Things To Do In Wheeling Wv With A Dog

Wheeling, WV, is a friendly city for both people and pets. If you’re planning to explore this quaint town with your furry friend, you’re in luck! From lush parks to welcoming patios, there are plenty of spots for adventures and relaxation.

Walking along the Wheeling Heritage Trail is a treat for dogs who love to get some exercise with a view. Meanwhile, the famous Wheeling Island allows for some paw-splashing fun. Wheeling also offers various pet-friendly restaurants where you and your buddy can grab a bite.

Don’t forget to check out the local events calendar, as Wheeling hosts dog-friendly events throughout the year. It’s a place where memories are waiting to be made, with a leash in your hand and your dog by your side.

Dog-Friendly Parks in Wheeling, WV

Take your dog for a playdate at one of Wheeling’s dog-friendly parks. Oglebay Park is a favorite spot for local pet owners. It’s got open spaces and trails where your dog can run and sniff around.

Don’t miss out on the fun at Wheeling Park. It has a great walking trail and green areas where pooches can enjoy the outdoors. Remember, keeping a leash on is important to keep everyone safe.

Feeling adventurous? Head over to the Fitzsimmons Family Dog Park. This fenced-in area lets your dog roam freely and make new friends. There’s a space for big dogs and another for smaller pups.

When at these parks, always clean up after your pet. And make sure your dog plays well with others before letting loose. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the time with your furry friend!

Wheeling Park

One of the best spots to visit with your dog in Wheeling, WV, is the Oglebay Park. Your pet can enjoy sniffing around and exploring the wide-open spaces.

Oglebay’s Schenk Lake is another great place where dogs can watch ducks and take a pleasant walk with you around the water.

For an off-leash experience, head to the Fitzsimmons Family Dog Park. It has separate areas for large and small dogs, so your pup can play safely.

Enjoy the fresh air at Wheeling Park, where you can stroll down scenic paths and relax under the trees.

Remember to keep your dog on a leash, except in designated off-leash areas, and bring bags to clean up after your pet.

Dogs love socializing, so visit these parks during peak times for them to make some furry friends. Keep an eye on your buddy to ensure everyone has fun!

Oglebay Park

If you and your dog like history, visit Heritage Port in Wheeling, WV. It’s a nice spot by the river with a walking trail for both of you to enjoy.

Another good place is the Wheeling Heritage Trail. It stretches a long way, so you have plenty of space to walk, jog, or bike with your dog by your side.

For a fun day out, check out the East Wheeling Dog Park. This dog park has space for your pet to run and play with new dog pals.

Always make sure your dog is okay with other dogs before going to busy parks. And don’t forget water for both you and your pet!

Wheeling Island is nice for quiet walks. It’s less crowded, so it can be a chill spot for shy dogs or if you two just want some peace and quiet.

Lastly, always have your dog’s leash ready, and be a good pet parent by cleaning up after them. This keeps the parks nice for everyone.

Heritage Trail

Wheeling Park is a wonderful place to take your dog. There’s a lot of open space for playing fetch and trails for walks.

At the park, you’ll find picnic spots too. You can relax and enjoy a snack while your dog rests by your feet.

Oglebay Park is another great spot in Wheeling for dogs. They’ve got trails and lots of green space. It’s perfect for a day out.

Your dog can explore new smells and sights at Oglebay. Just keep them on a leash and clean up any mess they make.

Don’t forget about the small neighborhood parks as well. Places like Patterson Park may be closer to you and good for a quick trip outside.

Remember, not all places in Wheeling allow pets. Always check signs or online if dogs are allowed before you go.

Pet-Friendly Attractions and Activities

If you and your furry friend like water, try the Heritage Trail. It follows the river so your pup can splash around.

Wear comfy shoes, the trail is long! You both will get a good walk and see the water views.

Like cool dog parks? The Fitzsimmons Family Dog Park is a must. It has play areas for large and small dogs.

Your dog can run free without a leash! It’s fenced in, so it’s safe. Plus, they can make new doggy friends.

Eating out? Some Wheeling cafes let dogs chill with their owners. Check out Centre Market for places with outdoor seating.

