Steubenville Ohio County

Steubenville is a cool city in Ohio. It’s the county seat of Jefferson County. That means it’s where the county’s government is.

It’s right by the Ohio River which makes it really pretty. It’s also close to two other states, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

A lot of people live, work, and go to school in Steubenville. They call it the “City of Murals” because of all the awesome paintings on buildings downtown.

People in Steubenville love their football, especially the high school team. Go Big Red! The city is super proud of their team.

There’s also a university in Steubenville. It’s called Franciscan University and a bunch of students from different places study there.

Geography and Demographics

Have you ever wondered how many people live in Steubenville? Well, there are about 18,000 folks here. That might seem like a lot, but it’s not too crowded.

Boys and girls here are almost half and half. It’s like if you had a pizza cut into ten slices, five would be boys, and five would be girls.

People from lots of different backgrounds call Steubenville home. Some families have been here for a long time, and some are new friends.

There are lots of houses and a few big buildings in Steubenville. Most people live in houses with yards where they can play and have fun.

When you look at a map, Steubenville is in the eastern part of Ohio. It’s not too far from a big river, which is super important for boats and stuff.

Kids go to different schools in Steubenville. They learn all sorts of things like math, science, and how to be good friends.

Location and Topography

Steubenville is not just a single spot, it stretches out a bit. There are hills around it, which can be really fun to explore.

Not everyone in Steubenville lives in the same type of home. Some people have houses with yards, while others live in buildings with many homes inside.

Around 18,000 people live in Steubenville. That’s like having 18,000 friends in one place!

These folks come from all sorts of backgrounds. Some families have been here for a long time, and some are new to the area.

Most people here speak English, but you might hear other languages too. It’s like a little world tour without leaving home.

Population and Growth

Steubenville is in a county called Jefferson. It’s like Jefferson is the parent, and Steubenville is one of its kids. There are other ‘sibling’ cities too.

The Ohio River flows right by the town. It’s a big, important river that many other towns sit next to as well.

Boys and girls here go to different schools. Some learn right in Steubenville, while others go to nearby places.

Most people in Steubenville work in different jobs like teaching, making things, or helping others.

When you meet someone from Steubenville, they might tell you about the cool history of their place. It has stories from a long time ago.

Neighboring Cities: Wheeling and Weirton

Steubenville sits on the banks of a river. This river shapes the land making it hilly and green. It’s not flat like a pancake at all.

People have lived in Steubenville for a long time. The town is home to around 18,000 folks.

In Steubenville, you’ll find families of all kinds. Some have lived here for generations, while others have come from different places.

There are kids and grown-ups, old folks, and young people. All these folks make up the town’s colorful quilt.

Economy and Industry

Steubenville, Ohio is known for making things out of steel. This was a huge deal back in the day. Today, less steel is made, but it’s still important.

The city also has a lot of health care jobs. People work in hospitals or doctors’ offices. This helps keep the community healthy.

Education is big too. There’s a university called Franciscan University where many people study and work.

Stores and restaurants in Steubenville give jobs to folks. This includes places to buy clothes, food, and other things people need.

Some people work in offices where they use computers and talk on phones. They help with money stuff and keep things organized.

Most products made here are shipped to different places. Big trucks carry the items on highways and sometimes they go by boat on the river.

The city is growing new kinds of jobs in tech and research. These are jobs for the future that kids might want to learn about.

Many families in Steubenville have their own businesses. This can be hard work, but it is also very rewarding for them.

Historical Economic Overview

Steubenville is known for making things. This place used to make a lot of steel that helped build America. Now, the city looks for new ways to grow jobs.

The city has a place called a college. The college is called Franciscan University of Steubenville. Lots of people come to learn there.

Also, there are doctors and nurses working in big hospitals. They take care of sick people and help keep the town healthy.

Many people work in shops and restaurants. They sell food and things people need. Every job is important in Steubenville.

Some folks have jobs helping others. Like bus drivers taking people to places and police keeping everyone safe.

There are also factories outside of town. They make different things that go to stores or even to other countries.

People here also grow food, like tomatoes and corn. This farming helps feed families in Steubenville and nearby places.

The town is not far from big roads that trucks use. These trucks carry stuff made in Steubenville to other spots.

Current Key Industries

Steubenville is by the river, and boats on the river move things that are heavy or big. This river is called the Ohio River.

Trains run through the city too. They carry things from Steubenville and bring new stuff to us.

People in Steubenville work at jobs where they fix cars and trucks. When vehicles work well, they can do more work.

Some people work with technology, like computers. They help make sure everything runs smooth in offices and schools.

There’s a place where people work with money, like banks. Banks help people save money and buy houses.

A lot of people work as teachers, too. They teach kids in schools so they can learn and do great things one day.

Steubenville is trying to get more tourists. Tourists are people who visit places. They come, see cool stuff, and spend money in town.

