Things Going On In Wheeling Wv

Wheeling, WV is a city buzzing with activities for everyone. Nestled in the Ohio Valley, it’s a place where history meets modern entertainment. Families, friends, and solo adventurers can find something here to make their days full of fun.

This city by the Ohio River has a calendar packed with events. Think festivals, live music, and sports games that bring people together. Wheeling is also known for its parks and the famous Wheeling Suspension Bridge, which lights up the skyline at night.

Art lovers and history buffs will find a lot to explore too. Museums and galleries offer a peek into the past, while new art scenes are popping up all over town. Plus, the local food scene is something to talk about, with tastes from all over the world.

So get ready to mark your calendars! Whether it’s catching a show at the Capitol Theatre or cheering at WesBanco Arena, Wheeling is the spot to be for exciting happenings in the Ohio Valley. Keep an eye out for what’s coming up next!

Historical Significance of Wheeling, WV

Wheeling has stories from long ago that still excite people today. It was once a frontier town and an important spot in the American Civil War. History fans love visiting because it feels like stepping back in time.

Every year, there are events that celebrate Wheeling’s past. People dress in old-time clothes and reenact battles. These reenactments bring history to life and are exciting to watch. It’s like being in a live-action history book!

Also, the Wheeling Heritage Trail is a place where history and exercise meet. It’s a long path that follows the river. Families and friends ride bikes, walk, and learn about Wheeling’s history from signs along the way.

There’s another cool thing about Wheeling – it was home to the first official monument of the American Revolution. The monument honors the brave people who fought for freedom. It’s a must-see for visitors who like to think about the past.

And don’t forget, the Ohio County Public Library often hosts talks about Wheeling’s history. These talks give cool facts and stories you might not know. It’s a great way to learn something new.

For those who want to know more about Wheeling’s history, check out their historical sites online at Get ready to discover tales that shaped not only Wheeling but the whole country!

The Birthplace of West Virginia

Wheeling’s past is really cool. It was a big deal in the 1800s, especially during the Civil War. It’s where West Virginia decided to break away from Virginia. That’s a huge part of Wheeling’s story.

One place that shows this history is the Independence Hall. It’s where people met to create West Virginia. Now, Independence Hall is a museum. Lots of students and families go there to learn about what happened.

Another historical spot is the Victorian Old Town. Walking through the streets feels like going back in time. The buildings are old and have neat designs. Sometimes, there are tours and fun activities that help people see what life was like long ago.

The Ohio County Public Library is also a great place for history. They have tons of information about Wheeling and the Ohio Valley. Sometimes they even have talks and displays that teach you more about the city’s past.

Lastly, events like Wheeling Heritage Trail Tours are a hit. People ride bikes or walk on the trail while learning about the city’s history. It’s both healthy and educational. Watch out for when these tours happen—they’re a good way to see the city and learn some cool stuff.

Victorian Architecture and Heritage Sites

Wheeling is still making history with events like the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra. The music they play often honors the city’s past. Listening to the orchestra is like hearing Wheeling’s story through tunes.

The Capitol Theatre in Wheeling is another spot that’s rich in history. It opened a long time ago and has seen some famous acts. Today, it still hosts shows and events. Seeing a performance there is like being a part of Wheeling’s ongoing history.

Also, don’t forget about the festivals. Wheeling has several throughout the year. These festivals often celebrate the culture and history of the area. They’re a fun way to see how Wheeling remembers its past while enjoying the present.

Sports events are big in Wheeling, too. The Wheeling Nailers hockey games are a blast. They bring people together and add to the city’s stories. Cheering for the home team has been a tradition for years.

Lastly, Wheeling’s waterfront gets lively, especially in the summer. There are concerts and gatherings that have a historical twist, like reenactments. Events by the river give a nod to how the water was important in Wheeling’s growth.

Current Events and Festivals in Wheeling, WV

Every summer, Wheeling fills up with the sounds and smells of the Upper Ohio Valley Italian Festival. It’s a big celebration of Italian culture with lots of food, music, and parades. People from all around come to eat pasta, listen to singers, and watch fireworks light up the sky.

