Steubenville County

Steubenville is a city with a big heart in the state of Ohio. It’s right near the Ohio River which makes it super special. Did you know that it’s sometimes called the ‘City of Murals’? That’s because there are lots of cool paintings on buildings all over town!

This city isn’t huge, but it’s got plenty of stories to tell. It’s part of Jefferson County and has been around for over 200 years! That’s a lot of history in one place. People here like to cheer for their high school football team, the Big Red. They’re a big deal in Steubenville!

Even though it’s not a giant city, Steubenville is famous for something pretty awesome. It’s the birthplace of Dean Martin, a famous singer, and actor. Imagine that, a superstar from a small town! Lots of people come here in June for the Dean Martin Festival to remember him and listen to music.

There’s also a cool college here called Franciscan University. Students from all over come to learn and study. The University brings lots of energy and fun ideas to the city.

So, Steubenville is a mix of old tales and new adventures. It’s a place where neighbors know each other and history is alive in its streets. Stay tuned to learn more about this welcoming city in Ohio!

Historical Significance of Steubenville

Long ago, Steubenville was a fort called Fort Steuben, named after a big-deal Revolutionary War hero. It was built in 1786 to keep people safe. Today, we remember that fort in the city’s name.

Did you know that Steubenville was a stop on the Underground Railroad? This secret network helped enslaved people escape to freedom. Houses in Steubenville secretly welcomed them and helped them on their brave journey.

In the past, Steubenville was also known for making things out of iron and steel. These factories gave jobs to lots of people and made the city important in the area. Though the factories are quieter now, they remind us of the city’s tough, hardworking spirit.

Once upon a time, streetcars ran all over Steubenville. People would hop on to visit friends, go shopping, or get to work. The streetcars don’t run anymore, but they were a big part of everyday life way back when.

Every year, people in Steubenville throw a big party called the Steubenville Nutcracker Village & Advent Market. It’s a winter wonderland with lots of nutcrackers, just like the ones from the famous ballet. It’s a new tradition that’s quickly becoming part of the city’s history.

So while Steubenville might seem like a regular town, it’s got a lot of history tucked into its streets. From a brave fort to helping people find freedom, and from big factories to fun festivals, Steubenville’s story is still being written today.

Early Settlements

Long ago, Native American tribes like the Shawnee and Mingo lived in the area. They used the Ohio River to travel and trade. Steubenville was an important spot for them because it was by the river.

In 1786, a fort called Fort Steuben was built to protect the early settlers. The city got its name from this fort. These settlers used the river just like the Native Americans, but for trading goods to faraway places.

When the country was growing, Steubenville became a big name in making things out of iron and steel. This helped build machines and railroads which made it easier for people to move and work all over America.

Steubenville was also a stop on the Underground Railroad. This was a secret network that helped enslaved African Americans escape to freedom. Brave people in Steubenville helped many find their way to a better life.

Later, in the 1900s, big factories made Steubenville rich. Jobs were easy to find, and lots of folks moved here for work. The city was booming, and neighborhoods were full of families from many places.

Now, Steubenville may not have as many factories, but it’s still proud of its past. People here remember the city’s role in making America strong. They celebrate their history and the brave people who built this place.

To learn more about Steubenville and its history, visit the local museum website at or take a walking tour to see the historical sites.

Industrial Growth and Decline

Did you know that Steubenville is called the ‘City of Murals’? It has over 25 huge paintings on buildings that show scenes from its history. People can walk around downtown and see the art, learning history at the same time.

One famous person from Steubenville was Dean Martin. He was a big-time singer and actor. There’s an annual festival in the city that celebrates his life and career. Fans come from all over to enjoy music and remember him.

There’s also a college in Steubenville called Franciscan University. It’s well-known for its learning and faith. Lots of students come to study there, and it brings new life to the city.

Steubenville has something called ‘First Fridays on Fourth’. On the first Friday of each month, the streets fill with music, food, and art. It’s a way for people in town to have fun and celebrate together.

Sports are big in Steubenville too. The local high school, Steubenville High School, is known for its football team, the Big Red. They have won a lot of championships and the whole town supports them.

So, even though Steubenville is a small city, it has a big story. From murals and festivals to sports and colleges, there’s always something to learn and enjoy in Steubenville!

Notable Historical Figures

Steubenville has a lot of history. Long ago, it was a fort called Fort Steuben, built in 1786. It was named after a soldier named Baron von Steuben.

