Things To Do In Wheeling Wv In June

As summer starts heating up, June is the perfect time to explore Wheeling, WV. This charming city by the Ohio River is buzzing with activities for families, friends, and solo adventurers. Wheeling is known for its friendly people and beautiful scenery, making any visit a delight.

From outdoor concerts to walks in the park, there’s something for everyone. If you love nature, the Wheeling Heritage Trail is a must-see. For those who prefer indoor fun, check out the local museums. Wheeling is a city that loves to celebrate, and in June, the streets come to life with special events.

June is when the city’s history and culture shine the brightest. Festivals fill the calendar and local treats tempt your taste buds. You can watch a parade, catch a show, or enjoy fireworks. Don’t forget to look at the river, where boats and kayaks glide across the water. Start planning your trip today!

Outdoor Activities in Wheeling, WV

Get your sneakers ready for a hike at Oglebay Park. The trails are just right for a sunny June day. You can walk through woods and fields and see lots of wild animals and flowers.

How about fishing at Wheeling Creek? The water is clear and full of fish. It’s a peaceful spot to relax and maybe catch dinner!

Take your bike out on the Wheeling Heritage Trail. Ride along the river and feel the breeze. It goes on for miles, and you’ll see so much along the way.

Go for a picnic at Heritage Port. Pack some snacks and enjoy the view. There’s grass to sit on and lots of room to play games or just chill.

Try Wheeling Park’s outdoor pool. It’s a blast with friends and has slides and diving boards. June is the perfect time to swim and stay cool in the sun.

If you love sports, catch a baseball game at I-470 Fields. You might see local teams or even a tournament. It’s fun and full of energy!

When the sun sets, join an outdoor movie night. They show family-friendly films, and it’s free. Bring a blanket or lawn chairs, and enjoy the stars.

Visit Oglebay Park

Wheeling’s outdoor fun doesn’t stop at walking trails. Oglebay Park is a great spot to visit in June. Play a round of mini-golf or take a swim in their outdoor pool. The park also has pedal boats for a relaxing time on Schenk Lake.

Want some excitement? Check out Wheeling’s skate park. It’s a cool place for kids and teens to skate and hang out. Make sure to bring your helmet!

Don’t miss Wheeling’s waterfront. Here, you can fish or just chill by the river. June evenings are perfect for picnics with the family. Grab some food and find a spot to enjoy the view.

If you’re into biking, bring your bike or rent one. The Heritage Trail is perfect for a June ride. You’ll see lots of trees and maybe some boats on the river.

For an adventure, go to Grand Vue Park. They have zip lines that are super fun. Fly through the trees and feel the wind on your face. It’s safe and the people who work there will help you out.

Last, check out the local gardens. The Good Zoo at Oglebay has beautiful gardens. Walk around, look at the flowers, and listen to birds. It’s peaceful and pretty.

Explore Wheeling Heritage Trails

In June, Wheeling turns bright green and the weather is warm. It’s the perfect time to play outside. Head over to the Wheeling Park where you can throw a Frisbee or kick a soccer ball around.

Another hotspot is the J.B. Chambers Memorial Ice Rink. Even though it’s warm outside, the rink offers cool indoor ice skating. It’s fun and it’ll keep you moving.

Have you ever played disc golf? Wheeling has an awesome course at the Wheeling Island Stadium. You can bring your own discs or borrow some. It’s like regular golf but with frisbees!

If you’re a fan of baseball, catch a game at the I-470 fields. Local teams play there, and it’s a blast to watch. You can grab a hot dog and cheer for your favorite players.

Since June is sunny, don’t forget about the local pools. Wheeling has several, and they’re a great way to cool off. Plus, swimming is super good for you.

Lastly, gather some friends and have a BBQ at one of Wheeling’s parks. There are places to grill and tables to eat at. Don’t forget the s’mores for dessert!

Attend the Wheeling Arts and Culture Fest

Summertime in Wheeling, WV, brings the perfect chance for bike rides. Check out the Heritage Trail. It stretches for miles and the views are amazing. Pack a water bottle and go for a ride!

Fishing is big here in June too. Visit Wheeling Creek if you want to catch some fish. You might hook a bass or even a catfish. Just remember to get a fishing license first.

For those who love animals, the Oglebay Good Zoo is perfect. They have cool animals like red pandas and cheetahs. Plus, walking around the zoo is a good workout!

Kayaking on the Ohio River is another way to enjoy the outdoors. There are places like Wheeling Heritage Port where you can launch your kayak. The river can be calm and relaxing to paddle on.

Love plants? Visit Oglebay’s gardens. They are full of flowers and plants. Walk around, smell the flowers, or have a picnic. It’s peaceful and beautiful.

For adventure, try ziplining at the Adventure Park at Grand Vue Park. It’s not in Wheeling, but close by in Moundsville. You can fly through the trees and feel the wind. It’s exciting!

Hiking is a must-do in June. The trails at Oglebay Park are great for that. You can see birds, trees, and maybe some deer. Wear good shoes and explore nature!

Want to stay cool? Splash at the Waterfront Wednesdays at Heritage Port! There’s music and games, and it’s free. Bring friends and make it a party!

