Our Lady Of Peace School Wheeling Wv

Our Lady of Peace School is a special place for kids to learn and grow in Wheeling, WV. It’s a school where every student is treated like family. The teachers at Our Lady of Peace School are dedicated to making sure that every kid gets a chance to succeed.

This school isn’t just about reading and math. It’s a place where students also get to learn important values. They learn about respect, kindness, and how to be good to others. These lessons are just as important as homework and tests.

Our Lady of Peace School is proud of its history in Wheeling. The school is part of the community and works hard to make sure that the town is a great place to live. Students, teachers, and families all come together to make Our Lady of Peace a wonderful school.

The school is not just focused on today but also on the future. It uses cool technology to help kids learn in new ways. With computers and smart boards in the classrooms, students get ready for a world that’s always changing.

Our Lady of Peace School might be in Wheeling, but it touches lives in Weirton and Steubenville too. Kids from all around come here to learn. The school brings people together from different towns and helps build strong friendships that last.

History of Our Lady of Peace School in Wheeling WV

Our Lady of Peace School started a long time ago. It began with a dream to give kids a place where they could learn more than just school subjects. The school wanted to help kids become smart and good people.

Over the years, many students have walked through its doors. The school was small at first, but it grew as more families heard about the great things happening there. It became known for its caring approach and quality education.

Sports and clubs at Our Lady of Peace School are a big deal too. They have teams for basketball and soccer, and clubs like art and music. Kids get to try new things and see what they love doing.

Our Lady of Peace School also makes sure students have help if things get tough. They offer extra support for kids who need it. This shows how much they care about every student’s success.

The school celebrates many special events throughout the year. Things like Christmas plays and science fairs are just some of the fun times at Our Lady of Peace. These events bring families and the community closer together.

Being part of Our Lady of Peace School means being part of a big family. The friendships made here are strong. Alumni, the students who graduated, often come back to visit because the school meant so much to them.

Founding and Early Years

Long ago, Our Lady of Peace School started with just a few classrooms. Over the years, it grew bigger as more families wanted to send their kids to this friendly school. Now, it’s a place with lots of students, all eager to learn.

The school was founded on the idea that education should go hand in hand with faith. At Our Lady of Peace School, students not only study subjects like science and history, but they also learn about the Catholic faith. This way, they grow in knowledge and spirit.

Our Lady of Peace has seen changes in Wheeling, too. The school has been around for big events in the city’s history. It’s been a part of Wheeling’s story and has helped shape the community by teaching generations of kids.

Big celebrations happen at Our Lady of Peace School when it reaches important milestones. Anniversaries and school achievements are a time for fun. The whole school comes together to celebrate these special moments.

As new families move into Wheeling and nearby places, many choose Our Lady of Peace School for their children. They hear about the good things happening here and want to be a part of it. This makes the school a melting pot of the Ohio Valley.

Expansion and Development

Teachers at Our Lady of Peace School are known for caring a lot about their students. They work hard to make sure everyone gets the help they need, whether in math, reading, or learning about faith.

Not long ago, the school decided to update some of its buildings. They wanted to make sure their classrooms had modern stuff like computers and smartboards. This helps kids learn with the latest technology.

Sports are a big deal at Our Lady of Peace. Teams like basketball and volleyball give students a chance to have fun and stay healthy. It also teaches them about teamwork and being fair.

Our Lady of Peace isn’t just a school, it’s like a family. Students, teachers, and parents often get together for school picnics and fairs. These events help everyone get to know each other better and create happy memories.

Community service is something the school is proud of. Kids learn to give back by doing projects that help people in Wheeling and nearby towns. This teaches them to be kind and help others in need.

The school isn’t done growing yet. Plans for new programs and more ways to help students succeed are always being talked about. Our Lady of Peace wants to keep being a great school for a long time.

Academic and Extracurricular Programs

Our Lady of Peace School believes in helping students excel not just in class, but also in life. They offer cool classes like art and music, where students get to show their creativity.

Kids who love science get a real kick out of the school’s science fair. They get to ask questions, try experiments, and find answers like real scientists. This is not only fun but also a great way to learn a lot.

Clubs at Our Lady of Peace are awesome because there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s joining the chess club or being part of the student council, these activities help kids learn new things and make friends.

For students who are really into books, the reading club is a great place to explore new stories. They read together, share their favorite parts, and talk about the cool things they learn from books.

Our Lady of Peace also focuses on faith and service. They have programs that teach students about their faith. This includes doing nice things for others and being a good person every day.

The school’s drama club puts on plays that everyone looks forward to. It’s a chance for kids to act, build sets, or help with costumes. Being in the drama club is super fun and a great way to learn about teamwork.

Students also have access to new technology in the computer lab. They learn how to do research online, make presentations, and use different software. This is important for doing well in school and in the future.

Visit the Our Lady of Peace School website to find out more about their academic and extracurricular programs.

Curriculum Overview

Our Lady of Peace School in Wheeling, WV offers cool programs to help students get ready for high school and beyond. There are classes that make you think, like exciting science experiments and reading awesome books.

Art and music are a big part of the school too. Kids get to draw, paint, and learn about different kinds of music. Some even learn how to play instruments or sing in the choir. This lets students use their creativity and have a great time.