This city grew because of the Ohio River. The river made it easy for boats to bring goods and for people to travel. This helped Steubenville become bigger and more important.

In the past, Steubenville was known for making things. They had big places called mills where workers made steel. The steel from Steubenville was used to build things all over the country.

People here worked hard in coal mines too. Coal was dug up to help make the steel. It was tough work, but it was important for the city’s growth.

There was a famous court case in Steubenville long ago, called the ‘Jenny Trial’. It helped stop slavery in Ohio. This was a big step for freedom and rights.

Did you see the market house in Steubenville? It’s old and was a place where people sold food and goods. It’s still standing after more than 100 years!

Comparison with Neighboring Cities

If you visit Wheeling, WV, you’ll find it’s a bit different from Steubenville. Wheeling has the Wheeling Island Casino where you can play games and watch races. Steubenville doesn’t have a casino, but it has a lot of cool history spots.

Weirton, WV is close to Steubenville, too. Weirton and Steubenville both made steel, but Weirton still has its mill running. Some people from Steubenville work in Weirton because it’s not far to drive.

Steubenville is special for its music history. Dean Martin, a famous singer, was born here. Wheeling is known for the Capitol Theatre, where you can watch shows and concerts. Weirton doesn’t have a big theater like that, but it does have fun festivals.

All three cities love their football. High school football is a big deal in Steubenville, Wheeling, and Weirton. Each city has teams they are proud of, and they all play hard.

Steubenville has a cool nickname: the ‘City of Murals’. There are paintings on buildings downtown that tell its story. Wheeling has murals too, but not as many. Weirton is working on making more art for everyone to see.

One thing they all share is the Ohio River. It runs by all three cities. The river helps them trade and bring in stuff they need. It’s like a water road connecting everyone.

Economic Development in Wheeling, WV

Steubenville is not the only cool place near the Ohio River. Wheeling in West Virginia is close by too. Wheeling was a big deal in the early days because it was the state’s first capital!

Weirton is another neighbor and it’s in West Virginia as well. Just like Steubenville, Weirton worked hard in steel. They had big steel mills where lots of people had jobs making metal for all sorts of stuff.

When you compare Steubenville to Wheeling and Weirton, they all have a love for sports. High school football is a big deal, and game nights are super exciting for everyone!

All three cities like celebrating their past. They have museums and old buildings that tell stories about the old days. It’s like time travel when you visit them!

But each place is different too. Steubenville has Dean Martin; he was a famous singer and actor. There’s even a festival for him every year. It’s a special thing for the city. Wheeling and Weirton have their own stars and special days.

Also, Steubenville is on the Ohio side, which makes it special. It means it has different laws and teams than Wheeling and Weirton. People there cheer for Ohio sports teams!

The Ohio River connects Steubenville with these cities. It’s like a watery road that brings friends to visit and helps businesses. Boats still travel on the river, just like in the old days.

Weirton, WV’s Industrial Landscape

Steubenville, Ohio, is a bit smaller than its neighbor Wheeling. That’s cool because it can feel friendlier and not as crowded. People know each other and it’s got a hometown vibe.

Wheeling has a bigger mall than Steubenville, so some folks go there to shop. But Steubenville has unique shops, which is neat for finding one-of-a-kind stuff.

Weirton is closer to Pittsburgh than Steubenville. So, some people in Weirton cheer for Pittsburgh sports teams. In Steubenville, they mostly root for Ohio teams.

Steubenville has a college called Franciscan University. It’s well-known and brings students from all over. Neither Wheeling nor Weirton has a college just like it.

Also, Steubenville has a park called Beatty Park that’s really pretty, especially in fall. Wheeling has a big park too, called Oglebay. It’s famous for its winter lights.

One more thing, Steubenville has cool murals of their history painted on buildings downtown. In Wheeling and Weirton, they have historic landmarks, but Steubenville’s murals are something you don’t see everywhere.

Cultural and Demographic Contrasts

Let’s talk about the rivers. Steubenville sits by the Ohio River, just like Wheeling and Weirton. But, Steubenville has a special spot called the Steubenville Marina. You can fish or just hang out and watch the boats. That’s pretty cool.

Now, for fun places, Steubenville has the Belleview Park. It has a pool and a skatepark. Kids and families love it! Wheeling and Weirton have parks too, but Belleview is a favorite in Steubenville.

