What’s Happening In Wheeling Wv This Weekend

Wheeling, West Virginia is buzzing with excitement and there’s a lot you won’t want to miss this weekend! From riverfront concerts to exciting sports games, Wheeling is the place to be. Whether you’re looking for a family outing or a fun night out with friends, this city’s got you covered.

If you love the outdoors, you’re in luck. Wheeling has beautiful parks where you can hike, bike, or have a picnic. Plus, the Ohio River makes for some stunning views. Don’t forget your camera!

Want a taste of local culture? Wheeling has amazing historical sites and museums. This weekend, there might be special tours or events at these places. And for the shoppers, there’s no shortage of cool spots to find something special.

No weekend is complete without some yummy food. Wheeling has lots of tasty places to eat. From pizza to gourmet, there’s something for everyone. And maybe there’s a food festival in town—those are always super fun!

There’s even stuff for sports fans. Wheeling is home to some great teams, and there’s often a game or two over the weekend. It’s a perfect way to spend a few hours cheering and having a good time.

Remember, Wheeling is just part of the Ohio Valley. Cities like Weirton, WV and Steubenville, OH, also have events and attractions. They’re not far away, so you can easily check out what’s happening there too. It’s nice to explore the whole area!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your calendar and let’s plan your weekend in Wheeling. You’re sure to find something that’ll make your days off amazing!

Events and Activities in Wheeling, WV

Ready to enjoy some live performances? Wheeling has local bands and artists performing this weekend. Get ready to tap your toes to some awesome music. Some shows might even be free!

Art lovers, take note! There might be an art show or a craft fair. You can see beautiful artwork and crafts made by people from around here. It’s a cool way to see creativity in action and maybe bring home a piece of Wheeling.

How about a movie under the stars? Look for outdoor movie nights. They’re a chill way to end the day. Just bring a blanket or a lawn chair and some snacks.

Magic and laughter in one place? Yes, please! There could be a magic show or a comedian in town. These shows are super fun and can be a magical experience for kids and adults.

For those who love a good challenge, check out any escape rooms open this weekend. They’re a thrilling way to work together with friends or family. See if you can beat the clock and solve the puzzles!

Don’t miss out on community events either. Wheeling might have a farmer’s market or a local gathering. It’s a nice way to meet people and see what’s fresh.

To find out more details on these events, look at local listings or check out the Wheeling Visitors Bureau website. Just go to www.visitwheelingwv.com and pick what catches your eye. Have an awesome weekend in Wheeling!

Festivals and Fairs

This weekend, Wheeling’s Capitol Theatre is hosting a family-friendly show. The performers are super talented and will keep everyone entertained. Make sure to buy tickets soon!

Art lovers, listen up! There’s an art exhibit downtown displaying work from local artists. It’s free to enter and you might find a piece you’ll want to take home.

Also, the Wheeling Farmers Market is happening. You can walk around, try samples, and buy fresh produce. It’s a good way to support local farmers and get some healthy snacks.

For a bit of history, take a tour of the Victorian Old Town. Guides in costumes will tell you stories about the old buildings. It’s like stepping back in time!

Over at the Wheeling Park, there’s a movie night under the stars. Just bring a blanket and some snacks. It’s a cool way to enjoy a film with others outside.

Are you into running? There’s a 5K race along the river this weekend. It’s a fun challenge and you can see beautiful sights as you jog.

On Sunday, a local band is playing at Heritage Port. It’s free and you can dance or just listen to some great music by the water. Don’t miss out!

Lastly, let’s not forget about the nearby cities. Maybe you’ve heard about an event in Weirton or Steubenville. Check their local listings too, because they often have unique things going on as well. It’s just a short drive to a new adventure.

Live Music and Entertainment

Got a sweet tooth? The Wheeling Chocolate Festival is coming up. Tons of different chocolates to try and buy. It’s yummy fun for the whole family.

