Stuebenville Oh

Welcome to Steubenville, OH! Steubenville is a friendly city with a lot of history. It’s a place where neighbors know each other and kids play outside.

This city is by the Ohio River, which is pretty cool to see. Also, Steubenville is known for some famous people, like Dean Martin, a big-time singer!

Steubenville has fun stuff to do, like going to parks, checking out the library, and learning about old buildings. People here work hard and are proud of their town.

Close to Steubenville are two other cities, Wheeling, WV and Weirton, WV. They’re like Steubenville’s neighbors, and together they make this part of the country special.

So, get ready to explore Steubenville with us and see what makes it an awesome place to live or visit!

History and Background of Steubenville, OH

Long ago, before Steubenville got its name, Native Americans lived on this land. They fished in the river and walked through the woods here.

In 1797, a man named Bezaleel Wells thought this spot by the Ohio River would make a good town. So, he made a map and started selling pieces of land to other people to build their homes. That’s how Steubenville began!

It was named after a German guy, Baron von Steuben. He helped the American soldiers during a big war called the Revolutionary War. People in Steubenville liked him, so they named the town to honor him.

As the years went by, the town grew bigger because of the river. Boats could carry things to sell, like coal and steel, to other places far away. The river helped make Steubenville a busy place with lots of jobs.

Today, Steubenville still remembers its history. There’s even a special week every year when people dress up like they are from olden times to celebrate the past.

Founding and Early Settlement

Long time ago, before Steubenville got its name, Native Americans lived on this land. They were the first people around the Ohio River here.

In 1797, a man named Bezaleel Wells founded Steubenville. He thought the spot next to the river was perfect for a town. So, he made a plan and started building Steubenville.

The town’s name comes from Fort Steuben, a fort that was built to protect early Americans. The fort is named after a big general, Baron von Steuben, from the Revolutionary War.

Steubenville grew when people found out there was a lot of coal and steel around. Workers came to dig coal and make steel. These things made Steubenville very busy and important.

Later on, Steubenville became famous for pottery too. They made plates, cups, and lots of stuff out of clay. Some people still collect this pottery today because it’s special.

Nowadays, Steubenville keeps its history alive. There’s a museum where you can learn more about how the city started and changed.

Industrial Growth and Decline

Many years have passed since Steubenville was first built. As it got older, the town changed a lot. New roads, stores, and houses were built as more people moved in.

One famous person from Steubenville is Dean Martin. He was a big singer and actor. People here are proud of him, and there’s even a festival every year to remember his music.

Steubenville is called the ‘City of Murals’ too. When you walk around, you can see big paintings on the walls. These artworks show stories from the town’s past.

Schools are a big deal in Steubenville. There’s a university here that lots of students come to. They study and learn things to help them in the future.

The town likes sports as well. High school football is very popular. On game nights, lots of people cheer for their local team.

Every year, people in Steubenville have a big fair called the Jefferson County Fair. They have fun rides, games, and show off animals like cows and pigs.

Cultural Significance and Heritage

Steubenville was named after a German man, Baron von Steuben. He helped train soldiers a long time ago during a war called the American Revolution.

The Ohio River runs by Steubenville. This river was important for the town. It let boats come in and out, carrying things to sell and buy.

Long ago, Steubenville was known for making things out of steel. A big company called Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel had lots of workers from the town.

Back in the day, pottery was also big in Steubenville. They made dishes and pots that were shipped to different places.

Economic and Social Landscape

Now, Steubenville isn’t making as much steel or pottery. Many factories have closed down. That means there are fewer jobs for people.

But Steubenville is trying to grow in new ways. They have a college called Franciscan University. Lots of students come to study there.

People in Steubenville are working hard to make their city better. They are fixing up old buildings and making new places for business.

Even though it’s smaller than some cities, Steubenville has a lot of history. Every year, they have a big festival called the Dean Martin Festival. Dean Martin was a famous singer and actor from this town.

Current Economy

Steubenville is a small city with a big history. Its factories used to make many jobs for people. Now, the city is changing and finding new ways to make money.

Today, Steubenville is trying to grow by focusing on education and health. There are schools and hospitals that help the city earn money and give jobs to people.

People in Steubenville like to be together and help each other. There are events and fairs where families can have fun and celebrate their city.

Some people here work in nearby cities, like Wheeling, WV and Weirton, WV. They drive to work every day. They earn money there but live and spend it in Steubenville.

