Where Is Steubenville Ohio

Steubenville, Ohio, is a cool city that sits along the mighty Ohio River. If you look at a map, you’ll find it in the eastern part of Ohio, right by the border with West Virginia. It’s not too far from bigger cities like Columbus and Pittsburgh, but it’s got its own small-town charm.

People who live in Steubenville are called Steubenvillians. They’re part of the Ohio Valley region, which includes neighbors like Wheeling in West Virginia and Weirton, also in West Virginia. These places are like a family of cities and towns that share a lot of history and fun places to visit.

What’s special about Steubenville is that it’s known as the “City of Murals”. You can see over 25 giant paintings on buildings downtown, all telling stories about the city’s past. So, not only do you get to learn where Steubenville is, but you also find out cool things that happened there a long time ago.

Location and Geography

Steubenville is tucked in the Appalachian Plateau, which means it has lots of hills around. The land here goes up and down, and the Ohio River bends and twists nearby. This makes the city pretty scenic with lots of spots to see the river and the hills.

The weather in Steubenville changes with the seasons. In the winter, it can get pretty cold and snowy. When spring comes, everything gets green and pretty. Summertime is warm, perfect for playing outside, and fall brings amazing colors to the leaves around the Ohio River.

Getting to Steubenville is easy. Roads like State Route 7 and U.S. Route 22 go right through the city. This means if you’re coming from another place, you can get there by car without too much trouble. And there’s even a small airport called the Jefferson County Airpark if you want to fly in for a visit.

Proximity to Major Cities

Steubenville is like a puzzle piece that fits into what’s called the Upper Ohio Valley. The Ohio River helps make this a special spot. Its waters curl around the city, giving it a pretty view and a pathway for boats and barges.

The city isn’t alone out there; it’s kind of holding hands with Pennsylvania on one side and West Virginia on the other. This area is full of hills and greenery, especially when you’re driving through the countryside. Steubenville is smack in the middle of all this natural beauty.

Steubenville’s land is super cool because it has both flat areas and hills. This means some people in Steubenville might have a house where they can see the river, while others might live higher up and get a neat view of the city. Even though it’s small, the land around Steubenville lets you see lots of different sights.

If you’re trying to get to Steubenville, there are a bunch of roads you can take. The main one is called State Route 7, which follows along the Ohio River. It’s like the city’s main street that goes up and down, showing off the river as you drive.

Physical Features and Climate

Steubenville is tucked in the eastern part of Ohio. To be super specific, it’s in Jefferson County where it’s the county seat. That means it’s a big deal in the area and where you might go for important stuff like court or county events.

It’s not too far from bigger cities, too. Drive just about 40 minutes west and you’ll bump into Wheeling in West Virginia, or head east and you’ll hit Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania after about an hour.

People who know maps might tell you Steubenville sits at about 40 degrees north latitude. If you’re thinking, “What does that mean?” — don’t worry. It’s just a way to say where it is on the globe, like how you might describe where your school is on a street.

The Ohio River isn’t just for looks; it’s been super important for Steubenville’s history. Long ago, people and goods traveled on the river all the time. Today, it’s still great for fishing, boating, and even sometimes swimming. Plus, it’s a big reason why the land around here is good for growing plants and trees.

Even if Steubenville is a smaller city, it’s got a big heart. There’s always something going on, whether it’s a football game at the high school or a festival downtown. And because of its spot on the map, it’s a place where lots of people come together, from Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania too.

Historical Significance

Imagine stepping back in time when you’re in Steubenville, Ohio. This city has a lot of stories to tell since it was founded way back in 1797. That makes it one of the older cities around here.

Why’s it famous? Well, Steubenville is known as the City of Murals. Artists painted over 25 cool pictures on buildings downtown. These murals show famous people and big moments from the city’s past.

Did you know a president came from here? Yep, Dean Martin, a very famous singer and actor, was born in Steubenville. People still celebrate him with a big festival every year.

Long before your grandparents were kids, Steubenville was a stopping point for folks moving out west. It was like a rest stop when travel was by horse and not by car.

The city was also big in making steel and iron, which helped build a lot of things in the USA. Even now, Steubenville is part of what’s called the Rust Belt, where a lot of our country’s factories used to be.

Early Development and Settlement

Steubenville, Ohio, is like a page out of a history book. It’s been around since the late 1700s. Imagine all the stories it could tell if those old buildings could talk!

Back in the day, Steubenville was named after a guy called Fort Steuben, to honor him. He helped out the American army and he was pretty important. The fort that was named after him doesn’t stand anymore, but it’s a piece of the puzzle that made Steubenville what it is today.

A really cool fact is that Steubenville is known as the ‘City of Murals’. There are more than twenty huge paintings on the walls downtown. These murals tell stories about the city and its people from a long time ago until now.

Did you know a famous U.S. president was from around here? Yep, President McKinley called the Ohio Valley his home before he moved into the White House.

Also, the city had a big part in the steel industry. That’s making stuff out of iron and steel. A long time ago, this was a big deal and helped the city grow. If you look around, you might still see signs of those old steel days.

For fun, every year there’s a big festival called the Dean Martin Festival. Dean Martin was a famous singer and actor, and guess what? He was born in Steubenville! People come to celebrate his life and sing some of his songs.

Industrial Growth and Decline

Steubenville sits along the Ohio River, making it a key spot back when rivers were the main travel routes. Boats would stop here on their way up and down the river. This helped the town to grow a bunch a long time ago.

When we talk about how places started, we should mention the people who lived there first. Before Steubenville was Steubenville, Native American tribes were the first to call this land their home. They hunted and fished along the same riverbanks we see today.

