Where Is Steubenville Oh

Steubenville, Ohio, is a small city tucked along the banks of the Ohio River. It’s part of the tri-state area, with neighbors like Pennsylvania to the east and West Virginia just across the river.

This city is known for its history and the big part it played during the early days of the United States. The town has a cozy feel with friendly people and lots of interesting places to see.

Steubenville is not too far from other cities in the Ohio Valley. It’s about 40 minutes from Wheeling, WV, and just next to Weirton, WV, making it easy to visit different places around the valley.

To get to Steubenville, you can drive on State Route 7 which runs right along the river. This road will take you straight into town and show you some great views on the way.

Location and Geography

Steubenville sits on the rolling hills of the Appalachian Plateau. This means it’s kind of hilly around here, and you can find lots of cool spots to see the river from up high.

The city is really close to the Ohio and Pennsylvania border. In fact, it’s right in the middle of the eastern part of Ohio, which makes it a neat place to check out if you’re exploring the area.

With the Ohio River flowing right by it, Steubenville has lots of nature and water activities to offer. People come here to go fishing or just hang out by the water on a sunny day.

Steubenville’s Position in Ohio

Steubenville sits in the eastern part of Ohio and is one of the key cities in the Ohio Valley. It’s positioned in Jefferson County and serves as the county seat, which means it’s where the main government buildings are found.

The city is set in a region with lots of rolling hills and green spaces. The Ohio River flows right next to Steubenville, which gives the city some beautiful waterfront spots.

Summers in Steubenville are warm, and you’ll feel all four seasons here. Winters can be chilly, and it’s pretty in the fall when the leaves change colors.

For a fun fact, the Ohio River is a big deal because it’s a natural border. It separates Ohio from the state of West Virginia. The river is also used for boats to carry goods up and down the water.

Proximity to Wheeling, WV and Weirton, WV

Close to Steubenville, a little to the south, is the city of Wheeling in West Virginia. Wheeling is cool because it’s like a twin city to Steubenville but in a different state.

North of Steubenville, you’ll find Weirton, also in West Virginia. It’s neat how Steubenville is right between these two places.

Steubenville isn’t too far from bigger cities either. It’s about 39 miles from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. That’s like driving for less than an hour to get to a really big city!

Traveling around Steubenville is easy with roads like State Route 7 and U.S. Route 22. These big roads help people go from one place to another without getting lost.

Folks use the Market Street Bridge to cross the Ohio River from Steubenville to West Virginia. Imagine driving over a river to get to another state!

There are also lots of pretty parks and trees around. You can go hiking or have a picnic with your family. It’s especially fun in the summer when it’s not too hot or too cold.

Significant Geographic Features

Steubenville is a small city sitting along the mighty Ohio River. This river helps mark the border between Ohio and West Virginia.

The city is tucked into the rolling hills of the Ohio Valley. The valley is famous for its green hills and lots of rivers and streams.

Steubenville is part of Jefferson County. It’s one of the cities that make up the county and it’s also the county seat. That means it’s pretty important in the area.

The land here is really good for growing things like fruits and vegetables because the soil is rich. It’s like a natural gift for farming!

Even though it’s not a big place, Steubenville is known for its history and the big statue of Dean Martin. He was a famous singer from this city!

If you like seasons, you’ll enjoy Steubenville. It has hot summers, chilly winters, and it’s really pretty in the fall when the leaves change colors.

Historical Significance

Long ago, Native American tribes like the Shawnee used to live in the area around Steubenville. They fished and hunted along the Ohio River.

Lots of folks came through Steubenville when they were moving west. It was like a doorway to new lands back in the 1700s and 1800s.

In 1787, a man named Bezaleel Wells founded the city. He thought it was a good spot because of the river and the flat land by the water.

Years later, in 1797, they started a fort called Fort Steuben to protect the surveyors. That’s where Steubenville got its name!

The city played a part in the Underground Railroad. People escaping slavery were helped by the townsfolk as they moved toward freedom.