Educational Institutions

Even though Steubenville is small, it has lots of shops and restaurants that people like. When people buy things, it helps the city’s money grow.

Steubenville is close to a big river called the Ohio River. This river used to be really important for carrying things to sell. Boats would carry stuff like steel and coal.

Now, the city is looking at new things to make and sell. This includes making places look nicer and fixing them up. This helps the city look better and it can bring in more tourists.

Many people in Steubenville volunteer to help out. They spend time making the city a better place. When people work together, it makes the city stronger and happier.

Demographics and Community Life

People who live in Steubenville, Ohio have jobs in different places. Some work in factories, while others work in stores or in schools. Everyone working helps the city earn money.

There are also some people who don’t have jobs, which is hard for them. The city is trying to help by finding new work for these people. Good jobs can make families happy and the city better.

Many folks in Steubenville care about their neighbors. They share things like food or clothes with people who need them. Being kind to each other makes the city feel like a big family.

Kids in Steubenville go to school to learn and to play with friends. Schools teach them to be smart and good at working with others. Smart kids can grow up to do great things for the city.

Points of Interest and Tourism

Steubenville, Ohio is a cool place with neat stuff to see. One fun spot is the Fort Steuben. It’s an old fort from a long time ago.

People can also check out the Steubenville Murals. These are big paintings on walls that show stories about the town.

There’s something special every year called the Dean Martin Festival. People celebrate a famous singer from Steubenville.

Visitors love going to the Franciscan University of Steubenville. It’s a pretty place where students learn.

Another hit is the Annual Greek Food Festival. You get to eat yummy food and watch dances from Greece.

Historic Sites and Museums

Steubenville, Ohio is a cool place with fun things to see. The city is on the Ohio River, which is pretty and important for boats.

Fort Steuben is a big deal here. It’s an old fort that shows what life was like a long time ago. People can visit and learn about history.

The city loves art, and they have statues of famous people. One of them is Dean Martin, who was a famous singer and actor. It’s fun to take pictures with these statues.

In the fall, Steubenville has a big pumpkin festival. Families can go there, eat yummy food, and see lots of pumpkins. It makes a fun day for everyone.

There’s also a museum about Steubenville’s past. It has old things and stories about the city. It’s cool to see how people lived before.

Events and Festivals

If you like animals, you’ll love the Steubenville City Park. This park has a lot of green space where you can play and relax. Sometimes, they even have outdoor movies that you can watch with your family and friends.

The Ohio River is great for fishing too. You can stand on the banks or go on a boat to catch fish. Don’t forget to look out for cool birds and other wildlife that live near the river.

Every year, Steubenville has special parades. The Christmas parade is super fun with floats and music. Everybody comes out to see it and enjoy the holiday spirit.

For those who like to learn, there’s the Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County. You can find lots of books and sometimes they have activities and programs for kids and families. It’s a nice place to spend time and learn new things.

Sports fans can watch local teams play at the high school stadium. It’s exciting to cheer for the players and feel the energy of the crowd.

Outdoor Activities and Parks

Steubenville, Ohio, is home to the Fort Steuben. The fort is a big piece of history and teaches us about the past. You can take a tour and see how people lived long ago.

Want to see some art? The Steubenville Art Association has cool paintings and sculptures. Sometimes they have contests for artists to show their best work. It’s free to visit and really interesting.

There’s also the Historic Downtown. Walking there is like stepping back in time with all the old buildings. They have little shops where you can buy special things you can’t find anywhere else.

Dino-lovers will get a kick out of the Dinosaur Statue in Steubenville. It’s a huge statue you can take pictures with, and pretend you’re in Jurassic Park!

Lastly, the Dean Martin Festival is a blast. Dean Martin was a famous singer and actor from Steubenville. The festival has music, food, and shows all about him. It happens every summer, and people love it.


In Steubenville, OH, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to learn about history, enjoy some art, or just have a good time, this town has it all.

Remember, places like the Fort Steuben and the Steubenville Art Association are not just for looking, they’re about learning and having fun too. Don’t miss out on the cool stuff they offer.

The Dinosaur Statue and the Dean Martin Festival are perfect for making memories. Take your family and friends, snap some photos, and enjoy the moments.

And don’t forget about the Historic Downtown. It’s more than just old buildings; it’s a place to find treasures and treats that are special to Steubenville.

Whether you’re from Wheeling, WV, Weirton, WV, or right here in Steubenville, come visit and see what makes our town unique!