Steubenville Ohio

Steubenville, Ohio, is a city with a lot of history. It sits by the Ohio River, which is a big river that many people and animals use. This river is very important for boats and for nature.

The city is known for its cool old buildings and has a college called Franciscan University. Lots of students come here to learn. Steubenville is also famous because it was the home of a very famous singer, Dean Martin.

People in Steubenville love their sports, especially high school football. The city really comes together to cheer for their teams. It’s a place where neighbors know each other and feel like one big family.

History of Steubenville, Ohio

The city of Steubenville was named after Fort Steuben, made to honor a big-shot Army man from way back when, named Baron von Steuben. The fort was built in 1786 to help keep the peace in the area.

Way before it got its name, Native American tribes lived on the land. They used the Ohio River to travel and get food. When settlers came, they thought the river was perfect for moving goods and growing the town.

A long time ago, Steubenville was a stop on the Underground Railroad. This was a secret network that helped slaves escape to freedom. Brave people in Steubenville helped many slaves find a safer life.

Early Settlement and Growth

Long ago, Native Americans were the first to live in what we now call Steubenville. They used the land to live, hunt, and fish. When people from Europe came, they made a town there in the late 1700s.

Steubenville got its name from a fort called Fort Steuben. This fort was named to honor a general from Germany who helped during America’s fight for freedom. The town grew around the fort because it was a safe place to be.

In the 1900s, Steubenville became really busy because of factories. They made things like steel and pottery. Many people came to work in these factories. This made Steubenville an important city for making stuff.

Today, Steubenville is not as busy with factories, but it still remembers its past. There are museums and old houses that show what life was like a long time ago. It’s a special place with a story that goes back many years.

Steel Industry and Economic Expansion

Steubenville is known for something really cool called the City of Murals. These are big paintings on the sides of buildings downtown. They show different parts of Steubenville’s history and famous people from there.

A famous person from Steubenville was a singer named Dean Martin. He was very popular and even has a festival in Steubenville every year to celebrate his music.

Another important part of Steubenville’s past is its college, called Franciscan University. It’s a place where lots of students come to learn. The university has been a big part of the city for many years.

Steubenville has a fun event every year called the Dean Martin Festival. People come to enjoy music, see impersonators, and remember the famous singer.

21st Century Developments

Steubenville, Ohio, sits by the Ohio River. It was named after a fort called Fort Steuben, built in 1786 to honor Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben.

Long ago, Steubenville was a big deal because of its location by the river. It was a gateway for people moving west.

Coffee pots are a symbol here. There’s a big coffee pot by the market, showing that Steubenville was a spot to rest and chat for travelers.

Did you know Steubenville was part of something called the Underground Railroad? It was a secret network that helped slaves escape to freedom.

Steubenville used to make a lot of things like pottery and steel. These factories gave jobs to many people and helped the city grow.

Culture and Landmarks in Steubenville

Steubenville is known for its cool murals. These big paintings are on the sides of buildings downtown, and they tell the city’s story. There’s even one of Dean Martin!

Dean Martin was a famous singer and actor. He grew up in Steubenville. Every year, people celebrate him with a festival called Dean Martin Festival.

The city loves history. There’s a place called Historic Fort Steuben. It’s a rebuilt fort where you can learn about how people lived long ago.

Have you heard of the Old Fort Steuben Project? It’s all about keeping the history of the fort alive. They have tours and events for families to enjoy.

There’s a special mansion in Steubenville called the Grand Theater. It’s really old and has been fixed up so people can see plays and concerts there.

Sports are big here too. Franciscan University of Steubenville has teams that many folks cheer for. Go Barons!

Annual Festivals and Events

Steubenville has cool stuff from its past. Like the Old Fort Steuben. This fort shows what life was like a long time ago. People can visit and see the old buildings and even watch people act like they did in the 1700s.

There’s also the Steubenville Murals. Artists painted big pictures on the walls by the river. These pictures tell stories about the city and the people who live here.

For music lovers, the Dean Martin Festival is super fun. It’s a party for a famous singer who was born here. People come to enjoy music and remember Dean Martin’s songs.

The city loves its history. There’s a museum called the Jefferson County Historical Association and Museum. It has lots of old things to look at. You can learn about the people who started Steubenville.

Every year, people get together for the Greek Food Festival. They eat yummy Greek food, dance, and have a good time. It’s a way to celebrate the Greek people who live in Steubenville.