Another event that gets folks excited is the Wheeling Heritage Port Sternwheel Festival. This event brings old-fashioned boats called sternwheelers to the river. Visitors can see the boats, enjoy live music, and eat tasty food from local vendors.

In the fall, Wheeling hosts Oglebayfest. This festival at Oglebay Park has crafts, food, and fun rides. It’s a family-friendly event that celebrates the season with a parade, fireworks, and lots of local vendors showing off their stuff.

For those who love running, there’s the Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon Classic in the spring. This race is tough but fun, with people cheering and clapping as runners zoom by. It’s a great way to see the city and challenge yourself at the same time.

Wheeling also gets spooky for Halloween with Boo at the Zoo at the Oglebay Good Zoo. Kids and their families dress up in costumes, collect candy, and see the animals. The zoo turns into a fun and safe place for trick-or-treating.

Annual Music and Arts Festivals

Every fall, Wheeling welcomes the Ohio County Fair. Here, families can enjoy games, rides, and tasty treats. It’s a perfect place for kids to have fun and learn a bit about farming and animals.

Art lovers will enjoy the Wheeling Heritage’s Art Festival. Local artists show their work, and sometimes there are cool activities for kids. It’s a nice way to see creativity and meet new friends.

During winter, the Winter Festival of Lights at Oglebay Park brightens up the night. Visitors drive through to see amazing light displays. It’s like a winter wonderland and a Wheeling tradition that brings holiday cheer to everyone.

Another cool event is the Wheeling Vintage Raceboat Regatta. Old, fast boats race on the river, and it’s exciting to watch. People come from all over to see the boats zoom by and feel the thrill.

The Wheeling Feeling Chili Cookoff is a tasty event where chefs battle to make the best chili. Visitors get to sample the spicy creations and vote for their favorites. It’s a delicious way to spend a day.

For more information on events, the Wheeling Convention and Visitors Bureau website is a great place to check out. Visit their site at for the latest updates on what’s happening.

Sports Tournaments and Community Events

Music fills the air at the Heritage Music BluesFest. Great bands come to play, and everyone has a good time listening and dancing. It happens every summer, and people look forward to it all year.

If you like films, the Wheeling Film Society shows cool movies once a month. It’s fun to watch and then talk about the movie with others. They pick different kinds of films, so there’s always something new.

The Upper Ohio Valley Italian Festival is a big deal in Wheeling. Lots of food, music, and games celebrate Italian culture. It’s one of the largest Italian festivals in the country, and it’s packed with fun.

Kids love Touch-a-Truck, where they can get close to big trucks and construction vehicles. They can even sit inside some of them. It’s a neat way for kids to learn and have fun at the same time.

Lastly, the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra has free concerts sometimes. It’s a chance to enjoy beautiful music under the stars. It’s fancy and fun, and you don’t even have to pay!

Always remember to look at local calendars for more things to do. They’ll have the most recent info on events in Wheeling. So, keep an eye out and you won’t miss out on the fun stuff happening!

Local Farmers and Artisans Markets

Every fall, Wheeling hosts a cool festival called Oglebayfest. It’s a weekend with crafts, food, and fireworks. People come to have fun and see the leaves change color.

For those who run, the Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon Classic is a big race. It’s tough but exciting, and even if you don’t run, you can cheer the runners on!

In December, the Winter Festival of Lights starts. It’s one of the biggest light shows around. You can drive through and see all the twinkling lights.

When spring comes, the Wheeling Feeling Chili Cookoff is hot stuff. People make chili and compete for the best taste. You can try different kinds and vote for your favorite.

Artists and crafters show off their work at Artisan Market: Handmade in Wheeling. It’s a chance to see what cool things people make and maybe buy something unique.

Look out for the Centre Market Historic District gatherings. They have music, food, and it’s a nice spot to hang out with friends or family.

Wheeling also celebrates West Virginia Day with special events. It’s on June 20th, and you can learn more about the state’s history and have fun.