Is fishing your thing? There’s a youth fishing tournament at the Heritage Port. Even if you don’t fish, it’s fun to watch and cheer on the kids.

Let’s get crafty! A local church is having a craft fair. They have all sorts of handmade things. Plus, the money goes to a good cause.

Do you like to skate? The Wheeling roller rink has an all-day skate event. You can roller skate for hours to cool music with your friends.

Want to try something new? There’s a beginners’ yoga class in the park. It’s free, just bring a mat. It’s a peaceful way to start your day.

Bookworms, check this out! The Wheeling Library is having a book sale. You can find good books for super cheap and help the library too.

Time to explore! There’s a nature hike at Oglebay Park. Learn about plants and animals and have fun in the outdoors.

Feeling lucky? There’s a bingo night at the local community center. It’s not just for older folks; kids and families love it too.

For a chill evening, there’s live jazz at a café downtown. Grab a coffee and enjoy the tunes. It’s a relaxing way to end the day.

Family-Friendly Attractions

Are you ready to laugh? The local theater is hosting a comedy night. Local comedians will make you giggle and grin.

Love history? Take a tour of the historic Wheeling Suspension Bridge. It’s a cool way to see the city and learn something new.

Art fans, listen up! There’s an art exhibit at the Wheeling Artisan Center. See paintings and sculptures by talented local artists.

Biking is fun! Join a group bike ride around Wheeling. It’s a great workout and a nice way to meet new friends.

Who’s up for a movie? There’s an outdoor movie night at the park. Bring a blanket, some snacks, and enjoy a family-friendly film under the stars.

Soccer players, get ready! There’s a pick-up soccer game happening. It doesn’t matter if you’re good or just starting; it’s all about fun.

Food lovers, there’s a food truck rally downtown. Taste different foods from tacos to ice cream. It’s delicious adventure on wheels!

Morning person? How about a sunrise walk? Join others early at the riverfront and watch the sunrise. It’s a fresh way to wake up.

Get your groove on at a dance workshop. Learn hip hop or salsa moves and dance the day away. It’s fun and you don’t need any experience.

Dining and Nightlife

Wheeling, WV, has some yummy places to grab a bite this weekend. Try a pizza that’s as big as your table or a burger with all kinds of toppings. Everyone will find something they love.

For dessert, check out the local ice cream shop. They have cool flavors like apple pie and chocolate pretzel. It’s a sweet way to finish your meal.

Looking for a fun place to hang out at night? There’s a bowling alley that turns into a cool spot for kids and teens. They play music, turn down the lights, and you can bowl with your friends.

Enjoy live music? There are cafes and small bars where bands play. You might hear rock, country, or jazz. Sip a soda and enjoy the tunes.

And if you’re into games, there’s a spot downtown with arcade games. Challenge your friends or family to see who can get the highest score.

Featured Restaurants and Bars

Wheeling’s got some tasty spots to eat this weekend. There’s a new pizza joint with cheesy slices and cool arcade games. It’s perfect for families and friends looking for a fun bite.

Craving something sweet? A local bakery is serving up giant cookies and creamy milkshakes. Swing by and treat your sweet tooth.

Want to catch some live music? A band is playing at the riverside this Saturday. Enjoy the tunes, munch on some great food from nearby places, and chill by the water.

Need a late-night snack? There’s a diner open 24 hours with the best fries in town. It’s the spot to hit when you’re out late and hungry.

For those over 21, there’s a cool bar with craft beers and a big patio. Hang out, sip on something tasty, and enjoy the evening vibe.

On Sunday, a local café is doing brunch with all-you-can-eat pancakes. It’s a sweet deal to end your weekend right.

Special Weekend Offers

Looking for a little adventure in Wheeling? There’s a taco truck that parks by the city park. They’ve got spicy tacos and icy cold drinks. Take a break from the playground and grab a bite.