When it comes to music and festivals, Steubenville knows how to party. The Dean Martin Festival is a blast from the past. Wheeling and Weirton have fun events, but Dean Martin was born in Steubenville, so it’s extra special here.

Factories and jobs are important. Steubenville has fewer factories than Weirton. But some people in Steubenville work in Weirton because it’s pretty close, like neighbors helping neighbors.

Eating is the best, right? Steubenville has yummy pizza places, like DiCarlo’s. It’s famous for putting cold cheese on hot pizza. Weirton and Wheeling have good food, but DiCarlo’s pizza is a Steubenville thing.

Finally, Steubenville is sometimes called “City of Murals” because of all the cool paintings on buildings. Weirton has some art too, but Steubenville is really proud of its murals.

Current Challenges and Opportunities

Steubenville is working hard to make things even better. Some old buildings are empty and need fixing. People are talking about ways to fill them up with new shops or houses. That would be neat for everyone.

Jobs are a big deal. Steubenville wants to create more jobs for people. So, they are trying to get more businesses to come to town. This is a challenge but can be a good thing for families.

Schools in Steubenville are also looking to improve. They want more books and computers for students. And they want to make school fun so kids love learning. Everyone agrees this is super important.

There are places in Steubenville that need cleaning up, like some parks and streets. People are coming together to clean them up. When a place looks nice, it makes people happy and proud.

Steubenville also wants to be healthy. There are plans for new walking and bike trails. This way, folks can exercise and enjoy the outdoors. That sounds like a great plan for families and friends!

For fun stuff, Steubenville is thinking about more festivals and sports events. These can bring people from other towns to visit. This is a chance to show off what’s great about Steubenville.

Economic Revitalization Efforts

Steubenville County is facing a problem with stores closing down. This means people have fewer places to shop. But on the bright side, new businesses could come and bring more choices for shopping.

Another challenge is there aren’t enough jobs for everyone. This makes it hard for people, especially young adults, to find work. But the good part is new companies might set up and create jobs for people in the county.

Also, some schools need better stuff, like computers and sports equipment. The opportunity here is that if schools get better gear, kids will have more fun learning and playing.

There’s also a chance to fix up old buildings. Some are empty and look sad. If these buildings get repaired, they could be used for cool things like art spaces or shops.

Lastly, there’s traffic. Sometimes the roads get too busy and it’s hard to get around. But if new roads are built or old ones are improved, traveling would be way easier.

Educational Institutions Impact

People in Steubenville County worry about pollution. It’s not good for our health or nature. Yet, if we work on this, we can make our air and water cleaner for everyone.

Another issue is that not all houses have fast internet. This is tough when kids need to do homework or when parents work from home. The chance we have is to spread better internet to all homes, which helps everyone learn and work better.

Sometimes, it’s not easy for people to see a doctor when they are sick. By bringing more doctors to the area, folks wouldn’t have to travel far when they don’t feel good.

Lots of people want more fun stuff to do, like parks or movie theaters. If we create more of these, friends and families will have great places to hang out and enjoy their time together.

Lastly, we can use the beautiful Ohio River more. If we take care of it and make places for boats and fishing, people can have a great time by the water.

Civic Engagement and Community Development

Steubenville County faces a tough problem with empty buildings. They don’t look good and no one uses them. But, we can turn them into cool places like shops or art centers!

Some roads and bridges here are old and need fixing. This can make driving tricky. But fixing them gives us safer ways to travel and brings in jobs for builders.

Jobs are hard to find for some folks in our county. But we can bring new companies that make good things we can sell to other places. This means more jobs for people here.

Our farmers and people who make stuff need help to sell their things. We have a chance to make it easier for them to sell to more people. This helps our workers and families to have more money.

Some kids and grown-ups don’t always eat healthy food. We can support places like farmers’ markets, so everyone can eat fresh and healthy stuff grown by our local farmers.

Lastly, since we live close to big cities like Pittsburgh, we have a chance to invite more visitors. We can show them how nice Steubenville County is and all the fun things they can do here.


Steubenville County is on the right track to getting better. When we fix our buildings and roads, we create a nicer place for everyone to live and work.

By bringing in new businesses, we can make more jobs. This helps our friends and family stay here instead of moving away to find work.

We also want everyone in Steubenville County to be healthy. Having more places to buy fresh food is a big step to making that happen.

And remember, inviting people from other places to visit can make Steubenville County even more special. We can share what we love about our home with them!

Working together, we can make Steubenville County a great place for all of us. Let’s keep going and make our county shine!