There are lots of clubs you can join at Our Lady of Peace. Whether you’re into computers, books, or helping the environment, there’s something for you. Clubs are a fun way to learn new things with friends.

Our Lady of Peace also has a special program for kids who learn differently. They make sure these students get the tools and attention they need to do their best in school.

Once a year, the school has a science fair. Kids work on cool projects and show them to everyone. It’s a time when students can shine and share what they’ve made or discovered.

Every student is encouraged to join in and try new things. Whether you love sports, art, or computers, Our Lady of Peace has something awesome for you to do after school.

Sports and Clubs

Students at Our Lady of Peace School in Wheeling also enjoy getting active. Sports teams like basketball and soccer are popular. They teach you about teamwork and staying healthy. Plus, they are a blast!

There’s even a student council where you can learn about leadership. Kids plan activities and make decisions that help the whole school. It’s like being a mini president!

For those who love the stage, there’s drama club. You can act, build sets, or help with lighting. It’s all about putting on amazing plays and having fun while doing it.

You can also learn how to be safe on the internet and protect the environment in special groups. These groups talk about important stuff like staying safe online and taking care of our planet.

If you want to help others, there’s a chance to do community service. This is where you give time to help people in our city. It feels good to make a difference!

Our Lady of Peace makes sure there’s something for everyone. No matter what you like, you can find a fun way to learn and grow. It’s all about having a good time and becoming the best you can be!

Community Involvement

Our Lady of Peace School takes studying seriously. You get to learn all the regular subjects like math, reading, and science. But there’s more! You also get classes in art, music, and technology.

Plus, if you’re into computers, you’ll love the technology lab. It’s got all the latest stuff to help you learn about computers and how to use them. This is cool for future jobs!

And if you’re all about helping and caring for others, there’s a program for that too. It teaches you how to be a leader in helping people and making our community in Wheeling better.

For kids who are into books and stories, the school library is a treasure. You can find books on all your favorite topics. It’s a quiet place to read and learn new things.

Want to rock out or be a piano pro? Music classes give you a chance to learn different instruments. You might even get to show off your skills at a school concert!

Remember, at Our Lady of Peace School, learning isn’t just about textbooks. It’s about exploring all sorts of cool things. It’s about finding out what you’re good at and what you like to do!

Our Lady of Peace School’s Impact on Wheeling WV Community

Our Lady of Peace School is a big part of the Wheeling community. Kids from all around the city come here to learn and grow. Every student is encouraged to do their best and help others.

When students do special projects, like food drives or cleanup days, the whole city notices. They collect cans, help the hungry, and keep parks clean. It shows how much the school cares about Wheeling.

Sports at the school are a big deal too. Teams like basketball and soccer bring everyone together. Whether you play or cheer, you feel part of a family. And that family includes the whole city.

There’s also a thing called ‘service hours’ where students volunteer. They might spend a day with older folks or help little kids read. When they help out, they learn how, even small acts, can make a big difference in someone’s day.

Graduates from Our Lady of Peace often do great things. Some become doctors, teachers, or start their own businesses. They take what they learned here and make Wheeling proud.

Last thing, the school is not just for kids. They have events for everyone in Wheeling. Like fairs, plays, and other fun stuff. It’s a place where families and neighbors meet and have a good time.

Alumni Contributions

At Our Lady of Peace School, you get to do fun stuff like sports. Playing on a team teaches you about working together. It’s great for making friends too.

You can also join clubs that match what you’re into. Whether it’s helping the earth or exploring how to code, there’s a club for you. This is perfect for meeting kids who like the same stuff as you do!

Our Lady of Peace School makes a big difference in Wheeling by helping out in the community. Sometimes, students volunteer to clean up parks or help at food banks. This shows how much they care about where they live.

Every year, the school has events that bring families together. This could be a fun fair or a play put on by the students. These events make everyone feel like a big family and that’s special.

By teaching you about respect and kindness, the school helps you grow into a good person. This is not just for school, but for your whole life. And when students are kind, the whole community of Wheeling gets better too!

Partnerships with Local Organizations

Learning at Our Lady of Peace School isn’t just about books and homework. It’s also about taking care of the people around you. When students help others, it makes Wheeling a nicer place to live.

The school teaches kids about being leaders in their own way. This might mean being a voice for others or coming up with good ideas. Leaders from the school can one day make big changes in Wheeling.

Art and music are a big deal here too. Students get to show their creativity. When they share their art or music, it brings a lot of joy to folks in town.

The school’s students often raise money for good causes. This could be anything from animal shelters to helping families in need. Their efforts show that even kids can make a big difference in their community.

Our Lady of Peace School also focuses on faith. This part of school helps students find hope and peace. These lessons often lead them to spread kindness throughout Wheeling.


Our Lady of Peace School in Wheeling, WV, has shown that education is more than just learning from textbooks. Students are encouraged to grow in every way, including in their hearts and minds.

The school’s impact goes beyond just the classroom walls. It reaches into the community, shaping students into individuals who care about Wheeling and its future.

By blending academic learning with important life lessons, Our Lady of Peace helps students become well-rounded. They’re prepared not just for the next grade, but for life.

As students move on, they carry with them the values and skills they’ve gained. They’re ready to be the next helpers, thinkers, and leaders in Wheeling and beyond.