Are you a fan of BBQ? A smokehouse in town has the juiciest ribs and pulled pork. Fill up on some smoky goodness and don’t forget the extra napkins!

Feeling fancy? There’s an Italian restaurant with candlelit tables this weekend. Share a pasta dish and feel like you’re in a movie.

Love burgers? A local eatery has a burger challenge. Devour a giant burger and win a prize. It’s a fun thing to do with friends!

For a chill time, visit a coffee shop with board games and live acoustic music. It’s a cozy place to relax with a cup of joe.

Like trying new things? There’s a food festival with dishes from all over the world. Sample different flavors and find your new favorite.

Outdoor and Recreational Activities

Grab your bike or rent one and join the group ride this weekend. It starts at the Wheeling Heritage Trail. This trail goes along the river, so you’ll get a great view.

Like to fish? The Wheeling Creek is a spot where the fish are biting. Bring your gear and maybe you’ll catch dinner!

Take a walk on the wild side at the Oglebay Good Zoo. They have red pandas and meerkats. It’s not just for kids; everyone will have fun.

Is golf your game? There’s a mini-golf course that’s perfect for testing your skills. Challenge your friends or family to a game.

Enjoy the fresh air with a picnic at Oglebay Park. Find a peaceful spot under a tree. Kick a soccer ball around or throw a frisbee.

Ready for some team action? There’s a community softball game you can join. No need to be a pro, just come and have fun.

Park Events

Outdoor lovers, head over to the Wheeling Heritage Trail for some fresh air on your bike or a peaceful walk. This weekend, there’s a community 5K race too. Cheer on the runners or join in the fun!

If you’ve got a green thumb, the Wheeling Park greenhouse is having a plant sale. Find some beautiful flowers or herbs for your garden. They’re even giving quick gardening tips this Saturday.

Is fishing your thing? The Wheeling Creek is stocked with trout. Bring your fishing gear and see what you can catch. Remember to get a fishing license if you don’t have one!

Fancy some golf? There’s a mini-golf course at Oglebay Park offering a fun challenge for all ages. It’s an awesome way to enjoy the outdoors and maybe get a hole-in-one.

Animal lovers won’t want to miss the Good Zoo at Oglebay. They’ve got cool animals and even a train ride. This weekend, they’re having a special reptile show.

If you’re into skateboarding or rollerblading, check out the local skate park. It’s a great spot to learn new tricks or just watch others show off their skills.

Sports and Wellness

Thrill-seekers should check out the zipline at Grand Vue Park. Zoom across the sky and see Wheeling from up high. Make sure to book your spot ahead of time for this weekend’s adventure!

Water fun is on at Wheeling’s indoor pool this weekend. They’re having pool games and swim races for kids. Grab your swimsuit and join the splashy fun!

Feeling competitive? There’s a friendly soccer match at the local park. You can play or cheer on the teams. Just show up and join the community spirit.

Take a kayak down the Ohio River and explore the waters around Wheeling. Rentals are open this weekend. Get your life jackets on and paddle away!

Enjoy the stars? The SMART Centre Market is hosting a stargazing event this Saturday night. They have telescopes for you to use and experts to guide you. Don’t miss this out-of-this-world experience!

Wheeling’s farmers market is the place to be for fresh food and hand-made crafts. It’s open this weekend and full of local goodness. Stop by to taste and see what our neighbors have made!

Rock climbing enthusiasts, there’s a new bouldering area at the local gym. They’re welcoming all levels this weekend. Go ahead and climb to the top!


Wheeling, WV is buzzing with activities this weekend. It’s the perfect time to step out and make memories. Whether you’re soaring through the air or swimming in the pool, there’s something for everyone.

After a fun day, why not relax under the stars or climb to new heights at the gym? The Ohio Valley is full of adventures waiting for you. So, grab your friends and family and dive into the excitement.

Remember to check times and book spots where needed. Some events might need a sign-up before you go. The weekend’s waiting for you to explore all that Wheeling has to offer!