You can enjoy a bite while your dog lounges at your side. Just make sure you bring a bowl for water for them.

Feel like shopping? A bunch of stores on Main Street are dog-friendly. They even put out water bowls and treats.

Your dog might score some free snacks while you look around. Always ask store workers if dogs can come in first.

And here’s a fun event: the Wheeling Dog Walk happens every year. Dogs and their humans take a walk together.

It’s cool because you can meet other dog lovers. Plus, there’s contests and prizes for dogs, too!

Want a place to stay? Some hotels in Wheeling let pets stay with you. Look for ‘pet-friendly’ hotels online to find one.

Make sure to call ahead and ask about any extra fees or rules for dogs.

Finally, a tip: keep your dog’s needs in mind. Always bring water, snacks, and bags for clean-up on your outings.

Wheeling’s a great place for pet lovers. With a little planning, you and your dog can have an awesome time!

Centre Market Historic District

If you love the water, head to Wheeling Creek. It’s a cool spot where you and your furry friend can splash around.

Some areas are shallow enough for dogs to wade. Always keep an eye on your pet and be safe around water.

Looking for a place to stay? The McLure Hotel in Wheeling welcomes dogs. You and your buddy can rest easy here after a fun day.

The hotel is close to many places you’ll want to visit. This makes taking breaks with your dog super easy.

On the weekends, take your dog to the Wheeling Farmers’ Market. Local vendors often have treats your dog will love.

While you shop for fresh goodies, your dog can meet other friendly pets. Just be sure to hold on to their leash tight around all the food.

Some cafes and eateries have outdoor seating where dogs can hang out. A spot like Later Alligator lets you enjoy good food with your dog beside you.

Check if restaurants are dog-friendly before you go. They might even offer a bowl of water for your pup.

Wheeling Heritage Port

Visit Oglebay Park for a day packed with fun and nature. Dogs can run and play in the open fields here.

There are also trails for hiking. Just watch out for signs that say where pets can and can’t go.

Feel like taking it easy? Heritage Port is a great place to chill. Sit by the river and watch boats while your dog relaxes too.

There’s lots of space to play fetch or just soak in the sun. Plus, they often have events where dogs are welcome!

If your dog loves to make friends, check out the local dog parks. The Fitzsimmons Family Dog Park is a favorite spot.

Dogs can play off-leash in a safe area. They also get to meet other dogs, which is awesome for their social skills.

Always keep doggie bags on hand to clean up after your pet. It’s important to keep parks clean for everyone.

Feeling adventurous? Book a pet-friendly tour on the Gateway Clipper. Your dog can join you for a cool boat ride.

Just make sure to call ahead for the pet policy. Not all boat tours allow dogs, so it’s good to check first.

Remember to bring water and snacks for both you and your dog. Exploring is more fun when no one’s hungry or thirsty!

Capitol Theatre

Wheeling, WV has a lovely spot called Wheeling Island. You and your furry friend can stroll along the scenic riverfront.

Take in the views and enjoy a picnic. Just pick a nice spot and hang out with your dog.

Want to grab a bite? Some local restaurants have outdoor seating where dogs can chill too.

Places like Later Alligator and the Market Vines. They serve good food and your dog is welcome to sit with you.

Love shopping? Centre Market is a cool area to explore with your dog. Some shops even let pets inside!

Look for signs or ask if it’s okay to bring your dog in. Plus, Centre Market often hosts events that are fun for both of you.

There’s also a nice walking trail at the Wheeling Heritage Trail system. It runs along the river and through the city.

Your dog will have a great time sniffing around and discovering new scents. Just keep them on a leash so it’s safe.

During the summer, some pools have a ‘dog swim’ day before they close. This is when dogs can jump in and swim!

Keep an eye on local pool schedules. It’s super fun to see dogs splashing around and having a blast.

Always have a leash, water, and your dog’s tags just in case. It’s best to be ready for anything when out with your pet.

Dog-Friendly Dining Options

If you find yourself in Wheeling, WV with your pooch, you’re in luck. There are some neat dog-friendly dining spots to check out. Your four-legged pal can join you as you eat.