Steubenville became known as the “City of Murals” because there are big pictures painted on the sides of buildings. They tell stories from long ago.

Today, you can learn more about Steubenville’s past by visiting the old fort site or the museum. There are lots of cool things to see and learn.

People in Steubenville still celebrate their history with festivals and reenactments. It’s fun to watch and feel like you’re back in time!

Early History and Settlement

Steubenville has been around for a long time. People made it a city way back in 1797. That’s over 200 years ago!

Back then, the Ohio River was like a busy road for boats. Steubenville was a big stop for steamboats going up and down the river.

Long ago, lots of people came to Steubenville to work because there were factories and mills. These places made things like pottery and steel.

Historic Fort Steuben is in Steubenville. It was built in 1786 to keep the peace when settlers were moving to the West.

Every year, people in Steubenville celebrate the city’s past. They have a big parade and fun activities called the Dean Martin Festival.

The Old Fort Steuben Project celebrates history too. They show what life was like a long time ago with cool old buildings and lots of stories.

Steubenville is also home to Franciscan University. It’s a place where students from all over come to learn and grow.

Industrial Development

Steubenville is named after a German guy, Baron von Steuben. He helped our soldiers during the Revolutionary War.

The city is kind of like a book of stories. People, buildings, and events from long ago tell us about the past.

One cool thing is the murals downtown. They’re big paintings on the walls showing important parts of Steubenville’s history.

There’s also a house where a famous lady named Jenny Lind once sang. She was like a pop star way back in the 1800s.

Old buildings in the city, like the Jefferson County Courthouse, look almost the same as they did a long time ago.

Even though we’re talking about history, the city isn’t stuck in the past. It’s changing and getting new things like shops and places to hang out.

Some famous people came from here, like Dean Martin. He was a big-time singer and actor. There’s even a museum for him.

When you walk around Steubenville, you’re kind of walking through history. It’s like the streets and old homes have stories to tell.

Steubenville’s past is a mix of machines, music, and everyday life from a long time ago. It helps us remember where we came from.

If you want to see some of this history for yourself, you can visit places like the Historic Fort Steuben or the Dean Martin Museum.

Modern Era Developments

Long ago, Native Americans lived on the land where Steubenville sits today. They were here before any buildings or streets.

Later, when settlers came, they built a fort. This was to keep them safe from attacks. That fort, called Fort Steuben, was named after the same guy as the city.

Steubenville was a really busy place in the 1800s because it was a stop on the Ohio River. Boats would come and go, carrying goods and people.

The city saw a lot of change when factories started popping up. This was part of what some call the “Industrial Revolution.” It was all about making things faster and in bigger amounts.

During this time, a lot of people came to work in the mills and factories. They made stuff like steel, which builds cities and machines.

Even today, you can see old factories in Steubenville, though many don’t work anymore. They remind us of the days when the city was full of clangs and whistles from the work being done.

There’s this bridge called the Market Street Bridge. It’s been around since the 1900s and connects Steubenville to West Virginia. People and cars still use it every day.

History in Steubenville isn’t just about the big stuff. It’s also in the small things, like how people lived and played years ago.

When you check out the city, you’ll notice that some streets and buildings look really old. That’s because they’ve been there for a very long time, watching the city grow and change.

To learn more about the old days in Steubenville, you could visit the Jefferson County Historical Museum. It’s like a treasure chest full of stories and cool things from long ago.

Travel and Tourism

Steubenville is right next to the Ohio River. That’s a big, long river that many people use for fun now.

People come to the city to see different things. One spot they like is the Franciscan University. It’s a place where students go to learn.

The city has a special day where they celebrate Dean Martin. He was a famous singer and actor born here. This festival has music and fun stuff to do.

Fort Steuben is not just a piece of history. Now, it’s a spot where people can walk around and see what life was like back then.

There’s a park named Beatty Park. It’s a good place to play and hike. They even fixed it up so more people would want to visit.

Steubenville has murals painted on its walls. These big pictures show stories about the city. Tourists like to look at them and take photos.