Another neat thing is that Steubenville was part of the Underground Railroad. That was a secret network that helped slaves escape to freedom. There are still houses in town that were part of this brave work.

This city was also super busy during the Civil War. They made cannons and other stuff needed for the war. Working hard to help soldiers during those tough times shows how important Steubenville was.

Lastly, Steubenville is sort of like a classroom without walls. The history you can learn just by walking around the city is amazing. Old churches, libraries, and houses whisper stories of the past to anyone who takes the time to listen.

Modern Era and Revitalization Efforts

Do you know who founded Steubenville? It was a man named James Ross. He bought the land back in 1797. That’s over 200 years ago!

The city got its name from Fort Steuben, a fort that was built to protect the government surveyors of the “Old Northwest Territory.” It’s named after a big-time German soldier, Baron von Steuben.

Did you hear about Steubenville’s famous son? It’s Dean Martin! He was a super cool singer and actor. Kids might not know his music, but their grandparents sure do!

Big things happened in Steubenville because it was an important place for making steel. The steel from here helped to build America, like its big skyscrapers and bridges.

Also, can you believe Steubenville used to be called the ‘City of Murals’? There are large paintings on buildings everywhere showing important people and moments from the town’s history.

Culture and Attractions

Steubenville is a city full of fun stuff to see and do. It sits right by the Ohio River, making it a pretty place to explore.

One cool spot here is the Franciscan University of Steubenville. Lots of students go there to learn. They have a beautiful campus you can walk around.

Every year, Steubenville has a big festival called the “Dean Martin Festival.” People come to celebrate the famous singer who was born here. They listen to his music and have a great time.

There’s also this neat place called the Steubenville Nutcracker Village. During winter, they have a bunch of life-sized nutcracker statues that you can see. It’s really fun to take pictures with them!

If you like old things, you’ll want to check out Historic Fort Steuben. It’s a replica of the original fort and teaches you what life was like way back when the city started. They’ve got cabins and soldiers’ quarters you can peek into.

Don’t forget about the Ohio River. People like to fish, boat, and watch the sunset over the water. It’s a great place to chill and enjoy nature.

Want to see something artsy? Steubenville has a cool public art project called “Art on the Alley.” It’s where you can find all these amazing outdoor paintings done by artists.

  • Visit Franciscan University
  • Dean Martin Festival
  • Steubenville Nutcracker Village
  • Historic Fort Steuben
  • Fishing and boating on the Ohio River
  • Art on the Alley

Local Events and Festivals

Steubenville is full of neat places to see! It has a lot of history and lots of fun things to do.

One place you’ve got to check out is the Historic Fort Steuben. You can see what life was like long ago.

There’s also the Steubenville Nutcracker Village. It’s a magical place with life-sized nutcrackers! People love it, especially during Christmas.

Want to learn while having fun? The Steubenville Children’s Museum is perfect for that. It’s hands-on, so you get to touch and play!

For those who like to be outside, Beatty Park is a great spot. You can hike, play, and see cool old stone arches!

If you love art, don’t miss the public murals. They’re all over downtown. It’s like an outdoor art show!

When it’s festival time, the Dean Martin Festival is awesome. It’s a big party for the famous guy from Steubenville.

Let’s not forget the Ohio Valley Frontier Days. It’s super fun to see and learn about the olden days.

Lastly, you can catch a show at the Historic Masonic Temple. They do plays and concerts there.

So Steubenville isn’t just a place on a map. It’s a town with cool stuff to see and do. If you’re ever in Ohio, come visit!

Museums and Historical Sites

If you’re into sports, you should see a game at Harding Stadium. It’s a big deal in Steubenville and the local high school football team, the Big Red, plays there. Football is huge around here!

Every year, people get excited for the Grecian Food Festival. It’s a chance to try yummy Greek food and dance to fun music. Imagine eating baklava and dancing in the streets!

Another cool thing is the Jefferson County Historical Museum. You can learn all about the area’s past. They have old clothes and stuff from long ago.

Also, Steubenville has a beautiful library. The Public Library of Steubenville and Jefferson County is a place where you can read and find cool books.

Don’t forget to visit the Market Street Bridge. It’s a bridge that lights up at night. It looks really pretty over the Ohio River.

Steubenville might be a small city, but it’s big on heart and fun. There’s always something going on for families and kids like you!

Outdoor Activities and Scenery

Steubenville, Ohio, is a nice place with lots of things to do. It’s on the Ohio River and close to other places like Weirton and Wheeling.

In the fall, people here love the Dean Martin Festival. Dean Martin was a famous singer and he was from Steubenville. At the festival, there’s music and movies that he was in.

Throughout the year, Franciscan University holds cool events. They have concerts and plays that people from all over come to see.

There’s a spot called Historic Fort Steuben. It’s an old fort that teachers about history. You can see how people lived a long time ago.

Close by, there’s a place called Beatty Park. It’s got a lot of trails and is perfect for hiking or having a picnic with your family.

Kids like the Belleview Park. It’s got a playground and a pool for hot summer days. You can also see fireworks there on the Fourth of July.

Steubenville is fun to visit and there’s plenty to explore, especially if you love history and nature!


Steubenville, Ohio is easy to find on a map because it’s right by the Ohio River. This city is not too far from Pittsburgh, which is a bigger city.

If you’re in Wheeling, WV or Weirton, WV, you can get to Steubenville really quick. It’s just across the river from Weirton, and south of Wheeling.

So, if someone asks where Steubenville is, you can tell them it’s in Eastern Ohio, by the river, and near some other fun cities!