Remember to check out Visit Wheeling WV’s website for updates. They’ll tell you what’s happening and when. Here’s their page: Visit Wheeling WV.

Economic and Development Updates in Wheeling, WV

Wheeling is growing and changing! New businesses are popping up downtown, which is pretty cool. It means more jobs and neat places to check out.

The Health Plan made a new headquarters in Wheeling. It’s a big building where lots of people work to help keep us healthy with insurance stuff.

At The Highlands, which is a huge shopping area, more stores keep coming. It’s a place to shop, eat, and catch a movie. People like hanging out there.

Some old buildings in Wheeling are getting makeovers to become apartments. This is awesome because it gives people a cool place to live right in the city.

The city is also working on the Wheeling Heritage Trail. It’s a path where you can walk or ride bikes along the river and old train tracks.

Wheeling’s waterfront park is getting better too. They’re adding new playgrounds and places to relax so families can have a blast by the water.

Don’t forget to see what’s new at the Capitol Theatre. They have shows and concerts that bring everyone together for a good time.

You can find more about what’s being built and changed in the city by visiting the Wheeling City Government’s website here: Wheeling City Government.

Infrastructure Improvement Projects

Wheeling is growing in cool ways. New businesses are popping up, like shops and places to eat. This means more jobs and fun spots to check out.

The Health Plan made a big, new building downtown. This is a big deal because it brought hundreds of workers to the city center. It makes the place busier and more lively.

They’re fixing up the old Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Building. It’ll have offices and maybe classrooms. It’s great to see an old building get new life.

A lot of old factories in Wheeling are changing too. They are turning them into apartments and stores. People like living close to where they work and play.

The waterfront area by the Ohio River is getting more attention. They want it to be a place where everyone can go to relax and have fun.

Wheeling also helps small businesses get started. This is important because small businesses make the city special and different from everywhere else.

Check out Wheeling Heritage’s website to see how they help the city look nice and keep its history alive. Here’s their link: Wheeling Heritage.

New Business Openings and Job Opportunities

Wheeling has a new project that’s all about tech! It’s called the ‘Wheeling Innovation Center’ and they want to make the city a tech hotspot. They’ve got space for new tech businesses to grow.

The city is putting money into making streets and parks better. Places like Heritage Port are where families and friends can hang out and play.

Also, there’s a plan for more events downtown. They want everyone to come and have fun, like at festivals and concerts. More events mean more people visiting, which is great for shops and restaurants.

There’s a big focus on training people for new jobs. Places like West Virginia Northern Community College are helping folks learn cool skills that businesses in Wheeling need.

Last, Wheeling is working on making it easier to walk and bike around. They’re adding paths so everyone can get around safe and easy. Plus, it’s a fun way to see the city!

Want to learn more about what’s happening in Wheeling? Visit the City of Wheeling’s official website here: City of Wheeling.

Real Estate Trends and Housing Market

Wheeling’s got something big going on with the old buildings downtown. They’re fixing them up so they can be used again. This means new shops and offices will be opening soon.

Some of the old factories are getting a new life too. Instead of making stuff, they’ll be places where people can live or work. It’s a cool way to use these big old buildings.

A new grocery store is coming to town! It’ll be right downtown, so people can walk there to buy their food. This is super helpful for folks who live in the city.

Wheeling is also thinking about how it can help the Earth. There are talks about using more solar power. That means getting energy from the sun!

And guess what? More places to play sports are coming. They’re planning to make new fields and courts. So, you can play soccer, basketball, or whatever you love.


People in Wheeling are really excited about all these changes. It feels like everyone’s talking about what’s next for the city. And it isn’t just folks living here, even people from nearby places like Weirton and Steubenville are noticing.

With new businesses and cool places to live, more people might come to Wheeling. That means more friends and neighbors to meet. It’s going to make the city an even better place to hang out.

Remember, this is just a peek at the cool stuff happening in Wheeling, WV. If you want to keep up with all the news, check out the local Wheeling newspaper or their website.

Once everything’s finished, Wheeling is going to be even more awesome. Can’t wait to see you around the city, checking out all these new spots!