Entertainment and Events

Wheeling has fun events for everyone in June. There’s always something happening downtown or at the waterfront. Mark your calendars and get ready for good times!

One popular event is the Wheeling Arts and Culture Fest. It features art, music, and food. Local artists show off their work, and there’s live music to enjoy. Plus, you can taste different foods from vendors.

Another big hit is the Wheeling Symphony’s free concert. It’s held outdoors, and families love it. Bring a blanket, sit on the grass, and listen to the music. It’s a nice way to spend an evening.

For movie lovers, there’s a treat. Every Tuesday, they show free movies at Heritage Port. You can watch family-friendly flicks under the stars. Don’t forget your popcorn!

For those who like to run, the Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon Classic is in June. It’s a race through the city’s streets. You can run or cheer on the runners. It’s a big deal in Wheeling.

The Italian Festival is a blast too. Enjoy Italian food like pasta and pizza. There’s music and dancing, and it feels like a big family party!

Last, don’t miss the Strawberry Festival. You can eat strawberry treats and have fun. There are games for kids and lots of strawberries to enjoy.

Spend an Evening at Capitol Theatre

In June, Wheeling’s Capitol Theatre hosts some cool shows. You can see plays, concerts, and other live events. It’s a fun place to sit back and enjoy some entertainment. Visit their website for show details and tickets:

The Wheeling Arts and Cultural Fest takes place in June too. Local artists show off their work and there are lots of crafts to see. Plus, you can listen to live music and try tasty food!

On Fridays, Centre Market in Wheeling is the spot to be. They have live music and the shops stay open late. You can eat good food, listen to tunes, and shop for cool stuff.

Treat your family to a movie under the stars. Wheeling Park has outdoor movie nights that are totally free. Just grab a blanket or chair and some snacks, and you’re set for a fun night!

The Italian Festival is another big thing in June. There’s music, dancing, and lots of pasta and pizza to eat. It’s like a little bit of Italy right in Wheeling. Everyone loves the food and fun here.

Wheeling’s Heritage Port is also a great place for a June night. Sometimes they have fireworks over the river. The lights and sounds are really awesome to watch!

Participate in Wheeling’s Annual Events

If you love cars, check out the Wheeling Heritage Port Car Show. It’s filled with cool old cars and shiny new ones. People come to show off their rides and see others.

Want some adventure? Go ziplining at Grand Vue Park. You can zip through the trees and get an amazing view. It’s a rush you won’t forget!

Oglebay Park in Wheeling has a ton to do. You could play golf, visit the zoo, or swim. They even have pedal boats on Schenk Lake. It’s pretty out there.

Get moving with the Wheeling Heritage Trail. You can walk, bike, or skate along the river. It’s a chill way to see the town and get some fresh air.

Summer evenings are perfect at the Waterfront Wednesdays Concert. It’s at Heritage Port and it’s free. Bring a chair and enjoy the music.

Art fans can hit up Artworks Around Town. Local artists hang their stuff and it’s all really good. You can even buy some to take home!

If you’re into sports, watch the Wheeling Nailers play hockey. The games are fast and exciting. Plus, the fans are super into it which makes it more fun.

Stop by the Victoria Theater for some laughs. They have comedy nights that can really crack you up. It’s a good spot for a night out with friends.

Enjoy Live Music at Heritage Port

June in Wheeling means festivals! The Wheeling Arts and Culture Fest brings music, art, and food. People from all over come to check it out. It’s a great way to spend a day.

Another fun event is the Wheeling Feeling Chili Cook-Off. Try different chilis and pick your favorite. It’s at the Heritage Port, and there’s always something new to taste.

Love to fish? The Kid’s Fishing Tournament at Oglebay is perfect for families. See who can catch the biggest one. It’s a chill way to enjoy the outdoors.

For movie buffs, there’s something cool. The Wheeling Film Society shows classic films. Grab some popcorn and watch an old favorite or discover a new one.

Don’t miss out on the Italian Festival in Wheeling. You can eat yummy food, see traditional dances, and hear Italian music. It’s like a trip to Italy, but closer to home.

Theater lovers should see what’s playing at the Capitol Theatre. There’s often a musical or a play. It’s a fancy place with a big stage.

Every year, the St. Michael Parish Festival lights up June. With games, rides, and treats, it’s fun for everyone. The best part? Winning prizes at the games!

If you like fresh food, visit the Farmer’s Market at St. Michael’s. You can get fruits, veggies, and homemade stuff. It’s all local and super fresh.

The Wheeling Symphony Orchestra sometimes plays outside in June. Imagine listening to music under the stars. It’s really special and a great way to end the day.

Family Fun

Check out Oglebay Park for a day full of fun. There are playgrounds, trails, and even a zoo! It’s a super spot for a family picnic too.

Take a cruise on the Ohio River. The Gateway Clipper offers sightseeing trips. You’ll get awesome views and cool breezes.

Go for a splash at Wheeling Park’s outdoor pool. They have slides and a spot just for little kids. It’s a perfect place to cool off on hot days.