For instance, DiCarlo’s Pizza in downtown Wheeling welcomes dogs at their outdoor tables. You can share a slice with your pup by your side.

And it’s not just pizza places. The Public Market offers fresh, local food with a side of doggie love. They have a pet-friendly patio too.

Remember, it’s always good to call ahead. This way, you can be sure dogs are still welcome. Some places might change their pet policies.

When you’re planning to eat out with your dog, think about the weather. If it’s too hot or cold, it might not be comfy for your dog to be outside.

After your meal, take a stroll through the historic neighborhoods. Wheeling is full of neat homes and buildings. It’s a nice walk for you and a sniff-tastic adventure for your pup.

Lastly, always bring the essentials like a water bowl, treats, and waste bags. Keeping your dog happy and cleaning up after them makes for a pleasant outing.

Public Market

Right in the heart of Wheeling, WV, there’s a cozy cafe named DiCarlos Pizza – Wheeling. They offer tasty pizza and a friendly spot for dogs on their patio.

Check with the staff first, but your dog might score some pats or even a treat!

Another great place is the Public Market. They’ve got outdoor tables where dogs are welcome while you munch on local goodies.

It’s a superb spot for both people and pups to enjoy fresh air and tasty food.

Don’t forget about Figaretti’s Restaurant. They have a special area outside where you and your dog can dine together.

They’re known for their Italian dishes, so get ready for a delicious meal with your four-legged pal by your side.

Some cafes even have water bowls out front. Places like The Vagabond Kitchen make sure your dog stays hydrated while you enjoy your meal.

Before you go, give these restaurants a quick call. Ask about their pet policies to make sure your dog can join in on the fun.

With these dog-friendly dining options, you and your best friend can have a pawsome time in Wheeling!

Generations Restaurant & Pub

Many outdoor eateries in Wheeling welcome dogs. At Centre Market, you can find tables where your pooch can sit with you. Enjoy the local vibe and share a snack under the open sky.

When you’re strolling by the Ohio River, stop by the Heritage Port. Some snack stands nearby might let dogs hang out while owners grab a bite.

If you’re up for a sweet treat, visit Later Alligator. Their outdoor seating is a hit with dog owners. Plus, their crepes are a must-try!

For a chill spot with your pup, try Wheeling Coffee & Spice Co. Their outdoor area is perfect for sipping coffee with your dog lounging by your side.

Always keep your dog on a leash and be sure they’re well-behaved in public spots. This way, everyone can have a good time.

The Later Gator

Head over to Quaker Steak & Lube for a fun meal. They have a special spot outside where dogs and their humans can eat together. Their wings have lots of fans in the area!

Generations Restaurant & Pub is another great choice. They’ve got an outdoor patio where dogs are welcome. Meet other dog owners while enjoying a meal in the fresh air.

Craving pizza? Figaretti’s Restaurant has an outdoor dining area. Here, your furry friend can join you as you enjoy a slice or two of their famous pizza.

Remember, bringing water and a bowl for your dog is a good idea. Some places may have water for pets, but it’s best to be prepared. And picking up after your dog is a must do.

Before you go to these spots, it’s smart to call ahead. That way, you can make sure the outdoor seating is open and ready for you and your buddy.


Taking your dog out for adventures in Wheeling, WV can be a blast. It’s not just about you having fun; it’s about sharing the joy with your furry friend. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, you’ll find that the city is quite friendly to pets.

You can stroll along the Wheeling Heritage Trail with your dog, taking in the sights of the Ohio River. If your dog loves to run and play, the Fitzsimmons Family Dog Park is a must-visit spot.

After a day of fun, you might want some treats. Stop by Later Alligator, a place with outdoor seating and yummy crêpes. They welcome dogs, so you both can relax together.

Just remember that each place you visit may have different rules for pets. It’s important to keep your dog on a leash and be mindful of others. Always be respectful of the spaces you’re sharing.

To wrap up your day, perhaps catch a sunset at Heritage Port. It’s peaceful and a great place for a last walk before heading home.

There are many great ways to enjoy Wheeling with your dog. It’s all about creating happy memories. So grab your leash and explore the town together!