There are also folks who build houses and fix old ones. Everyone needs a nice place to live, so this job is very important.

Some people here work in government jobs. They help make sure the city runs right.

And don’t forget the artists! They make beautiful things that make our city special.

Economic Relations with Wheeling, WV and Weirton, WV

Steubenville, Ohio has factories where people make things. They make metal, like steel, which is used to build stuff.

Some people work at making food that we eat, like bread and cookies. They work in places called bakeries.

We also have doctors and nurses. They keep us healthy. They work in big places called hospitals or small offices called clinics.

Stores are important too. We have people who sell clothes, toys, and food. When we buy things, it helps our town.

Our town is growing plants and food, too. Farms are important because they grow the food we eat every day.

There are also people who fix pipes and wires in houses. When something breaks, they come to fix it so things work again.

Lots of trucks come through Steubenville. They carry things to other places. Some people drive the trucks and help deliver things.

Cultural and Historical Significance

Steubenville, Ohio is full of history. It’s named after a guy called Fort Steuben. He was important a long time ago.

There’s an old college here, called Franciscan University. Students come from lots of places to learn.

Every year, people come for a big party called the Dean Martin Festival. Dean Martin was a famous singer from Steubenville.

Our town has a museum with old things to see. It’s a place where you can learn about the past.

We always remember important people from Steubenville. There are statues and signs about them around town.

We’re close to a big river called the Ohio River. Boats used to carry things on this river a long, long time ago.

There are also some old buildings that look really cool. They remind us of how people lived before.

Landmarks and Historical Sites

Steubenville is a special place with a big history. It’s named after a man called Fort Steuben to honor him. This fort was a big deal a long time ago.

Important people come from here. One man named Edwin Stanton was a big helper to President Lincoln. He was born in Steubenville.

Long ago, people used the river to move things and travel. The Ohio River is still important for boats to carry stuff today.

Every year, a lot of people come to see the Dean Martin Festival. Dean Martin was a famous singer and actor from Steubenville.

We celebrate our past with a museum. It’s called the Jefferson County Historical Museum and has old things to look at.

Music and plays are part of Steubenville too. People go to the Historic Fort Steuben to listen to concerts in the summer.

Big murals on buildings show our history. They’re like huge paintings on the walls outside. You can walk around and see them all.

In the fall, we have a festival with pumpkins and fun games. It’s called the Steubenville Nutcracker Village & Advent Market. Families love it!

Cultural Events and Festivals

Steubenville has cool buildings that are very old. Some have been around for more than 100 years. That’s a really long time!

People in Steubenville love their sports. High school football is a big deal. Many folks come to watch the games on Friday nights.

The city makes sure old houses and buildings stay safe. They want people in the future to see how people lived back in the old days.

We have a statue of a brave soldier named George Washington. He helped America become a country before he was president.

There are pretty churches here too. They have been there since the town started. People get together there for important times like Christmas and Easter.

The city puts on plays about history. These plays tell stories about long ago. They help us learn about the past in a fun way.

Steubenville has a parade with flowers in the spring. It’s to remember the first day of May. Kids and grown-ups like to watch the parade.

There’s a place called Historic Mount Pleasant. It’s a little village close by. It shows how life was a long time ago in Ohio.

Historical Connections with Wheeling, WV and Weirton, WV

Steubenville is known for a famous art event every year called the Dean Martin Festival. Dean Martin was a big music and movie star. He was born in Steubenville.

There’s also a museum called the Steubenville Historical Society. It has lots of old things to look at. It helps us understand what life was like a long time ago.

Long ago, Native American tribes lived in this area. They hunted, fished, and built homes here. We remember them and their history, too.

The first settlers to Steubenville came from far away places. They were brave to make new homes in the woods. We talk about their stories so we don’t forget.

Every year, there’s a big event called the Jefferson County Fair. It has farm animals, games, and yummy food. It’s fun for families to go together.

Steubenville has a library that’s really old. It gives kids books to read. Reading helps them learn about all kinds of things.

During Christmas, Steubenville becomes a winter wonderland. There’s an event called the Nutcracker Village & Advent Market. People can see lots of Nutcrackers and get holiday treats.


Steubenville, Ohio, is a special place with a rich past and fun things to do today. Kids and grown-ups can all find something they like.

The town is proud of the people who started it. They worked hard to build Steubenville from the ground up. Now, it’s our job to keep their stories alive.

Every part of Steubenville, from the music festivals to the Christmas market, tells its own story. The town is full of friendly faces and warm hearts.

Remembering the Native Americans and the first settlers gives us lessons for today. Their strength and courage are part of Steubenville’s spirit.

As Steubenville keeps growing, it will stay a place where history and fun come together. It’s a town that never forgets where it came from.

So, if you want to see a place full of history and happiness, come visit Steubenville. It’s a little town with a big heart in Ohio!