Some people come to see the Nutcracker Village around Christmas. It’s full of cool figures that look like nutcrackers and it’s very pretty with all the lights.

Every year, there’s also a big fair called the Jefferson County Fair. People bring their animals and show off crafts and foods.

For those who like to dig in the dirt, there’s the Friendship Park. It has a garden where kids can learn how plants grow.

If you like to watch boats and eat good food, you can do that at a spot called the marina. It’s nice to just sit and see the river go by.

Attractions in Steubenville

If you’re looking for a fun trip, Steubenville, Ohio is a cool place to explore. It’s not too far from other cities, like Wheeling in West Virginia.

People visit Steubenville to see the old buildings and learn about its past. But there’s more to do there, too!

One thing you shouldn’t miss is the Murals. These huge paintings are on the sides of buildings, and they show scenes from Steubenville’s history. Kids might like seeing the pictures that tell stories without needing any words.

In the summer, you can go to festivals. They have music, food, and games. It’s a fun time to see the city full of people and excitement.

Did you know that a famous singer named Dean Martin was from Steubenville? There’s a festival in his honor every June. It’s when fans come together to celebrate his music and movies.

If you like being outside, Beatty Park is a great spot to visit. You can hike on trails, play on the playground, or have a picnic with your family.

For those who enjoy learning, The Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County is a place to find books about all sorts of things. You can also go there for fun activities and to use computers.

Visiting Steubenville gives you a taste of old times and new adventures. It’s a place where stories from the past meet fun times today!

Cultural Events and Festivals

Steubenville is not just cool because it has neat things to see and do. It’s also close to other cities where you can have a blast. Like Weirton in West Virginia. You can zip there in no time!

Weirton is a short drive from Steubenville. It’s right by the Ohio River, so you can look out over the water and maybe even see a boat go by. They have parks where you can hang out or play.

Another place you might want to check out is Wheeling, WV. It’s also on the river, and it’s full of fun stuff to do. You can visit a big wheel that lights up at night called the Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack.

Both Weirton and Wheeling are like Steubenville’s neighbors. They’re part of what people call the Ohio Valley. You can hop from one city to another and have different fun each time.

In Wheeling, you can explore the Oglebay Park. It has a zoo, gardens, and even a mansion museum! It’s a cool spot for families or just to wander and see animals and nature.

No matter where you go in the Ohio Valley, each city has its own thing that makes it special. So, starting your trip in Steubenville means you’re super close to more excitement!

To learn more about what you can do in Weirton, WV, check out this link. And for Wheeling, WV, this link has lots of good info.

Accommodation and Transport Links

Many people who visit Steubenville like going on adventures. It’s a good place because other exciting cities are near. You can get to them easy and quick.

When you are in Steubenville, a cool thing to do is find the big signs that tell about its history. Some signs tell you about famous people from here. It’s like a treasure hunt to find them all.

If you like sports, you can watch a football game at Harding Stadium. It’s fun to cheer with everyone. Remember to wear something warm if it’s cold outside!

Want to see a show? The Steubenville High School has plays and music. It’s great for kids to watch other kids perform on stage. They might even want to join a show!

Steubenville has nice places to eat, too. After a day of exploring, you can eat pizza or ice cream. Yummy treats make any trip better!

Don’t forget about the river! You can walk by the Ohio River in Steubenville and see boats. Or find a spot to watch the water and relax with your family.

Remember, your trip doesn’t have to end in Steubenville. The Ohio Valley has more cities to see. Each one has its own fun things to do and new foods to try.


If you’re looking for Steubenville, OH, it’s not too hard to find. It’s right by the Ohio River, and it’s part of a bunch of cities called the Ohio Valley.

Places like Wheeling, WV and Weirton, WV are close neighbors. You can drive to these cities for more adventures. They’re all part of the same family of towns along the river.

So, when you’re planning a trip or just curious, remember Steubenville is a city that’s friends with other cities nearby. It’s a special spot in Ohio with a river, cool history, and lots of things to do.