Museums and Historical Sites

Steubenville is home to Franciscan University. It’s a place where students come to learn. The university makes the city lively with events and young people around.

The city has a special week called the Jefferson County Fair. Families come to see animals and go on rides. It’s fun and happens every summer.

Another cool place is the Historic Fort Steuben Visitor Center. This is where you start to learn about the fort. They have gifts and things to remember your visit.

Steubenville has beautiful churches too. Holy Name Cathedral is a big church with pretty windows. It’s an important place for many people in the city.

For people who like sports, Steubenville has the Lou Holtz Upper Ohio Valley Hall of Fame. Here, you can see trophies and learn about sports heroes that came from around this area.

Public Art and Murals

In Steubenville, the city loves its music and art. In June, there’s a music festival called the Dean Martin Festival. People remember the famous singer Dean Martin who was born here.

Art lovers have a lot to see too. Downtown Steubenville has big paintings on buildings called murals. These murals show important moments and people from the city’s history.

Every year, people get excited for the Greek Food Festival. It’s a time to enjoy yummy food and learn about Greek culture. There’s music and dancing too.

There’s also a place called the Steubenville Nutcracker Village & Advent Market. During winter holidays, people can see lots of nutcrackers and shop for gifts. It’s a magical spot for families.

Economic and Educational Landscape

Steubenville is known for its history with steel. Long ago, steel mills gave a lot of jobs to people. Nowadays, the city is looking for new ways to make money and grow.

One big place in Steubenville is the Franciscan University. A lot of students come to study here. They learn about lots of different things, like business and nursing.

People are working to make the city better for business. They want more shops and companies to open in Steubenville. This could mean more jobs for people who live here.

Schools in Steubenville are helping kids get ready for the future. They teach things like math, science, and reading. Good schools are important for kids to learn and grow up smart.

Current Economic Climate

Steubenville is a small city with a big heart for learning. It’s home to Franciscan University of Steubenville, where students study many different things. The university is a big part of the city and brings students from all over.

Many people work in healthcare and education here. These jobs are important for taking care of people and teaching kids. There are also jobs making things in factories.

In nearby cities like Wheeling and Weirton, some people work in offices or shops. People in these cities often visit each other and share the same kinds of jobs.

Even though Steubenville is small, it has a big library called the Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County. The library has books and computers that help everyone learn new things.

Higher Education Institutions

Steubenville is not just about schools, it’s also a place where businesses grow. Some people have shops and restaurants that many folks like to visit.

The city works hard to make business better. They try to create new jobs so that people can make money to take care of their families. This helps everyone in Steubenville have a good life.

People in Steubenville also like to make their city look nice. They work on parks and buildings so that when people come to visit, they see a beautiful place. When a city looks good, it can attract more businesses and visitors.

Local Workforce Development

Steubenville, Ohio is like a big classroom without walls. Kids go to school every day to learn math, science, reading, and lots of other things. Good schools help kids become smart grown-ups who can do great jobs in the future.

Franciscan University is in Steubenville. It’s a special college where lots of people go to learn even more after they finish high school. The teachers there are really good at helping students know more about what they love.

Having a college in Steubenville is awesome because it means students from other places come to study. This is good for the city because these students sometimes eat at local restaurants, shop in stores, and even go to festivals and fairs in town.

Some people who finish college in Steubenville might decide to stay and work there. This is great because they can use what they learned to help make the city even better. They might become teachers, doctors, or start their own businesses.


When people think of Steubenville, Ohio, they often picture the big, beautiful murals painted on buildings around town. Each painting tells a story about the city’s history and the people who have lived there. These murals are like outdoor picture books that everyone can enjoy for free!

Steubenville is not just about the past. It’s also about having fun right now. Kids and families love going to Beatty Park to play and explore. There are swings, slides, and even trails for hiking. It’s a great place to spend a sunny afternoon outside.

There’s always something exciting going on in Steubenville. Whether it’s a football game where everyone cheers for their team or a cool music festival, there’s a lot of fun stuff to do. People are really friendly, so it’s easy to make new friends while having a great time.

Steubenville might seem like just a small city, but it’s got a big heart and lots of spirit. The city looks forward to seeing its kids grow up and do amazing things. Maybe someday, some of those kids will make new murals about all the great stuff happening in Steubenville today!