizza places and cool ice cream shops. It’s a sweet spot for an evening out with the family.

Dimmeydale has hidden gems when it comes to food. You can dig into classic American grub or try some Mexican flavors. It’s got a friendly atmosphere that’s sure to make you smile.

Edgwood is famous for its historic homes and tasty spots to eat. Whether you’re craving a big breakfast or a fancy dinner, you’ll find it here. If you’re into history and good food, this is your place.

South Wheeling invites you to explore its international cuisine. From Italian to Asian, your taste buds will be on a world tour. Plus, the community events make it a fun place to visit.


Centre Wheeling is a hit with folks who love food and fun. This neighborhood boasts lively bars and restaurants. It’s perfect for a night out with friends!

Woodsdale is where people go for cool hangouts and tasty eats. The cafes here serve up delicious coffee and snacks. It’s great for chilling on the weekend.

Warwood is brimming with excitement by the river. Their local eateries offer up some of the best river views. It’s a top choice for dining with a scenic backdrop.

Downtown Wheeling is the heart of the action. Here you can catch live music, theater, and festivals. With so many places to eat and play, you’ll never be bored!


If you want a cozy spot, look no further than Edgwood. Families love the area for its peaceful streets and friendly neighbors. Plus, there’s always a fun community event to join!

Glendale is a gem, with lots of green spaces for getting outside and playing sports or having picnics. It’s a top pick for anyone who loves the outdoors!

If you’re dreaming of a place with charm, Elm Grove is your go-to. The shops here are cute and the vibe makes you feel right at home.

For those who adore history, North Wheeling is a treasure. The old houses are just like a history book, telling stories of the past. It’s not just where you live – it’s an adventure through time!

Last but not least, Bethlehem is a hit for those who seek a quiet life but still want quick access to city fun. It strikes the perfect balance between chill and convenience.

In conclusion, Wheeling’s neighborhoods have something for everyone, whether you love the buzz of downtown, crave riverside relaxation, or yearn for quaint streets filled with history. This city hooks you in with its variety and keeps you here with its warmth. No matter where you end up, Wheeling is a place you can happily call home.