At Centre Market, there are unique shops to explore. You can find toys, comics, and candy. It’s fun to see what treasures you’ll come across.

Roll on over to the Wheeling Skatepark. Whether you skateboard or rollerblade, it’s a cool place to hang out and do tricks.

Feeling artsy? Visit the Artisan Center. They have classes where you can make things like pottery. You can create something awesome to take home.

Put on your hiking shoes and hit the trails at the Wheeling Heritage Trail. It goes along the river and through some woods. Keep an eye out for birds and animals.

Grab your bikes and ride around Wheeling Island. It’s flat and easy for everyone. You might even spot some deer!

Lastly, don’t forget about the Jamboree in the Hills site. Sometimes they have cool events like monster truck rallies. It’s super loud and exciting!

Explore the Good Zoo

Get ready to roll at the Wheeling Skatepark. Grab your skateboard or inline skates and show off your moves. It’s a great spot for kids and teens to hang out and stay active.

Pack a picnic and head to Wheeling Park. There’s lots of space to play soccer or throw a frisbee. After eating, cool off at the outdoor pool or splash around at the water playground.

Take a walk on the wild side at the Good Zoo at Oglebay. Meet fascinating animals and even feed some of them. If you visit in June, you might see baby animals too!

Get swinging at the batting cages or play a round of mini-golf. Whether you’re aiming for a home run or a hole-in-one, you’re sure to have a blast.

Explore the Wheeling Heritage Trail on bikes. Rent a bike if you don’t have one and cruise along the river. It’s a nice change of pace and you can learn about the area’s history too.

On a hot day, visit the J.B. Chambers Recreation Park in Elm Grove. The water features will keep everyone cool and the playground is perfect for some fun in the sun.

Catch a baseball game at the I-470 Fields. Root for the home team and enjoy a hotdog. It’s a hit with families who love sports and want to enjoy an American pastime.

Enjoy an outdoor concert at Heritage Port. Dance to live music with the Ohio River as your backdrop. It’s a good way to spend a summer evening with the family.

Lastly, don’t miss the chance to go on a sightseeing cruise on the Ohio River. Learn about the area while you float along. It’s relaxing and different, something the whole family will remember.

If you want to find out more about the Good Zoo or plan your visit, check their website at

For details on the upcoming concerts at Heritage Port, keep an eye on the events page at

And if you’re looking to join the fun at a Wheeling Nailers hockey game, visit for tickets and game schedules.

Take a Cruise on the Ohio River

Add some creativity to your June in Wheeling by making a splash in art at the Stifel Fine Arts Center. They host workshops where families can paint and craft together. It’s a cozy way to spend an afternoon!

Take in a show at the Capitol Theatre. They offer family-friendly performances that are sure to entertain. Check what’s on and get ready for a night of music or drama.

Head over to Centre Market for a taste of local flavor. Grab a bite at one of the unique eateries and browse through the shops. On weekends, you might catch live music or a festival.

For those who love history, visit the historic Wheeling Suspension Bridge. It’s fun to walk across and you get amazing views of the river. Plus, you can learn a cool fact or two about this old bridge.

Challenge your family to a game of laser tag at Laser Quest. It’s a thrilling way to bond and perfect for kids who like a bit of competition. Plus, it’s indoors, so rain can’t spoil your fun.

If you want more information about family workshops at the Stifel Fine Arts Center, here’s a link to their site:

To see what performances are coming up at the Capitol Theatre, go to their website:

Visit the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum

June in Wheeling is perfect for outdoor movies. Oglebay Park hosts free movie nights where families can enjoy films under the stars. Bring a blanket and some snacks for a chill evening.

Get up close with animals at the Oglebay Good Zoo. Kids can feed some creatures and learn lots in the process. It’s a fun day out and there’s loads of space to run around.

Wheeling Park is great for a family picnic. There’s tons of room to play soccer or throw a Frisbee. They even have a pool if you fancy a swim on a hot day.

Ready for an adventure? Check out Sky Zone Trampoline Park. Jumping around is an awesome way to burn energy. They’ve got dodgeball and basketball, too, which is super fun.

For details on the movie nights at Oglebay Park, look up their schedule here:

Want to visit the Oglebay Good Zoo? Their website has all the info:

Thinking about a day at Wheeling Park? You can find out more here:

For bouncing times at Sky Zone Trampoline Park, get your tickets here:


As the school year wraps up, Wheeling is buzzing with cool activities. The whole family can find something fun to do in June.

Check out Centre Market for unique shops. You might find a neat gift or a bite to eat. There’s live music sometimes, so keep an ear out!

Love history? Visit the Historic Wheeling Suspension Bridge. It’s a must-see and great for a selfie. It’s one of the oldest bridges still in use!

If you have a green thumb, the Wheeling Farmers’ Market is the place for you. They’ve got fresh veggies and homemade goods. It’s open every Saturday morning.

For those who enjoy the arts, the Stifel Fine Arts Center has cool exhibits to check out. They showcase local artists and it’s right in town.

If any of these spots grab your interest, make sure to look them up. Wheeling has something for everyone in June!